1. $INDL very ugly price action as noted last week...... breaking down here...

  2. $INDL is this because the earthquake caused major losss?

  3. Downward trend on #Equity #India $EPI $PIN $INDA $INDY $INDL - down -10.69% in 13 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,India/weeks/absolute

  4. $INDL Swing low today maybe?

  5. Downward trend on #India $EPI $INDA $PIN $INDL $INDY - down -9.73% in 11 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/India/weeks/absolute

  6. Downward trend on #Equity #India $EPI $INDA $PIN $INDL $SCIF - down -4.37% rel to S&P in 2 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,India/days/relative

  7. $INDL india breaking down here pretty ugly price action...

  8. $INDL This is going down further tomorrow. Wonder what s with BSE... 6 straight down days... Should I add more, or just wait and watch???

  9. Direxion to Split 19 ETFs, Including Eight Reverse Splits http://www.etftrends.com/2015/04/direxion-to-split-19-etfs-including-eight-reverse-splits/ $BRZU $YANG $GASL $SYTL $CURE $TECL $INDL

  10. $INDL @cybercash28 @LotusAngel India sensed bounced back.. oversold frm 29000 to 27600.. ;) I got in at 90 n 88/89.. Hopefully 102$+ in 2wks

  11. $YINN $INDL $EURL $SOXL $BIB $HACK my favorite etfs... Easy swing ply.. $$$$$

  12. $INDL BSE closed on chart support last night. Adding a small position.

  13. $INDL oversold.. Added here

  14. Downward trend on #Equity #India $EPI $INDA $PIN $INDL $INDY - down -7.91% rel to S&P in 7 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,India/weeks/relative

  15. 11 Direxion ETFs will undergo 4-for-1 and 2-for-1 splits on May 20th: $MIDUE $INDL $CURE $RETL $SOXL $FAS $TECL $SPUU $MDLL $SMLL $SYTL

  16. $ERX bull 3x Energy ETF is the flavor of the week/month. $INDL and $RUSS are bad 3x ETF to be in http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=151&f=ind_exchangetradedfund&ft=3&t=TQQQ,UDOW,UPRO,UMDD,URTY,BGU,MWJ,TNA,COWL,MATL,ERX,FAS,TYD,TMF,CURE,DRN,SOXL,TYH,BRIL,INDL,YNN,DZK,EDC,JBJ,RUSL,RUSS&o=-sma20

  17. $INDL Ths ll be 102$+ in 2 weeks nice swing ply.. ;)

  18. $INDL LONG

  19. Think which market is expensive? $YINN China P/B value: 1.92 $INDL India P/B value: 3.06

  20. Intraday downward trend on #Equity #India $EPI $INDA $INDL $INDY $PIN - down -3.1% in 2 days - http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Equity,India/hours/absolute

  21. Gapping Down $AMPE 57% $FARO 18% $CNDO 16% $FNRG 15% $CZR 9% $BOIL 7% $MBII 6% $RCL 5% $INDL 5% $USLV 5% $UVXY 4% $JNUG 4% $AGQ 4% $VXX 2%

  22. $indl $epi $yinn $ashr $fxi gotta manage risk, got all out of india and china near the top last week

  23. $INDL pulls back again, range bound.. stalking to see if it gets back to 52 highs....

  24. $INDL $46

  25. crushed today with $nugt $indl $act $apo $bita $crc $blk $xom $kite $pbr $rave $ssys $upl $ulta