1. $VGK $EWG $IEV Eurozone PMI (combined) rises to 54 vs 52.8 (Bulls want Draghi to keep interest rates low, well, forever)

  2. @Lecso Experts are focusing on future growth potential. There is more value in $ewz, $iev, & $eem in comparison to the USA.

  3. $IEV $vgk Value play #watching

  4. Best European ETFs To Buy In An Uncertain Market $VGK $IEV http://y.ahoo.it/a8kfPAlA

  5. Why IEV Makes For Solid Europe Exposure $EWY $EWW $EWU $IEV $EIRL $EWG http://y.ahoo.it/Zg6TDi31

  6. Follow up to International Equity comments. Within Dev Internat l, European mkts have been RS leaders. $IEV flipped ST neg vs $EEM 7/8/14

  7. Norway ETFs Could be Next to Benefit From Rate Cuts $NORW $EWD $ENOR $IEV $STO http://y.ahoo.it/Z3n8Flmx

  8. $SPY several concerning things today. drop in $iwm $iev & commodities. could Yellen have been right on inflation? I m more scared of defl

  9. selling $ita & $iev this am cutting back to 20% net long.

  10. Weekly momentum portfolio for coming week: $SPY 23%, $AAXJ 23%, $IEV 20%, $EWJ 18%, $ILF 18%

  11. @eichler Thoughts on partnership? Who, when? SP after announce? I like Lilly, right away for $IEV

  12. Aggressive momentum portfolio for coming week: $SPY 24%, $IEV 21%, $AAXJ 19%, $GSG 18%, $ILF 18%

  13. $IEV Uptrend line from late April slowly breaking down. $48.00 Support area. Canary in the coal mine? $EFA $SPY $QQQ $IWM $DIA $USO

  14. $IEV dividend payment has placed it on multi timeframed support, near 48.75. http://y.ahoo.it/zDkWekEO

  15. $EEM > $EFA > $IEV Stark outperformance by EM vs Developed Int l & European exchanges today. LT RS has not quite gone in favor of EM tho.

  16. Aggressive weekly momentum portfolio: $SPY 23%, $IEV 20%, $GSG 20%, $ILF 19%, $AAXJ 18%.

  17. $SPY selling $iev for .20 gain leaves me .25% net short

  18. $spy remaining longs $rig(42.50) $achn(7.40) $gtat(15.50) $rad(7.01) $spy(73 hedged @196) $iev(50) already hefty tax bill, have to keep spy

  19. Aggressive weekly momentum portfolio: $GSG 22%, $SPY 21%, $IEV 19%, $AAXJ 19%, $ILF 18%.

  20. How To Profit From Europe’s Next Great Experiment $VGK $IXJ $IEV http://y.ahoo.it/km2kyzht

  21. $SPY sitting on 20% cash to put to work. Long Idea s? already long $wlt $dal $spy $tlt $hyg $iev $rig $tal $gtat Looking @ $oef $itb $xli

  22. Is Europe Losing the Battle Against Deflation? $VGK $IEV http://y.ahoo.it/dIwfh2lY

  23. $SPY not getting the follow through in $iev today, potential bad pattern. Watching

  24. Weekly aggressive momentum portfolio: $SPY 25%, $IEV 23%, $AAXJ 20%, $ILF 16%, $GSG 16%

  25. $spy bought $iev for LT portfolio @ 50 back to slight net long. This trip to beach is gonna take forever!