1. $INO 10% down for the day is target...

  2. $INO Technicals are to be used to initiate or to exit on a position. Fundamentals drive the stock. Know the best of both worlds

  3. $INO Short 2K @ $11.45

  4. $INO doesn t have support till $10. Parabolic pullback. Avoid momentum names in this environment. http://www.1upwallstreet.com/#!success/ServicesPage-bmmaq7o0

  5. @mbpalm0 my bios all red... $Rnn $mstx $ino $vicl $cytk $Rxii $Oncy

  6. $INO Day traders bought the dip, they ll b out soon

  7. $INO Ok let s not get over excited here shorty only down 5% that can change in a minute

  8. $INO I knew it! on day like this they all came out. very predictable. http://www.barrymillerphoto.com/Predators/Hyena-1/i-xpJgkpX/0/L/SpottedHyenaAndVulturesNdutuTanzania-4-L.jpg

  9. $INO Looks like roaches crawling out from under the rocks..

  10. $INO Welcome back home guys 😜

  11. $INO ...run Forest run

  12. $INO Round 2 ?

  13. $INO Look at $NLNK volume compared to $INO

  14. $INO No more Ebola. See you at 10

  15. $INO Big boys are picking up more shares for sure

  16. $INO ....run Forest run

  17. $INO run Forest run

  18. Share an idea on $INO @InsiderBuySuperstocks: BIOTECHS http://stocktwits.com/message/28195350 he called it

  19. For those following: $IBIO, $TKMR, $APT, $NSPH, $INO, $PPHM, $CMRX...two stocks that may hold interest. http://edvadaily.com/hysr-good-news-out-finally-aemd-breakthrough-tech/

  20. $INO Bouncing back slightly

  21. $INO biotech blood bath today

  22. $INO Small timers feeling good about their $500 profits trying to play Tuesday Morning QB..Yea we know, you bought bottom, sold top..riiight

  23. 43.0% increased bullish conversations in $INO in the past 1 hour.

  24. $INO Look at the volume spike and resulting dip. WS collusion at its finest. Kudos gentlemen.

  25. $INO Guess we re back from our trip