1. $HUSA red2green and getmoneynrun are the same person. pumping up and bashing down himself. block both of them.

  2. $LH a huge thanks to @Red2Green_OnlyTakes1 not only did he make me over $5,500 w $HUSA but he called LH short today WONDERFULLY +$450 2day

  3. Absolutely fantastic day !!! $HUSA 👈not so much

  4. $HUSA will it ever rocket back?

  5. $HUSA Had a dream I sold HUSA at $1.19 lol but i dont remember if it was per share or my entire investment

  6. $HUSA http://slideplayer.com/slide/10803379 found this on google. looks like a presentation of HUSAs CEO? sounds really good.

  7. $HUSA http://finance.yahoo.com/q/ks?s=HUSA+Key+Statistics yahoo finance dude.. no debt really is an unique characteristic among US energy companies. awesome condition.

  8. $HUSA https://www.galvinlegal.com/houston-american-energy-corp-husa

  9. $HUSA Can someone give me a link to where it says Husa has no debt?

  10. $HUSA wait till buyout .. news this week what a sheep..

  11. $HUSA lol.. no longer pumper #2 anymore? I ve been telling you this for weeks.. you have no credibility

  12. $HUSA red2green and getmoneynrun are the same person. don t let them manipulate you.


  14. $HUSA back to .17 ouch

  15. $HUSA and in few weeks i will make money either way.

  16. $HUSA i don t care where it is going to drop short term. this went from .19 to .40, from .16 to .38 and so on. my avg is now .23.

  17. $HUSA $WTIC those support lines keep getting lower and lower hahahah .17 right around the corner ...

  18. $HUSA yep you called it

  19. $HUSA someone got CAUGHT HOLDING THE BAG! hahahahah nice job rob learn to trade dude

  20. $HUSA very

  21. $HUSA back to all time lows ... OIL GETTING HAMMERED... no deal in sight... back to .17 hahahah

  22. $HUSA HAHAHAAHA he doesn t look so RE RE now huh hahahah sold at .26 ... you morons are still here down huge from .2556 hahahahah TRASH

  23. $HUSA Red2Green Mr. Re Re.

  24. $HUSA Primed to Drop below .20 cents

  25. $HUSA go HUSA, it s time