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  2. See here what popped and what dropped - http://y.ahoo.it/FZ3h8eRX - $BRZU $BRZS $INDL $JNUG $LBJ $YINN

  3. $RUSL $INDL nice gains so far

  4. @Constantine1 $INDL BJP is NOT RIGHT WING/ HINDU FUNDAMENTAL PARTY! Govts of Developed countries need CORRUPT Indian National Congress party

  5. @Constantine1 $INDL Wait until India national elections complete/stable government forms under Modi Leadership! He will transform India!IMHO

  6. @sheilaragu Obama is a joke - nothing will happen with Russia - Just waiting from right time to get long on this $INDL

  7. @Constantine1 Yes sir, $INDL Will open a position once B/O is confirmed! Learning options to play long term! Russia/china euphoria done IMHO

  8. @sheilaragu Your INVEST IN INDIA not China - notice the chart on this index lately ? $INDL - nice lil C&H on it has formed

  9. $INDL ready to move!!!

  10. $EEM $SCIF $IDX $IDXJ $INDL stick a fork in them. Looking weak as hell until next year -Scrooooooooge!

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  12. Trading ETFs: $INDL--Getting closer to breakout

  13. @CaptainJohn nice India! might buy some $INDL soon! next week. Always admired Ghandi!

  14. $EDC $indl set for the races? these things could double if emerging markets comeback, have been on the wain the last 6 months

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  16. picked up small starter in $INDL this morning

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  20. Even with the raising of rates in India, I m still bullish on the Indian market. Good to look at $INDL again!

  21. $INDL http://y.ahoo.it/hAxw65U5 interesting

  22. @Loyola80 you got this one right! @InsiderBuySuperstocks did you get in here too on $INDL ?

  23. @Partridge GM - $INDL has been looking good all week too - have a good one today!

  24. $PIN $INDL sensex and nifty fifty futures up huge again. 2.5% at the moment.

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