1. $CUR Mr.Hous came on here & it fell jst like i predicted like $IMRS see rite thru, he did his dirty wrk!

  2. $NETE look at $imrs ticker and see how that popped early this year. They had huge debt and revenue wasn t increasing. Potential is here folk

  3. $IMRS Judge approved the sale. The only question is Siemens objection to CURE amounts that is set for Sept. 11

  4. $IMRS volume picked up today. small bounce coming or share cancellation filed. We will know soon.

  5. $CLDN the next $imrs 😦😦

  6. $ETRM bankruptcy soon like $IMRS

  7. $IBIO the next $imrs😦

  8. $IMRS so is Deerfield planning on keeping the company and not selling it off in parts? company will be private after all is said and done

  9. $IMRS tWe are confident we can run this business well for the benefit of our investors and IMRIS’ employees and customers.”

  10. $IMRS “IMRIS will emerge from bankruptcy a more focused business with a cost base that fits its opportunities and a balance sheet

  11. $IMRS “Our purchase of IMRIS fits well with our mission of advancing healthcare through investment, information and philanthropy.”

  12. $IMRS a Partner at Deerfield who is focused on medical technology investing indicated that Deerfield remains confident in IMRIS’s future

  13. $IMRS including the Company’s operations in China, Germany and Japan, and the robotics intellectual property,”

  14. $IMRS “IMRIS is very excited that Deerfield will be acquiring the Company’s imaging and service operating businesses,

  15. $IMRS http://m.startribune.com/business/318473621.html

  16. $IMRS it looks like the MM shorts are gone. Now it s just someone trying to get shares as cheap as possible

  17. $IMRS Multiple objections filed today and agenda of matters date moved from tomorrow to Aug. 12. Here comes the bounces!

  18. $IMRS: New SEC Filing for IMRS: Form 25-NSE, No. 0001354457-15-000129 http://stocknewsflow.com/1489161_000135445715000129_0001354457-15-000129

  19. $IMRS no other bidders. Auction was cancelled so Deerfield gets the assets for their bid as long as the judge approves the sale on Friday

  20. $IMRS this is worse than radio shack @gtrain65 ud83d ude26 ud83d ude26

  21. $IMRS ud83d ude26 ud83d ude26 ud83d ude26

  22. $IMRS got my letter from FNRA today that my complaint has been forwarded to the SEC. 1st step .

  23. $AMDA guys please tell me this won t turn out like $imrs bankrupt overnight. We know the financials suck. What will help me sleep?

  24. $IMRS I was sooo wrong on this one but did not know I was investing in crooks. Could anyone who has legal knowledge predict if we get any $

  25. $IMRS $IMRSQ Chart – closed above EMA 4 @ 0.0146 & right at EMA 8 @ 0.0172 – as this chart sho http://mychartcoach.com/Forums/topic/imrsq-chart-3/