1. $INO great things coming in June I added here more

  2. $INO Nice discount

  3. 4 Movers to Watch for: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/4-movers-to-watch-for-baozun-inc-adr-nasdaqbzun-inovio-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqino-atlas-resource-partners-l-p-nysearp-magnegas-corporation-nasdaqmnga/158566/ $BZUN $INO $ARP $MNGA

  4. $INO Wild ride. Hair cut today. What else is new.

  5. $INO Can they use these shares to purchase a partner or another company.. bargaining power ?

  6. $INO Stock Chart with Channel and #MOMO #CML_INO http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/stock.php?ticker=INO

  7. $INO management care less abt shareholders. All they wanted was big fat pocket of compensation and $$ for their research. Talk is cheap

  8. $INO That s a good point. There s a lot more money to be made elsewhere.

  9. $INO Some of you certainly have a lot to learn about investing in spec-Bio s. I recommend putting your $ elsewhere until you learn.

  10. $INO Dr Kim s law can be stated as follows: For every action, there is a GREATER and opposite reaction.

  11. $INO Could start to squeeze the sellers here.

  12. $INO so what s next are they going to announce R/S? Then do another dilution??

  13. $INO just when we thought no more dilution yay!!! No more negative news. Dr Kim say FU! Here you go. Inovio files mixed self.

  14. $INO I just ran this through my illogical logicator machine, and it says this will end the day UNCH.

  15. $INO still no explanation for the run-up on Friday. Progress can be a fickle little bit%&!

  16. $INO Lol! added a bit too early. The rally on Friday was an indication of the market s future expectation. Great news on the horizon.

  17. $INO Sell the news... sell the no-news. WS hates this stock right now.

  18. $INO ouch clobbered today

  19. $INO Inovio to Present at Jefferies Healthcare Conference. http://pcgadvisory.com/news/inovio-to-present-at-jefferies-healthcare-conference/

  20. $INO peasants crying bc in their mind its always someone else s fault theyre a peasant,not their own lack of ability to think &see the facts

  21. $INO Is a whale sore they missed miss Friday s rally? ;-)

  22. $INO Like clockwork

  23. $INO pos

  24. $INO So much for 9 s today........down .37 in 34mins

  25. $INO THROWING ITSELF off a CLIFF again lol don t you just Love Pharma? lol