1. $ICPT This would have bounced already after this 30% plunge if not for Leerink s kick-em-while-their-down caution note. Stranded in 220 s

  2. Crickets on $REGN action... Anyone watching? $MNKD $GILD $IBB $ICPT

  3. Might go long if $ICPT can get another buck higher. Stop at $220 thoughts? $ibb

  4. $GBIM will have potential to trade like $ICPT.came to IPO 10/12/12 for $19 traded 12/31/13$ 67.00,1/9/14 $231 1/10/14$373 and 1/10/14 $497

  5. $ICPT I wish that seller at 225&Change would take a rest, let this puppy go higher!

  6. @svKatface: $ICPT tiny volume today. Any thoughts on why such low volume??

  7. $ICPT tiny volume today.

  8. $GWPH $ICPT $MNKD $INO $DNDN $NVAX This is a diamond in the rough. Worth checking out. URL:http://y.ahoo.it/thEvl9MD

  9. $ICPT Approaching support levels at 215 and 209. Might be a nice bottom play. Caution if it breaks http://y.ahoo.it/gwfLg2t6

  10. Well there was indeed some buying in the $ICPT here at prior support and the 200 day. Do I dare?

  11. $amzn Followers DOW-70 NAZ-23 & 27of39 I cover up from open $amzn $aviv $bcc $blox $bnft $bsmx $burl $cvt $data $fb $feye $goog $gpro $icpt

  12. ICYMI Tuesday: Intercept Pharmaceuticals s Chief Commercial Officer cashed-in 1 options http://y.ahoo.it/1vKPSJoF $ICPT

  13. $CANF has a lot of potential with multiple drugs in phase 2 and 3 reminds me of $OMER and $ICPT $CNAT $HART Plays

  14. $ICPT dude please start analyzing apple again. haha

  15. $ICPT ... about lipids and excess cardiovascular events. Man I want a peek at that data (and someone to help me interpret it ...)

  16. $ICPT ...as MEDACorp specialist feedback suggests robust improvements in fibrosis required to offset their concerns ...

  17. $ICPT A bit more detail on specifics of Leerink s cautious stance at http://y.ahoo.it/cEujFnxe . increasingly cautious on the stock as...

  18. $ICPT still walking the plank or diving board ready for a cliff dive ditto others

  19. $NQ Pls stay down til some of these others pop $kndi $zgnx $gtat $Yod $twtr $csiq $mvis $icpt

  20. $ICPT almost green, CNAT getting there

  21. $ICPT $VIPS strong intraday recoveries.

  22. $ICPT names Lazar Partners as its PR agency. Excellent. http://y.ahoo.it/CiAvvdhN

  23. $goog Followers rest 28of39 i cover up from open while mkt crashes! $goog $feye $gpro $icpt $kyth $mm $modn $panw $rh $rkus $rmax $sfm $ssni

  24. $ICPT If Leerink s right cholesterol details in data we re awaiting will make or breaks this stock for a long time to come. Rags or riches

  25. $ICPT What a run of bad luck. Downgrade, data delay, neutral ratings, insider selling scares, doctors and Leerink skeptical. Please no more