1. @cheri1 $RCII reports 04/21 which negates technicals; $CUR $IMUC dislike trading stocks <5.00

  2. $IMUC Strong into close

  3. $IMUC Staying long... Looks like we may see a nice end to April.

  4. $IMUC was fundamentally good, nothing wrong with this cmpany, it s just a matter of time, patience

  5. $IMUC will rebound, will wait until things reverse

  6. $IMUC hurts man....

  7. $IMUC sell sell sell :-)

  8. $IMUC not a bad short idea here. chart wants to roll over stat.

  9. $IMUC lol look at folks cant get out quick enough!

  10. $IMUC offer sizes continue to show LARGE

  11. $IMUc adios sucka

  12. $IMUC MMs doing their best to unload

  13. $IMUC and Biotech sector will rebound, nothing wrong here

  14. $IMUC all biotech sector is down! Imuc is not exception! Hold it and wait for good news to pop up

  15. $CHTP & $IMUC are leaving a sour taste in my portafolio for pharmaceuticals, I hope they can reverse course here soon.

  16. $IMUC been doing my best to save longs some heart ache here...

  17. $IMUC Looks like the last best time to get in to me!

  18. $IMUC Getting ready to dump this.

  19. $IMUC Relentless selling resumes

  20. $IMUC test the low 3rd times! Good for the base!

  21. $IMUC gap down imminent

  22. $IMUC it is building really strong base for break up when its time to come! Patient and buy more

  23. $IMUC bought more! I think it went down couple days recently due to market sentiment! Few small short sellers try to short it! Buy more

  24. $IMUC Bought some more.

  25. $IMUC go down with market sentiment is not a big deal! Down day with very light volume! Time to buymore any dip