1. $INO.....Go Buckeyes!!!

  2. $INO Long&Strong

  3. $ino.

  4. $INO what s cookin next week?

  5. $INO http://y.ahoo.it/0Nc96cfk

  6. $INO we have a Winner!

  7. @ValueInvestor1: $INO 5150 fully funded by roche http://y.ahoo.it/3QLgqoFj

  8. Top Expert Consensus for $INO is Moderate Buy http://y.ahoo.it/iMcB3FwZ

  9. $INO Have a loooooong wknd folks.. long night good kisses!

  10. Sooooo true :))) @TDS_79: $INO great week!!! ... down 4/5 days and only lost 12 cents

  11. $INO first as of Ebola confirmed in Senegal. This danger is being way underestimated and easily turn into a pandemic. The arrogance of man!

  12. $INO .... Starting to trade more normally again. S&P closed at an all time high, next leg up??? I m only 12% cash, LOVE this bull

  13. $INO when the 50 & 200 touch its off to the races. Vacation is over on Tuesday, maybe volume returns next week. Would love to see this..

  14. $INO

  15. @Snoooop40 was just looking at the same Damn thing, $ino is a sex looking chart. Textbook bull pennant on the daily, BUT we need volume!

  16. $INO Sum healthy (low vol) consolidation. Chart continues to look positive. http://y.ahoo.it/rYnZExuS Sleep well, be patient & HAGW

  17. $INO have a super Labor Day weekend everyone.

  18. $INO Looked like a pretty tight range on low volume today. I enjoyed a cool 91Deg day out on the links. Tuesday seems so far away....

  19. $INO booyah!!!

  20. $INO 5150 fully funded by roche

  21. $INO great week!!! ... down 4/5 days and only lost 12 cents

  22. $PXLW I saw the same happened with $INO. They filed for secondary offering. Went down, and then much much up. Don t be shaken out.

  23. $INO 8500 more at 10.59 ah 10 min after close

  24. $INO Some activity after hours; over 11,000 shares in 5 trades.

  25. $INO I hope everyone didn t stare at every single uptick and downtick in this today, probably burned your eyes out. Nothing happening, HAGW