1. $IDI A whole lot of reading

  2. $IDI Weekend reading : http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1460329/000130901414000798/exhibit1.htm

  3. $IDI I am still checking out the company they are acquiring. Waiting for the numbers of the deal

  4. $IDI Deal excitement short-lived

  5. $LTS $VAPO $CDXC $IDI $OPK Frost stocks. Frost trust now owns 19% VAPO & Brauser owns 24%. I don t want to bet against Frost. (Chkout CDXC)

  6. Frost stocks! $LTS $OPK $CDXC $VAPO $IDI $SVON. Added CDXC and VAPO today & lowered my basis. Thanks for the tax loss selling & cheap shares

  7. $IDI Smart money getting in now. I think going forward we are going to see a whole lot more communication and positive activity with IDI.

  8. $IDI favor on pulls

  9. Boston Therapeutics Inc (OTC BB: BTHE) Leads with 39% Gain $ANV $QTWW $IDI $FRO $HGSH $NYNY ! Read DailyUS Box Score: http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/us-box-score-top-story-16-12-2014

  10. ViXS Systems $VXS.CA and Boston Therapeutics (OTC BB: BTHE)Break 200DMA $PZA.UN.CA $LAC.CA $FVI.CA $IDI $FRO $CPHI : http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/top-technical-breakout-stocks-16-12-2014

  11. Bullish MACD Crossovers $ABM $BCOV $CAKE $CASY $CATO $CENTA $CPHI $CYOU $DAKP $DFRG $FRED $FXCM $HTHT $IDI $IMN $Z http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/bullish-macd-crossovers_15.html

  12. $IDI Massive gains today. Any room for more upside? Time to jump out and ride the side for a while?

  13. $IDI $OPK $MSLP $VAPO. Frost now owns 60% of $IDI per etrade. Looks like he wanted more visibility into operations Hence Brauser IMO.

  14. $IDI Read Brausers history, there fact Tan is not in charge is positive to me

  15. $IDI few details

  16. $IDI It s about time.

  17. $IDI Wow, and they re still keeping Tan!?! -_-

  18. $IDI Interactive Data???

  19. $IDI annual meeting next week

  20. $IDI Absolutely pathetic complete silence

  21. $IDI $LTS $CDXC $VAPO Frost stocks getting cheap again due to tax loss selling IMO. buy order in for CDXC/VAPO today to lwer my basis. $OPK.

  22. $IDI Buyer in size has re-appeared

  23. $IDI $LTS $SVON $VAPO $CDXC ChromaDex® CEO to Present at The Benchmark Company, LLC s Micro Cap Discovery One-on-One Conference on Dec. 11.

  24. $IDI Will do. Thanks Joe.

  25. $IDI Ezra thats your choice but I encourage you to call first and confirm in case of any time or date changes