1. $IDI announces the appointment of Jacky Wang as Chief Financial Officer effective August 1, 2014 . Tomorrow

  2. $IDI They haven t even updated the website to reflect the new CFO.

  3. $IDI Tans response highlights his arrogance with no CEO business history to justify such

  4. $IDI Tan s email response is amusing. Good for him for having a sense of humor. There s no other way to deal with useless investor email.

  5. $IDI This cannot get out of it s own way. As I said months ago Frost is going to have to step in big. Tan is obviously not CEO capable.

  6. $IDI the only way tan will respond to you via email is if you say you re short. Look. what a jacka** http://y.ahoo.it/okNfVUn6

  7. $IDI Order in for 10k @ .56 they routed it through EDGX on bid, interesting.

  8. $IDI tables have turned and EDGX is now bidding huge. probably so they can sell everything at .70 lol

  9. $IDI We are down just under 50% in just over 30 days and our CEO doesn t feel the need for a business update or explanation. Truely clueless

  10. $IDI We can bash VISN all day but they settled their debt last week and now this http://y.ahoo.it/ydSc7SWf news a new concept.

  11. $IDI Up 7% today is like a new freckle on a red-headed adolescent... This stock s worthless... Bleed it away Tan

  12. $IDI I think more than anything this shows peters inability to run a public company. Not the time to be quiet

  13. $IDI @Joepcf EDGX, ARCX, NSDQ all 10,000+ on ask at .50 you feeling what i m feeling?

  14. @ezramarbach CFO months late.....this is crazy. Tan doesn t give a damn $idi such a joke. Frost will swoop in and save one day

  15. $IDI Now sitting at 50 cents. Next week this may go to 40! I don t know whether to laugh or cry

  16. $IDI there s gotta be something coming that only insiders know about. i m gonna predict an offering at .50

  17. $IDI Renn folks still holding their 1.2m shrs???

  18. $IDI wow. off almost 66% from march high. what happened here?

  19. $IDI Joe: CFO news encouraging.

  20. $IDI Ezra maybe you should email Tan

  21. $IDI Wow, in the 50 s! Didnt think it would come to this. When will the bleeding stop

  22. $IDI In my opinion everybody here is overpaid based on their performance thus far.

  23. $IDI smart CFO wouldn t join a sinking ship unless paid well. What is his comp package?

  24. $IDI This is the best CFO appointment in his 2 years so far. I hope it works out better than the rest. EDGX still a MAJOR problem.....

  25. $IDI CFO hired. http://y.ahoo.it/fh8F9n8K