1. $GGT easy now not too fast slow growth lol $IGD slowing a bit, good feel to it, another payday in a few days we shall see till then

  2. $IGD $GGT lmao love it

  3. $GGT $IGD full effect now baby, let it drop a bit more if it can, these are cheap but will go with cheaper lol

  4. $IGD $GGT im taking my div over the last year of igd an pick me up some ggt keep falling im keeping my 9.22 in igd, very soon I will retire

  5. $IGD $GGT right on the 52 wk low im buying

  6. $IGD comeon down, $GGT as well I hear the truck backing up right now

  7. $IGD I cant buy anymore ugh next payday

  8. Fidelity Bond [Rule 17G-1(g)] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1187879 $IGD

  9. $IGD lol well if this doesnt create pressure, ggt gone down also, but ill hold out for now, almost loading time

  10. Bullish MACD Crossovers 1/3 $ACGL $APO $ATHL $BIIB $BMRN $BTG $CAH $CREE $CTCT $DDS $GM $HDSN $IGD $KO $KVHI $LTS http://y.ahoo.it/8PpCfk6x

  11. $IGD come on down my sweet, but I doubt we see lower 9s for a bit, an if we do so what ill add more

  12. Bullish MACD Xover $IGD $PM $KANG $APD $SSE $EVTC indicating a short-term continuation in price uptrend

  13. $IGD every time I look at the 5 yr chart I think this is starting to swing up I cant let go now plus the div. no I will stay

  14. $IGD yup this on way down and $PLUG is on way up time to switch

  15. Bearish MACD Crossovers 1/3 $AJG $BA $BIOF $BXE $CASY $CBL $CFFN $CTIC $DG $DVN $ELGX $ESL $F $FLIR $GILD $HI $IGD http://y.ahoo.it/SZifHCHy

  16. $IGD almost time to build up again

  17. $IGD lets see where we go from here

  18. $IGD repurchases good pick up the slack lol

  19. $IGD comeon back down ill go for another dip

  20. $IGD

  21. $IGD comeon you can break the 52 wk high

  22. Daily about to break up from yearly range $ANAC and $IGD http://y.ahoo.it/tQy4b7DX

  23. $IGD beautiful ma are looking good, upside again

  24. $IGD this is a nice steady climb today

  25. $IGD woo