1. $HYG - High Yield MUNI Fund (ORNAX) Moving Off Rising Channel Support? http://www.junkbondrecycling.com/2015/05/high-yield-muni-bond-fund-moving-off.html $SPY $JNK $HYEM

  2. Credit spreads diverging from equity volatility - which market is right ? https://twitter.com/Callum_Thomas/status/602564790800650240 $VIX $JNK $HYG $LQD

  3. $hyg daily $tlt $jnk

  4. $HYG Pot. intermediate bottom in a Downtrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

  5. Retirees Face An Asset Allocation Conundrum $SPY $BND $HYG http://etfdailynews.com/2015/05/20/retirees-face-an-asset-allocation-conundrum/

  6. a crash $spy $tlt $hyg where most of pension/retirement is parked would be a disaster for $fed when largest demographics verge of retirement

  7. $SPY $HYG $GLD $GC_F $CL_F $USO (Sorry, where I say possible Long entry at 1190, I am talking about gold)

  8. $SPY $HYG $GLD $GC_F $CL_F $USO

  9. $HYG Pot. continuation Downtrend : Wly-Dly-Hly chart

  10. Interest Rates Are Spiking Everywhere $TLT $TBT $HYG $BOND http://etfdailynews.com/2015/05/19/interest-rates-are-spiking-everywhere/

  11. WSJ Economists’ Forecasts For 10-Year Yields and The Fed Funds Rate $TLT $TBT $HYG $BOND http://etfdailynews.com/2015/05/18/wsj-economists-forecasts-for-10-year-yields-and-the-fed-funds-rate-2/

  12. Small caps outperforming, transports supporting. $NYA and $HYG cautious. $RUT $DJT

  13. $NYA and $HYG trailing rest of market, however. $SPX

  14. $HYG Pot. intermediate top in an Uptrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

  15. @OttoMaxInvestments @capri1 $HYG & $JNK. Where can I find bond prices, thank you.

  16. End Of Day Scan: NR7 Stocks $KIM $ESRX $TTWO $OMC $HYG $FCE.A $DF $EWJ $BBY $GGP www.dailystockplays.com

  17. $hyg will be watching to see if this can overtake 50 and 200 dma - would help $spy higher...

  18. Gundlach ETF Races to $500 Million in Assets http://www.etftrends.com/2015/05/gundlach-etf-races-to-500-million-in-assets/ $TOTL $STT $HYG $TLT

  19. $HYG - HYG TLT Breakdown being back tested - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/HYG/SKJY9PPk-HYG-TLT-Breakdown-being-back-tested/

  20. Just Released --> Weekly Investor Insights http://createsend.com/t/y-65B53277928BDD12 $SPY $TLT $EEM $DEM $VNQ $IYR $PFF $HYG

  21. Huge outflows from Junk bonds recently. This sparked nice rallies in the past $HYG $JNK - I can see that as yields fall back down to reality

  22. New Post: fallen angels http://www.atmcharts.com/2015/05/fallen-angels.html $SPY $XLE $HYG

  23. $HYG Pot. continuation Downtrend : Wly-Dly-Hly chart

  24. $HYG Pot. pullback in a Downtrend : 60 -15 -4 chart

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