1. $INO Whoever started a position or hsve averages at $9, you have no idea how lucky you are. Hold this trade other stocks

  2. $INO heading to Vancouver tonight. Gonna wake up early to follow this tomo

  3. $INO insider trading trends signal an up-and-coming shift in market sentiment http://y.ahoo.it/QlRmcLDH

  4. $INO Last offerring was at $2.90 ($11.60 after R/S). All analyst have buy rating at avg $18. $106M cash n no debt

  5. $INO 6 more greenery days ahead...don t ask me why..bye

  6. @Herbii $ARIA big insider buy, $INO big insider buy! $ACRA insiders don t want to buy their losing company stock?

  7. $INO huge gap down tomorrow for no reason?

  8. $INO No insider sold! Data was positive! Expecting partnership n full read out of data to take us to new levels. Could be firework EOY

  9. $INO great way to end the day! hopefully back to 14+ where it should be. Tomorrow friday though so.. 5 s soon..

  10. $INO So, management loaded up at $2 (after R/S); Morton added huge at $7.80 (after R/S); Kim buys huge at $9.06; Morton added huge $9.7

  11. $INO expecting more director buys ... its going private ... maybe its a takeover ?

  12. $INO Feels like we ve almost digested all the negative/mixed news this year. Time to climb into EOY

  13. $INO $DRYS Hallelujah

  14. $INO Expecting another good day tomorrow.

  15. $INO nice close all..be in

  16. $INO Good day ! http://y.ahoo.it/neccYaiI

  17. $INO Stairway to Heaven http://y.ahoo.it/FkcSqXMk

  18. $INO I use fundamentals primarily but the technicals on this thing are crazy right now. Extremely

  19. $INO satan, xcell, and obey are blocked. but i have a feeling they aren t saying anything now anyway

  20. $INO Frenzy to get in before the close. Love it!

  21. $INO I found an article, not new but has a few bio picks. http://y.ahoo.it/IuqVNwDJ

  22. $INO or not...lol

  23. $INO cover NOW

  24. $INO there s no ceiling or rooftop in this INO land...hahaha

  25. $INO I m thinking to self....shorts better cover real soon....like now, cause tomorrow this might launch