1. $INDL sold remaining shares.. don t want to hold over weekend

  2. $INDL sold a bit.. around core as always

  3. $INDL thank you elephants … strong patterns are my dog s friends

  4. $INDL uptrend begins today?

  5. $FCEL $PLUG $INDL Grandma Prepare for Launch!!

  6. $INDL strong base building up here

  7. No go on that India Chit $INDL and no go on $EEM . $RSX about to dump also and $GREK once again very shackey.

  8. The $INDL 1:4 split definitely slowed some momentum - interesting to see how it plays out the rest of the week

  9. @Partridge $INDL elephants are sleeping today u2026 fine by me Agreed!

  10. $INDL holding ths @avg 20.2 .. ll add between 17-18 if India s SENSEX goes south..

  11. $INDL order at 19.90 not filling.

  12. $INDL liking it at this price

  13. @Partridge: $indl due to split you cannot see it was +4.25% today

  14. $INDL elephants are sleeping today… fine by me

  15. $INDL can I buy it now? It s split?

  16. $indl due to split you cannot see it was +4.25% today

  17. $INDL some asked - we are you scaling out steps everyday if you can just hold? answer - I sell beta not exposure… comprende?

  18. $INDL elephants do not care about airlines and solar stocks

  19. Bullish $INDL $YINN $CHAU $XPP $EURL $KORU Bearish $BRZU $RUSL #etf #trading

  20. $INDL whats a good entry point? 19.50?Ive been monitoring it for a couple weeks.Keeps fluctuating between 75-84. Will this come down to 19s?

  21. India 10 yr consumer confidence trend http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/india-ranks-highest-in-latest-nielsen-consumer-confidence-survey/ $IFN $IIF $EPI $INDA $INDY $PIN $SCIF $INXX $INCO $INDL

  22. $INDL note split in effect - easier to buy for many now… we are still long.. want to buy on dips

  23. $INDL SPLIT 1:4

  24. $INDL many splits today

  25. $INDL we have reduced today .. twice .. on targets ... 1/3 still long