1. $IAG Goldman raise POG target to $1,200. They tell people to sell while they buy for the last 6 months. They now want to push gold higher.

  2. $IAG Back to around the 3.75 support area, a much better entry point here for sure.

  3. $IAG Someone hand me the ventmizer please.

  4. $IAG Doing great again...

  5. $IAG Does the middle east have to be blown off the map in order to move gold! Nothing can get this moving upward!

  6. $IAG any one have a Westwood update? Any more delays and the POS CEO should be terminated immediately.

  7. Hambro ‘Horrified’ by Tampering of London Gold Fix http://y.ahoo.it/kMA1yhOA $GDXJ $GG $GOLD $IAG $XAUUSD $AUY

  8. $IAG ribbit

  9. $IAG In again, just for that @sswhipe ventimizer :)

  10. Still very bullish on $IAG

  11. Actual Examples of Gold Manipulation $GC_F $IAG $KCG http://y.ahoo.it/OLnjMvrC

  12. Suspected Gold Manipulation $FCX $IAG $IAU http://y.ahoo.it/z9m2v65s

  13. $IAG Great News, the frog is out and we will be spared all the complaints.

  14. $IAG And off course the bastard goes up after sold, grrrr

  15. $IAG Sold, ran out of patience. GL to ya all.

  16. $IAG Ones S&P 500 hits 2100 range, I thing more money will come into these sectors and ofcourse gold..

  17. $IAG This is the worst hit sector in past 3yrs, I am looking at 20yr monthly chart and it looks like price consolidation..ones S&P500 hits

  18. $IAG This is going be a down mouth but in 4 or 5 months, it will start climbing to 8

  19. $IAG 3.82 bought... just because

  20. $GLD Looking at charts of the miners over the weekend these are my favs $ric $thm $Aumn $ssri $gss $sbgl $hmy $akg $ego $sa $Iag $tgd $ngd

  21. $IAG Worthless, going nowhere...

  22. $IAG Persian_Genius in block list!!!

  23. $IAG So glad gold is down today, hopefully i will make new lows soon. Disgusting gold bugs cheering a plane crash and hoping for a war.

  24. Gold Bounces Back on the Daily Perfect Time to Buy More Puts http://y.ahoo.it/DbRWoQ3y $GLD $ABX $KGC $AUY $IAG $NEM $NGD $ANV $SAND $AUQ $AEM

  25. Got #GOLD? $gld $iag $auy