1. $MSFT,$CAT,$PFE and weak bios $SGEN,$INO,$OMED,$MACK all will probably go down today

  2. $INO $ARWR $MNKD trading may start a little thin today, don t think many of us in NYC are heading to the office. MTA/roads all shut down

  3. $INO 888 in Chinese is an very suspicious number. I hope for a Chinese New Year pop !

  4. $INO nice close ++++ $ECIG epic $FREE accumuations going on $RUSL $IBIO will bounce soon $FXCM lottery ticket

  5. $INO $88.8 sounds more attractive in few years while 88.8% of this boards chasing $0.88..calm b4 storms? yes, be safe snow-squall tmrw..nite

  6. $INO Huge move today guys lol

  7. Almost all bios were green today.If your loser couldn t get over 3%,it ll probably go lower if $IBB Pulls back.Short $SGEN,$MACK,$INO,$RMTI

  8. @Think4self Most bios/$IBB got a bounce today.Strong ones made nice gains like $TGTX,$CPRX,etc and the weak ones will be shorted $SGEN,$INO

  9. $INO Although, today s close bodes well for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

  10. $INO This chart looks like it was drawn by an epileptic Christmas elf. And it looks like he used up his green crayon last year.

  11. $INO Don t forget the asteroid wiping out the planet at midnight eastern standard time tonight.

  12. $INO still bullish, despite the mystic 888 posts...gl longs

  13. $INO now tell me @WallStJesus is bullish $INO and I ll be convinced. I also saw a imprint on a potato chip - it had the Lord s face and 8.88

  14. $INO - I learned today on Stocktwits that Jesus is bullish on $INO because-it closed at 888 -I m glad that to know that Jesus is on our side

  15. $INO - I am troubled by 888 being the reason to be bullish..luckily for longs - some sharp investors are bullish-and they are usually right.

  16. $INO Just got home and saw that 172,092 buy at the close; interesting.

  17. Updated Portfolio: $CPE $VNDA $INO $SNSS $MNTA $SYN $AXAS $ATML $EBAY $RPTP $MHR

  18. $INO In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus, so amen to green! :)

  19. $INO I sense a nasty PR coming out tommorow

  20. $INO wait where s all the posts from the guys ready to jump.out of their windows? Oh it was up today. Will have to wait! Hope the snow

  21. $INO Shouldn t we be hearing about Ebola trials in the coming weeks? I would imagine that it would be somewhat of a catalyst, no?

  22. $INO equities always have ups and downs...give it some time people, we will be popping champagne in the future, just need some patience

  23. $INO you gotta have some good news for me i can feel ittttt

  24. $INO Spikey vol near the end there, moreso than usual

  25. $INO Id be foolish to take credit for that move there but if you look at my first post at 3:24pm..it broke out right after..Education=win :)