1. $IMUC Lookn hott guess I ll buy mor!

  2. $IMUC Big blocks being bought

  3. $IMUC bios back in vogue, watch this one closely, 1.30 imo 2-3 weeks...heck, I ve right and wrong b4...lol

  4. $NSPH $RNN $IMUC $NAVB needs some momentum

  5. $IMUC 12900 traded A/f houre

  6. $IMUC 11k traded afterhours

  7. $IMUC did anyone watch $GENE? Had a nice run...$$$ :)

  8. $IMUC This baby is going to be at 2+ one of these days

  9. $IMUC Needs a little attention

  10. $IMUC If this stock gets volume this stock easly goes up 25%

  11. $IMUC seems the price consolidates. small price/volumn movement

  12. $IMUC mad money will talk of small stocks that got hammered this summer. Hm......cramer?

  13. $IMUC ImmunoCellular ...Gringeri Anthony Senior VP Strategic Resources 2014-08-21 Buy 11,000 $0.91

  14. $IMUC 2$price target

  15. $IMUC $PTN Thnk work as a team! weird

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  17. Insider Transaction: $IMUC Purchase at $0.91 per share of 11000 shares by Officer Gringeri Anthony on 2014-08-21.

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  19. $IMUC Insider purchase

  20. $IMUC That s what I like to see

  21. $IMUC time tojjump in

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  23. $IMUC insiders play ;)

  24. $IMUC very good :) news

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