1. $ino Stupid Greedy People will lose! Good News Coming this week! $$$$$

  2. $INO ask 11.22 x300, time to go up

  3. $INO I like it bid 11.14 x1,400 ask 11.15 x500

  4. $INO Guys Inovio is a chair cup sponsor of this event. Tomorrow we get results gl all

  5. $INO have to say chart looks dead on so far http://y.ahoo.it/zKxbp9qU

  6. $INO Another 20k unload

  7. $INO Adding here

  8. $INO BTFD!!!!

  9. $INO $aapl looking for great things

  10. $INO News + Data will blow off everything .. all shorts / bashers / even charts .. stay still .. ttyl

  11. $INO Profit taking will be a run at EOD as ppl gear up for tm

  12. $INO Those were some big sales just then

  13. $INO here comes the selling

  14. $INO here comes the buying...

  15. $INO / /

  16. $INO Not sure we ll see $12 today..volume seems to be slowing. We should get another run-up to at least 11.50 though.

  17. $INO No worries. Up almost 25% in last 2 1/2 trading days. Just profit taking. Let the DT have their 15%. I ll wait for my 150% post data.

  18. $INO This could get ugly

  19. $INO if we get news tomorrow is it 4 am or at conferance?

  20. $INO Woahhh

  21. $INO i hate pullbacks!

  22. $ADXS & $AZN MedImmune establish a clinical trial collaboration partnership. http://y.ahoo.it/y6VjRvfu $INO $IBB $OXGN $CBMX $DRL

  23. $INO Conservative 11.50 call

  24. $INO Healthy pullback before catching the next wave forward - Let s Surf! :D

  25. @CirLemma: $INO shorts have more to lose come Wed. (Likely day at ISDV for results) short fears on tues will continue to drive PPS up IMO.