1. $IMUC Come one,lets move

  2. Top Expert Consensus for $IMUC is Strong Buy https://www.tipranks.com/stocks/imuc #NYSE MKT #stocks

  3. $IMUC considering buying some of this to average down.

  4. $RNN $NSPH $IMUC bios under $1 with 100% profit potential from here

  5. $IMUC anyone got short interest # s? has to be near 30%...gonna ride this train to 2.50

  6. $IMUC time for an update about FDA mtg

  7. $IMUC phase III start in mid 2015,will it be better to wait til then before getting in now?.it look like this is going down crazy right now

  8. $IMUC ready to be bought here

  9. $IMUC filled .652

  10. $IMUC toilet bowl champ knocking...eow i m filled...not sure that ll be a good thing

  11. $IMUC 2k order 65 cents...

  12. $IMUC down nearly .30 cents in a week with no news. wth??

  13. $IMUC almost there

  14. $IMUC Near term support between .6-.7. Resistance between .8-.9. Hourly Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/x/pahGLcgd/

  15. $IMUC ,65 next week

  16. $IMUC Good luck getting in at .65, I think we move up from the low today...seemed like decent buying into the close to me. Reversal?

  17. $IMUC order in 65 cents...6 month hold...

  18. $IMUC tough day overall in the market-potential catalyst is the upcoming society for neuro oncology conference in November-weeks away

  19. $IMUC I m out with a loss of 4k good luck longs i hope it pans out for yaw, I actually sold

  20. $IMUC down 40k here good to average down or just let it sit?

  21. $IMUC sub .70 and I ll buy 5k...maybe these guys will get their hands out of their pants for chrissakes

  22. $IMUC Wow

  23. $IMUC way past annoyed with these clowns

  24. $IMUC whereas the funding going to come from for this planned phase 3? Going to need an ATM imo.

  25. $IMUC did they jump yet?