1. $IMUC Tomorrow hopefully a good day

  2. $IMUC Sept is med conf month + time to head to EC for phase 3...1.03 to POC 1.22 looks interesting http://y.ahoo.it/QWYrZYxN

  3. Top Expert Consensus for $IMUC is Strong Buy http://y.ahoo.it/yQ3dkWHa

  4. $IMUC Small resistance 1.03

  5. $IMUC She should be over and done with 1.05 area by next week

  6. $NAVB $IMUC $RNN $CERS $NSPH undervalued biotechs

  7. $NSPH $RNN $IMUC add more or forever hold your peace

  8. $IMUC if it confirms over 1.01 then it is a buy again, if not look for possible 10% cut.

  9. $IMUC Just the beginning..............>

  10. $IMUC Someone just bought a big chunk

  11. $IMUC on radar! it is moving

  12. $IMUC someone accumulating should see a nice pop soon

  13. $IMUC No resistance above till 1.17!

  14. Get it while it s cheap ! $MNKD $INO $NSPH $CERS $XOMA $IMUC $RNN $IMMU $NAVB $AGEN

  15. $IMUC it just hit .99 on a big buy come baby keep going higher

  16. $IMUC Go to a dollar already

  17. $IMUC holding on a red day...streak of sunshine on the dog s rear end?


  19. $IMUC Big sell at the end to drop us down to .95 but let s see if we can continue this success to the upside

  20. $IMUC

  21. $IMUC Lookn hott guess I ll buy mor!

  22. $IMUC Big blocks being bought

  23. $IMUC bios back in vogue, watch this one closely, 1.30 imo 2-3 weeks...heck, I ve right and wrong b4...lol

  24. $NSPH $RNN $IMUC $NAVB needs some momentum

  25. $IMUC 12900 traded A/f houre