1. $EPI Took a small position in India here via $INDL - not entirely certain it s time to go long, so will watch closely. But I m in for now.

  2. $UWTI $YINN $INDL $RUSL Check limit orders and targets all reached. See blog link in profile for next buy targets on these as I update them

  3. $SOXL +14.5% $RUSL +11.2% $CURE +10% $INDL +8% $TNA +7.6% $YINN +7.3% $AAPL +5.69% $GE +3.35% $UWTI +1.1% my winners, next post is my losers

  4. @StrongBull $INDL 12-13.5 will be the buy range on Monday if India s sensex plunges to 26k :)

  5. $INDL out @ 13.90

  6. Top % Gainers: $SIXD 226%, $ADAT 211%, $FORD 36%, $PSUN 32%, $BONT 26%, $JKS 26%, $ESI $WB $YINN $ABGB $NETE $ETRM $TSL $PGN $INDL $BBY $EDC

  7. Top % Gainers: $ADAT 211%, $SIXD 97%, $FORD 31%, $BONT $28%, $PSUN 26%, $ESI 24%, $YINN $JKS $ABGB $PGN $EDC $NETE $INDL $$TSL $BBY $UBIO

  8. Top % Gainers: $FORD 36%, $ESI 25%, $BONT 23%, $GIGA 21%, $ABGB 21%, $YINN $17%, $JKS $ACOR $EDC $BBY $INDL $MTL $WB $ACI $TSL $ATML $XOMA

  9. $INDL I whiffed on this a little yesterday. Bought a double position at $11.50, but forgot to set order for quadruple position at $11.00.

  10. 8/25 DT List $esi $acor $abgb $vxdn $wbai $gasl $edc $rusl $cpg $bby $jks $indl $cure $nog

  11. $INDL Bought at open yesterday $11.50. Sold half at $12.65 yesterday (+10%), sell target for rest $14.64. Getting close in PM.



  14. Top % Losers: $VXUP -91%, $VTL -78%, $VXDN -74%, $CHAU -28%, $SSE -24%, $GBSN -24%, $WBAI -23%, $MOBI -22%, $SVXY -21%, $XIV -21%, $INDL $WB

  15. $UWTI $UGAZ $YINN $INDL $SOXL $RUSL $TNA $GE $CURE This is how you buy during a crisis. All bought at open. See previous post.

  16. $INDL in @12.42

  17. Waiting until open if prices hold, but adding some $UWTI, $UGAZ, $YINN, $INDL $SOXL $RUSL maybe $TNA, maybe $GE, maybe $NUGT, maybe $CURE.

  18. $UWTI $NUGT $TNA $INDL $SOXL $YINN $AAPL $UGAZ $USLV Impressive drops in PM.

  19. $NUGT $UWTI $CURE $SOXL $YINN $INDL $AAPL $USLV $RUSL $UGAZ $TNA Just messing with cleaning up my spreadsheet.

  20. $INDL 12-13.5 will be the buy range on Monday if India s sensex plunges to 26k

  21. Funny stuff. My buy limit orders today: $AAPL 107.63 (it only went down to 107.65). $UWTI 0.85 (0.8546 LOD), $INDL 15.40 (15.65 LOD)

  22. $INDL why did this fall so much tdy?

  23. Video and written review of the B12 Trader Markets now available. $DRN $EDC $EURL $INDL $JNUG $UGLD $XIV $YINN https://www.b12trader.com/stocks-on-the-watch-drn-edc-eurl-indl-jnug-ugld-xiv-yinn-8-16-15/

  24. $PIN $INDL Choppy mess of sideways movement, about 11% to play with on this bounce off support in $INDL

  25. $SCIF $IYZ $ASHS $IAT $INDL $DUST $KRE $EWM $BNO $USLV $FAZ $KBWB Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-AUGUST-14-5003.html#comments