1. $IMUC Thoughts on Management’s Plan to Move ICT-107 into Phase 3 (IMUC, Neutral, $1.02) http://y.ahoo.it/pOjdPcdg

  2. $IMUC Anybody want to bet money that this will be .93 tomrrow and act like the news don t matter?

  3. $IMUC Bagholder here for last 6 months.

  4. $IMUC Immunocellular Therapeutics, Ltd files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SE.. http://y.ahoo.it/4dzHs58j

  5. $IMUC Roth Comments on ImmunoCellular (IMUC) Following ICT-107 Updates; Affirms Buy Rating. Price target 3$. Isn t it perfect?!

  6. $IMUC Naking higher highs and now waiting for the next leg up

  7. $IMUC Needs to break 1.00 and I believe it can go higher from that

  8. $IMUC European approval, FDA approval... humm... I hate shorts misquoting & hoping the rest of us can t read.

  9. $IMUC ICT-107 designated an ATMP by the EU qualifies for govt incentives if IMUC decides to pursue a phase III trial in the EU.

  10. $IMUC the FDA noted the positive benefit of ICT-107 in HLA-A2 patients doesn t sound like a failed Phase II to me. Are you short?

  11. $IMUC Big blocks buying last last 30 minuets

  12. $IMUC up after announcing they proceed with ICT-107 Phase 3 despite failing Phase 2

  13. $IMUC what a sucker run

  14. $IMUC Let me guess going back to .90 or .89 on good news wtf

  15. $IMUC holding 5k shs, moves after monthly opex imo

  16. $IMUC September 17, 2014 8:39 AM Roth Capital affirms its Buy rating and $3 target price on IMUC following expectations of positive FDA

  17. $IMUC Roth Capital Reiterates Buy On ImmunoCellular Following Development Update http://y.ahoo.it/3BfRPGw5

  18. $IMUC Needs to make the million dolla holla...

  19. $IMUC Lets break 1.00 and march towards 1.20 come on now this is your moment IMUC

  20. $IMUC Over a million traded in volume

  21. $IMUC : Today s news could push this stock till 1.50 in the coming sessions!! Upgrades coming http://y.ahoo.it/VyQa0rHI

  22. $IMUC patient will reward

  23. $IMUC Man this needs to go up higher at least to 1.10 wtf all this time waiting and this is it

  24. $IMUC oh man, just this?

  25. $IMUC even the pump and dumpers refuse to play this POS with positive news - guess that tells you something - too bad !!!