1. $INDL Styd Green in red markt

  2. $INDL buy RDY. Dec 55 calls can double. Great pharma company.

  3. $INDL beautiful setup into next qrtr. Jan 20 calls

  4. $INDL inv head and shoulders? (chart uses PIN which is the one x ETF tracking the same index as INDL)

  5. $INDL really benefits from oil price drop

  6. $INDL Daily above 20.68 resistance=bullish.But weekly, hollow red heiken ashi major signal

  7. $INDL very bearish credit fundamentals in india, unstable market, with very bad regulation. technical ultra high.

  8. $INDL indian companies bypass banks, self issuance of commercial paper http://www.wsj.com/articles/indian-companies-bypass-banks-1435854415

  9. $INDL If u trade INDL , keep RDY as well. RDY swings 25-30% from july-Aug to January. One of the largest pharma with high growth.

  10. $INDL Jan 20 calls.

  11. $INDL no interest rate hike till December. INDL will cross its all time high 28 in Sept-Oct before the new year in November. Dec 20 calls.

  12. $indl elephants are fashionistas shaking their .... Ears

  13. $YINN Shanghai tanks 7%! This is what happens when high school drop out students starts trading! Now media will say $indl is looking good

  14. On June 10 we wrote the downtrend on India seemed to be over. Now $EPI $INDY $INDL $PIN $SCIF $SCIN are 7% above $SPY http://www.trendsinvesting.com/blog-entry/79,india:-after-all-the-downtrend-was-over

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  16. $INDL Super

  17. $INP $INDL best country past week … we were long Elephants all the day… rest time

  18. $INDL what a week!!!

  19. $INDL 1/4 left

  20. @smit6444 $INDL Smart money moving in! RSI is still 35! Come join us at $17 for gain of 25%! We nailed it at 17 $INDL

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  22. $INDL letting small elephant go

  23. $INDL $BRZU $RUSL steady

  24. $INDL $brzu rockin

  25. $INDL ok who here is wishing they added more at 17? lol