1. bot/added/OPENED $ICF equivalent US REIT ETF $809.60 3:52 p.m. for the dividend bond substitute.

  2. $ICF - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=ICF - Might need a medic...we have a bleeder - Running down: -1.38 in 18 minutes 18 seconds

  3. March 20, 2015 RS Movers http://gtlackey.com/march-20-2015-rs-movers/ $VLUE $RZV $ICF $SCHH $KBE KLB $AU $NBR $CELG $SCCO RTN $VNO $HAL $IBM $KBH $EZPW $TAP

  4. Just released! SogoTrade’s Morning Call on Today’s Spotlight Stocks $MAC $MCO, $XLU, $ICF, $SLB, $HON $YGE $XIN http://www.sogotrade.com/landing/SogolandTC.aspx

  5. EOD bot/added/OPENED both $DVY equivalent US DIV EQUITY ETF $1,193.10 and $ICF equivalent US REIT ETF $1,399.97 plus other smalls to follow.

  6. Upward trend on #RealEstate #U.S. $IYR $ICF $FRI $URE $WREI - up 4.36% rel to S&P in 8 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Real_Estate,U.S./weeks/relative

  7. March 13, 2015 RS Movers http://gtlackey.com/march-13-2015-rs-movers/ $CSD $PSP $ICF $IYW $SGEN $CPHD $GGP $F $NSC $M $KIM $GILD $USG $MA $FB

  8. Bot/added/OPENED $ICF equivalent US REIT ETF $988.75.

  9. Bot/added/OPENED $ICF equivalent about 2k

  10. Seeing green in utils. $XLU, REITS $RWR $ICF $VNQ & Gold Miners $GDX here: $ES_F @ 2060.00 -17.75

  11. $ICF $EWG $FRI $IBND $HEWG $VNQ $DGAZ $DUST $UWTI $DGP $GDXJ $SIL Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-MARCH-9.html#comments

  12. $XLU The $ICF is the next show to drop.

  13. $IYZ study and compare: $XLU $TLT $ICF $IYR $TRREX $FRESX these maxed out 1/30 & r down lots in February. Y does big div $IYZ swim upstream

  14. OIL CRASH: Who s the biggest loser? The company has trimmed some fat. http://www.alphahat.com/oil-crash-who-s-the-biggest-loser--2015-02?utm_content=buffer5cbaa&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer #Stocks $RIG $ICF #Oil https://twitter.com/AlphaHatInc/status/571049569007620097/photo/1

  15. $TAN $XSD $GREK $PBW $ILF $CHIX $EZA $TMF $SRS $DWTI $ICF $SCHH Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-FEBRUARY-24-4641.html#comments

  16. February 17, 2015 RS Movers http://gtlackey.com/february-17-2015-rs-movers/ $RPG $SPHB $SDOG $SOXX $XPH $TDIV $ICF $SIL $POOL $NVDA $MLNX $VFC $DO $SGEN $AOL

  17. @Mondo72 20 year treas yield bottomed out on 1/30 & 2/1 1.68% Now @ 2.02% $TLT Also look at declin in utilities $XLU & RelE $IYR $ICF

  18. REITS quite weak as UST yields edge higher: $TNX 2.014%: $RWR $VNQ $IYR $ICF all > -0.75% vs. $ES_F +5.25

  19. Real Estate Breadth Composite $IYR $ICF $SCHH $MORT $REM $ROOF http://stocktwits.com/message/32573671

  20. $IYR $ICF $TRREX $FRESX THX a million 2 stocktwits guy who convinced me to sell real estate on 1/21 w/o penalty; sold with penalty today

  21. $FRESX $TRREX SLD all remaining today w/ penalties of $49.95 or .75% 1/21 SLD shares w/o penalty CLONES OF $IYR $ICF

  22. These high RS ETFs have pulled back toward their 50-day line. Could be opportunities. $INDY $SCIF $IYR $VNQ $ICF http://www.etfscreen.com/screener.php?sn=9549c

  23. Falling price of real estates is caused by weaker GDP. U.S. $FRI $ICF $IYR $URE $WREI - down -3.11% in 3 days http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Real_Estate,U.S./days/absolute

  24. New bullish conversation activity in $ICF. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  25. $ICF another great ETF that seems to be in the beginning phase of a trend. http://stocktwits.com/message/31655882