1. $IBIO Some 6k and 8k blocks have gone through

  2. $IBIO pump and dump,,,,what a joke

  3. $IBIO Resistance on the 5 currently at .7067, .7333, and .8276 per support/resistance indicator

  4. $IBIO I ll take this nice little rise

  5. $IBIO I want to cry!

  6. $IBIO ok

  7. $IBIO being held down by mktb,was up on Friday then down later on. Mkt sucks but....this too shall pass

  8. $IBIO this stock is a ticking time bomb I must say...

  9. $IBIO this one really wants to go up!

  10. $IBIO The only question now is, when will they announce the info? A $3.1 million contract is just what we need to get this stock moving.

  11. $IBIO iBio CMO now owns what is referred to as the world s largest PMP facility: http://www.biopharma-reporter.com/Bio-Developments/Caliber-opens-world-s-largest-plant-based-manufacturing-facility

  12. $IBIO Now take a look at this paragraph from the article that was posted about Azargen today http://ventureburn.com/2016/06/launchlab-picks-biotech-company-azargen/

  13. $IBIO If you recall, Azargen stated that they are working with iBio, as seen here: https://johnrambostocks.wordpress.com/subsidiariespartnerships/

  14. $IBIO Douglas Hicks of iBio liked this post this morning on Linkedin: http://ventureburn.com/2016/06/launchlab-picks-biotech-company-azargen/

  15. $IBIO I wanted to post this information directly for all the longs. It could be exactly what we have been waiting for.

  16. $IBIO this will be .40 soon...obviously no ZIKA contracts..no nothing,..a scam

  17. $IBIO No sellers. Any amount of volume. BOOM!

  18. $IBIO at least we seam to do better when the market is down

  19. $IBIO is there ever be a contract? we re been waiting for it 2 years already!!

  20. $IBIO I wonder if our first CMO contract will be with a government or corporation?

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  22. $IBIO New yellow fever epidemic outbreaks in Congo and Angola: better quality and quantities needed

  23. Weekly thought on $AMRN, $CERS, $IBIO, $MTCH https://tradingmytwocents.com/2016/06/26/weekly-thought-on-amrn-cers-ibio-mtch-2/

  24. $IBIO definitely

  25. $IBIO PR this week?