1. $IMRS Finally some volume BUT wrong way! Don t think its earnings-not much expected. Some other info we don t know or nearing bottom.

  2. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://y.ahoo.it/HeGoZLM2 $IMRS

  3. Wednesdays Watch Graphite One $GPH.V - Baristas Coffee $BCCI - Sirona Bio SBM.CA - IMRIS $IMRS

  4. $IMRS Positive PR this morning getting CE certification. Could be the catalyst needed with Yellens +biotech talk yesterday

  5. $IMRS And back to the 31k on the ask at 1.00. Alot of ask slapping today on the minimal volume there is

  6. $IMRS@howardrf I m long and have faith at some point that iMRS tech will goes to developing countries if lower down prize to make up sell

  7. $IMRS Long time to playing in between .92 to 1.16 (bored), hope this time get $2 like used to be.

  8. $IMRS Nice price action but the volume is pathetic. The 30k on the ask isn t helping I m sure

  9. $IMRS bid .95 ask 1.00...05 spread?

  10. $IMRS Have owned this embarrassment for over a year. I think there are about eleven people that trade it now, based on volume...💤

  11. $IMRS impotent stock. needs some Viagra

  12. $IMRS Horrendous stock and I m stuck, grrr

  13. $IMRS She s a fighter!!

  14. $IMRS Last earnings report was 5/13. Anyone know if next would be 8/13. Usually 3 mo. correct?

  15. $IMRS Posted a new website today. Good info.

  16. $IMRS Watch level2 screen. Sometimes .03 spread. ie .98b-1.01a. love market makers ;(

  17. @gbrex I feel you man, I ve been holding $IMRS for a while now since $2 and adding a little at a time.

  18. $IMRS $LXRX $ACST held strong in this bloodbath

  19. $IMRS love the company but hate the stock. My biggest losing bag of my porfolio

  20. $IMRS Volume increasing. May go below $1.00 today. Good retracement.

  21. One of those days where I stop looking at my portfolio for awhile. $CYTK $SGYP $NVAX $IMRS

  22. $IMRS Yahoo shows 3 mo. volume on avg. 270,000 shares. Nice move up but poor volume. Wait for retracement.

  23. $IMRS Hard for this to have sustained move up with no volume...

  24. $IMRS Go beautiful IMRS go $1.26 Im going shopping so i dnt sell yet!

  25. @Wallin2199 I admit $IMRS disapponted me today. I hoped it would go further north. But I m patient...