1. $INO XBI owns 3,050,848 as of 7/2 ..up about 300K after selling off 750K this month

  2. My favorites in the sector: $ARIA $INO $NAVB $OMER $PACB

  3. $INO buying op? We need a win. this company is 30 years old? Sell something !

  4. $INO the only thing gonna move sp is significant news.. People losing patience with constant dilution. We basically same now for two yrs

  5. $INO remember when everyone used to say, come on 12 dolla! seems like yesterday. sigh.

  6. $INO MC UP OVER 300% in 2 yrs....relax

  7. $INO Our MC would b under 1/2 bln today pre 2ndary OS. We re near $600mln $STUDY

  8. $INO ppl r preoccupied w s.p. Big Boys look at MC. @$8 post April 2ndary our MC is $67mln more vs before. The split #s mean nada.

  9. $INO WOW Back under 2 bucks per share : ( Still long and strong.

  10. $INO is a BUY with 170.2% upside to current price of $7.92 based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/INO

  11. $INO 216 hours to go .. jmho

  12. $INO numerous PHI trials planned to start Q2 for quite some time is now delayed for early Q3....hmmm something big is up. BTFD I did

  13. $LPCN very undervalued. Price target-$15. Phase 3 complete great efficacy. Great safety data. PPS-$8.75. $INO $GENE $CJJD $ADXS $IBIO $TRIL

  14. $INO Climb back to $8 is on. No one wants to be on the sidelines..

  15. $INO look at $LPCN phase 3 finished with great safety data. Very undervalued.

  16. $INO BTFD you lucky dudes

  17. $INO recently announced collaborations in the T-cell immunotherapy space bode well for INO.. It s all about the T-cells ...something is up!!

  18. $INO would like news after close for a nice weekend...

  19. $INO pos

  20. $INO All I can hope is management isworking behind scenes partnership that would bring substantial value to pps.

  21. $INO Let s just hit $7.68 and get it over with

  22. $INO Last news from company was on 5/27/15...like crickets here but without the chirp...something must be brewing. At least I hope!

  23. $INO yesterday looked like a good beginning to some promising bullish days. Now this, can we get a break

  24. $INO This stock has no problem finding it s way. Southbound and down.

  25. $INO Got in toooo early :(