1. $IMUC D day for this stock tomrrow for me if it breaks .9 I m fing out

  2. $IMUC 2010.....82...wtf...lol

  3. $IMUC whack, whack, whack a mole...

  4. $IMUC bid/ask...climbs...short has hit it hard 3x...so far .91...

  5. $IMUC Good buy in point, down, but on the rise

  6. $IMUC This garbage headed to .65?

  7. Top Expert Consensus for $IMUC is Strong Buy http://y.ahoo.it/znyRF9xZ


  9. $IMUC I meant no reason to not have a 10 to 15% gain today

  10. $IMUC No reason for 10 to 15% gain today

  11. $IMUC Nice lil pop hopefully this continues to go up

  12. $IMUC I read up on a lot of their research, where they are going and I like what I m seeing.

  13. $IMUC I m baffled too, but averaging down my position by adding more at lower levels. This is an investment to me, not a trade.

  14. $IMUC seems like heading to .65..

  15. $IMUC Im long but I hate looking at it daily cause it s been getting killed

  16. $IMUC This thing is down 4.5% in afterhours WTF this stock is killing me slowly damn I believe In this stock but since I bought it 👇 34%

  17. $IMUC Trend is posi w/FDA-buy!

  18. $IMUC small gains hopefully makes it over 1.00 by eod

  19. $IMUC One of the reason might be that someone wants cheap shares. Back to 1.06 is sure thing

  20. $IMUC There s no reason for this one to be dropping like this. Not sure what s going on?

  21. $IMUC At least volume is alive

  22. $IMUC Yellen yammers...abolish Fed

  23. $IMUC getting the idea that Phase 3 ain t working -similar to Phase 2 - will I ever learn !!!! back to .65 maybe and then some pump and dump

  24. $IMUC is this stock going to .50 again?

  25. $IMUC under $1! What wrong is it?