1. $ICLD trending higher

  2. $ICLD uptrend. ..4 out of 5 days!

  3. $ICLD I covered this stock last year - nothings changed. Still a POS. Stocks are only good if they are going up. http://stocktwits.com/message/31733022

  4. $ICLD Bullish

  5. $ICLD

  6. $BOX Nice action ! Hold $ICLD also.

  7. $ICLD we might see under 2

  8. $ICLD

  9. $ICLD page #22 http://magazine.cioreview.com/Jan-2015/Juniper_Networks/

  10. $ICLD http://magazine.cioreview.com/Jan-2015/Juniper_Networks/

  11. $ICLD

  12. $ICLD Is this dead?

  13. 12 Month Losers $VGGL $EMITF $EXXI $NCT $ICLD $REXX $CVEO $EHTH $OCN $EGLE $DMD $WPRT $ASPS $WGBS $DWCH $SSE $VJET http://stocktwits.com/message/31469450

  14. $ICLD How low can she go? waiting for a decent entry point.

  15. $ICLD We have a hammer on the daily, lets see if this can keep it up, it s only 11am. I couple of more days of hammers AND MAYBE

  16. $ICLD the corner so possible good timing to hit lower BB then FINALLY bounce back up

  17. $ICLD over 200k to 300k vol, LOOKOUT! Also, lower weekly BB is about 2.10 so possible bottom at about 1.80 but earnings is around....

  18. $ICLD Keep an eye on daily and weekly volume spikes. Right now Google Finance avg vol is 157k. If you see a day which this thing gets...

  19. $ICLD I have never seen W at a higher price than ICLD. Odd.

  20. $ICLD Why is this thing going down so much w good news?

  21. $ICLD I think we will see a serious spike in this price once buying starts prior to earnings release..... down in the crapper at the moment

  22. $ICLD: New SEC Filing for ICLD: Form S-3/A, No. 0001213900-15-000261 http://stocknewsflow.com/1128725_000121390015000261_0001213900-15-000261

  23. $ICLD Bought some here at 2.58 , see this going back over 3 easy.

  24. $ICLD going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN

  25. $ICLD Tight weekly closes hovering just above that 10wma is a good sign of good things to come otherwise, this thing could be perpetually