1. $IMUC I believe someone trying to mislead timing.One day there may be one but it is not pending and it is not the death of imuc persay....

  2. $IMUC Ok so this is a vote on a revision of the current in place reverse stock recomendations,clearly says not a vote for a stock split

  3. $IMUC reverse split will vote on June 28... dead meat

  4. $IMUC Good day Thursday def on the horizon

  5. $KBIO $GALE $SGYP $IMUC I love those ppl who say well I have no position but this stock sucks! bears you should post smarter things.

  6. $IMUC http://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FileName=0001193125-15-161932.txt&FilePath= 2015 04 30 &CoName=IMMUNOCELLULAR+THERAPEUTICS%2C+LTD.&FormType=DEF+14A&RcvdDate=4%2F30%2F2015&pdf=

  7. $IMUC JUNE 26 - THEY ARE going to vote for reverese split. Better watch out . Reversee split is bad

  8. $SHAK and $IMUC. Two stocks with very bright futures.

  9. $IMUC I see where SUSQUEHANNA INTERNATIONAL GROUP,LLP, Sabby, Vanguard and ARMISTICE CAPITAL, LLC all took new or increased large positions

  10. $IMUC let s go

  11. $IMUC There are lots of great developments and heavy load of insider holding with 0 sells. Institutions own 17% of the company which is big+

  12. $IMUC I recommend everyone to buy at these prices, this company is heavily undervalued.

  13. $IMUC going to see some spikes within next 48 hours. Company poised for positive announcement.

  14. $IMUC waiting patiently for some excitement....just give us a sign

  15. $PBMD, Not fair, stocks I have never go up, $NYMX , $BIOC, $KBIO, $PLUG, $IMUC . But the ones I don t have goes up 200% $PBMD, $AVEO

  16. $IMUC will buy .45

  17. $IMUC Accumulate here

  18. $IMUC SA article http://seekingalpha.com/article/3203426-next-week-in-biotech-salix-valeant-pdufa-asco-brain-tumor-summit

  19. $SGYP all in here, sold $IBIO and $AMDA, holding $IMUC and $KBIO.... 3 out of 5 so far so good.

  20. $MGNX $IMUC $MSTX $ZFGN more interesting spots

  21. $IMUC way oversold, any day now.

  22. $IMUC only thing that worries me is a reverse split. Anyone see what happened to EOX today? Reversed and got shorted to oblivion

  23. $IMUC dont buy it until this stock can hit 60 cents

  24. who else is in $IMUC from you guys in: $IBIO $KBIO $SGYP $AMDA

  25. $IMUC waited for a JUMP... Nope! Bought in on $UVEO @ 1.93 ... Good day!