1. $INDL $FIT $INDL $FDX $DATA $WWAV potential to go much higher January calls.

  2. $INDL INDL RDY FDX WWAV DATA FIT potential upside independent of events. Jan calls for all

  3. $INDL Oil has taken plunge, gas prices to go down on August 1st. Slow but definite spike to 52 week high of 28 in 3-4 mths. Jan 18 calls.

  4. $INDL its raining inches : monsoon all over India. Rural economy excellent. Rate cuts as inflation will be low. Aug-nov 28-35 spike . Calls


  6. $INDL Buy target $15.40. Yes, it is low and may not hit, but so many fish to fry right now besides this.

  7. $BSE #NIFTY It looks as though #INDIA is going to join the global garage sale of equities Target 21,500 $INDY $INDL

  8. $INFY cleared for liftoff $INDL

  9. The hottest ETFs/ETNs from yesterday: $RWXL $YINN $INDL $RUSL $LBND!

  10. $INDL good IHS chart. looking good to go higher.

  11. @Partridge: $INDL past 30 days #1 country on the planet Jul 12 --- >> boy we do work for you .. DD and such .. all you need is balls

  12. $CNXT $ASHR $FDN $CHIX $INDY $EPHE $CHAU $SVXY $YINN $LABU $INDL $FCG Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-JULY-16-4948.html#comments

  13. $indl price target of about 25 based on inv h and s on $pin

  14. $indl hey India bears - elephants my hurt you

  15. $INDL sold last 1/3rd :)

  16. $INDL I was looking at this yesterday man I wish i pulled the trigger

  17. @betaloss: still love India. Think it s just been flagging on a pullback before its next big wave higher $EPI $PIN $INDL wave bye bye!

  18. $INDL Sold 2/3 rd frm 17 :))))

  19. $INDL Riding my Elephant ...

  20. $INDL morning YOGA

  21. $INDL 21.5-21.75 today

  22. $INDL Fidelity calls this Bull 3X this site says Bulls 2X who is right

  23. $INDL Taken a long position here - stock.

  24. $INDL elephants we are leading the globe past 30 days and by far

  25. @betaloss: still love India here. just been flagging on a pullback before its next big wave higher $EPI $PIN $INDL