1. $IMMU John Van N also positive on Epratuzumab!

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  8. @willthethrill2: $IMMU Cindy to be replaced by kim k No!! Kim k ran out of juice. Cindy try to get best female CEO of 2015?if lupus pos?

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  11. $IMMU Cindy to be replaced by kim k

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  19. $IMMU I lost interest in this

  20. $IMMU Shhhhhhhhhh very quiet, don t make noise, Grreeeeen

  21. $IMMU No matter what. We will be green today!?

  22. $IMMU DR. Goldenberg picked to speak at the World ADC Con in San Diego in October!

  23. $IMMU Adding little more here for ph3 data in Dec

  24. $CLSN Celsion Ringing Closing Bell on July 16th $NSPH $IMUC $IMMU $NAVB $CERS $XOMA $OPK http://y.ahoo.it/fLH2YZlI

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