1. $IG this bad boy got any buyout potential? I know management is good, been waiting for a good entry point.

  2. $IG thrashed again

  3. $IG slow trade today.. wheres the volume

  4. $IG tough looking chart here

  5. @DontBadgerMe $IG brutal would have been up about a dollar if I sold like I should have. Was thinking $IG would follow their normal trend.

  6. $IG brutal

  7. $IG Here we go again....Do we recover before day end?

  8. $IG charts looking good. 9.25 pt

  9. Good morning traders! This weeks watchlist is up! http://championtrades.com/2015/03/30/weekly-watchlist-033015/ $CDXS $SYMX $CLRB $ABMD $AKS $IG $GNCA.. Lets make it a good week!

  10. @Think4self possible bounce potential for this week based on TA and chart alone $RPRX $NKTR $SPPI and $IG

  11. $IG

  12. $IG loves 23.6% fib ($8.76) either to open or close

  13. $IG Nice job today !

  14. Momo screen. That $IG was on our 12mo OS screen last night

  15. $IG cup and a handle?

  16. $IG print 8 s 9 s 80 s =D

  17. $IG breaking out.... almost, need more buyers though

  18. $IG wish I had been a little more liberal on my initial stop the other day. Damn intraday volatility can be a bitch

  19. $IG BREAK

  20. $IG I believe today starts a new uptrend? @Tweed1 @futuremedead

  21. $IG http://www.streetwisereport.com/most-active-mid-cap-mover-igi-laboratories-inc-nysemktig-ptc-inc-nasdaqptc-civeo-corporation-nysecveo/112921/

  22. Most Active Mid Cap Mover- $IG $PTC $CVEO http://www.streetwisereport.com/most-active-mid-cap-mover-igi-laboratories-inc-nysemktig-ptc-inc-nasdaqptc-civeo-corporation-nysecveo/112921/

  23. $IG And fyi this went up 4% in AH on 52k volume so it ended up being a green day after all

  24. $IG Love the movement in this stock, never choppy. So could this be MM shake-out in anticipation of generic PENNSAID release early nxt wk?

  25. i got in $AXN and re-entered $PANW , added some more to $SWKS $CNC $BURL today~* sold $EMES and $IG