1. $INO Spent 10 hours at a cheerleading competition and nobody mentioned Dr. Kim once???

  2. $INO Medicago=Mitsubishi n Phillip Morris (WTF??), Medimmune is AstraZeneca, Epivax = analytics only,,,INO is a shih tzu among Rotweillers😁

  3. $INO conf sch http://www.vaccinecongress.com/conference-programme.html Mon 4pm Inovio presents data Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II results VGX-3100 HPV

  4. $INO DK did say Q4 @ a conference

  5. $INO we re in BP company as a sponsor...will this be the one? http://www.vaccinecongress.com/exhibitors-sponsors.html

  6. $CERS http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/new-york-ebola-patient-craig-spencer-receives-blood-writebol-n234056 blood transfusion ebola play. Solid company here. $ibio $apt $vsr $ino $nlnk

  7. $INO #DAYUM

  8. $INO is it just me or does iggy Azalea have an AMAZING body ??

  9. $INO ...crickets

  10. $INO who s ready for a trip to the endzone next week ??

  11. $INO 8th Vaccine & ISV Conf 26-28 Oct http://www.vaccinecongress.com/exhibitors-sponsors.html

  12. $INO Ebola update/ cases (by country) http://www.msf.org/article/ebola-crisis-update-23rd-october-2014

  13. $INO Paul Allen donates $100M to fight Ebola...send that $$ INO way n it will be put to great use!

  14. $INO If someone hates INO either sell or don t buy it at all .Learn to stop whining .

  15. $INO This company sucks not even 3.00 yet

  16. $INO Couple months ago we had a reverse split of 4-1 . In a years time well have a split of 1-4. #Itsbizzness

  17. $INO It s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Got several thousand shares in my back pocket. An amazing IPA in my hand. Alive and invested.

  18. $IBIO $NLNK $EBS $INO $HEB $TKMR El Ébola se puede curar (con Josep Pàmies): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKqC7P_ORaw&feature=youtu.be

  19. $INO average short days to cover has dropped to 6.6 days from 17.2 days a month ago.

  20. $INO NJ lady in quarantine thankfully test negative!

  21. $INO 22% short..wow

  22. @JLyonsFundMgmt $INO Looks like $IBB may not be a problem (like earlier this year) for $INO going into this qrt and next.

  23. $INO I need my old friends here help me get into this again

  24. $INO there are some reports it is evolving and this is the worst strain yet. CDC saying cases could double by year end. Not good!

  25. $INO putting investing aside the danger with this disease is being under estimated. Worried it will mutate into an airborne pathogen in time