1. Ikonics Corporation Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: 4.Earnings Per Co... http://y.ahoo.it/Xw3h5fK6 $IKNX

  2. Ikonics Reports Record Sales And Discusses Possible Expansion Plans http://y.ahoo.it/NhelFFc7 $IKNX

  3. $IKNX Interesting

  4. $IKNX I am close to filing a complaint w/ SEC about manipulation of this stock. Last minute trades, busted trades, etc.

  5. $IKNX 1,000 at 23.22 The stockpicker clubs are joyous, well, not the clubs, but the pack leaders.

  6. $IKNX 201 in effect

  7. $IKNX What ninny would sell at $24.76? Whose subscribers got tricked today?

  8. Gainers 7/9 $SCOK 25%, $AUMN 15%, $PXLW 15%, $ALAN 15%, $WH 15%, $VTUS 14%, $AVAV 13%, $GSIT 13%, $CBMX 12%, $NCTY 12%, $IKNX 12%

  9. @contrarianspeculator $iknx was thinking of youj

  10. $iknx up big in minute volume

  11. When I m used to having all my trading tools(which aren t that many) tough to trade when missing them. So just closed $IKNX long after open

  12. $IKNX What are you showing for daily vol today? I keep getting strange numbers, like someone is busting trades.

  13. $IKNX they faded the pop and huge spread ,so definitely not a day play. Eventually co needs to get some analyst interest and share expansion

  14. $IKNX key:although 2 potential customers would like us to investigate locating a manuf facility near their offshore aircraft assembly plants

  15. $IKNX yes the pe is high and that has deterred me,but like I said need to keep open mind. May not go today,but def keep on radar

  16. $IKNX yes this is a Super Pump and Nerd play. Said previously have watched this for years. Ultra conservative company with huge potential

  17. $IKNX 25.93 +1.87 definitely watching this tiny float play this week off positive pr. Co should just sell out,but obviously bigger plans.

  18. $IKNX Good Luck to all longs here. Made a very nice profit, but moving along.

  19. $IKNX Out

  20. $IKNX Never know, when you re almost the only one in the trade.

  21. $IKNX Or maybe it s Whew...

  22. $IKNX Whew.....

  23. $IKNX However, it is behaving very strangely recently, and I have no idea why. Anyone?

  24. $IKNX this is a strong stock, IMO. Hard to trade, but solid.

  25. $IKNX Adding Here Tuesday!Major inside buying something Brewing!