1. $INO As we say in Ohio....OH-INO

  2. $INO listen to your inner voice not outer limits, pick ONE and try to get thru da storms w it...fin÷÷÷

  3. $INO 100 shares now will be 4000 shares in 4 years that s how I see ♡♡

  4. $INO plz sell your 100 shares and buy back 101 or 99 shares days later. LOL..make sure you still have shares to do.#Frovan .. nighty

  5. $INO Just want to share some technical observations regarding RSI & ROC. http://y.ahoo.it/sm9prd5K Have a great trade !!

  6. $INO a test of will and patience, big dog in slo-mo fight.

  7. @Fr0van I thought you sold, but your still here. I bet your hoping The stock goes down so you don t feel bad about your loses $INO.

  8. @Chartgasm True but u forgot many $LIQD,$AMRN,$NSPH,$WAVX,$SGYP,$GALE,$INO,$NQ,$ONCY,$RXII,$OPK,$ACRX all screw investors and sell dreams!

  9. @KPL1974: $INO looking for next weeks set-up, and came across RUT death cross set-up and IWM failing the 200 day, markets could get sloppy.

  10. @Tradesmart123: $KERX $INO $RXII death cross $ino is not a death cross, take a charting class or at least google it, smh

  11. $INO And I really dont think many of us here are out to save the world and give our money away.

  12. $INO To me, Keeping $INO or even $TKMR, over night is reckless, again, IMHO.

  13. $INO Pharmaceuticals, IMHO, are not to be trusted. Most could give a $hit about helping anybody.

  14. $INO Dr Kim is first and foremost a capitalist like we all are. Then he is a PhD who may be on to something. Or not.

  15. $INO If any of you all have 2.65M sitting around to buy stock with, I want to be you friend.

  16. $INO I ended up 5% in two accts......$DRIO per Fib. Got lucky, dbld existing pos @ .09 in a.m. LOL,,,,but not by selling INOs, no way :)

  17. $KERX $ino $rxii death cross

  18. $INO so I m not concerned with that.

  19. $INO the sell-off will be large when it jumps do to its history of not holding gains, but this will be offset by a lot of short covering,

  20. $INO Yes, we re stuck in the mud folks; This will take off, its just difficult to be patient until it finally does. Unfortunately,

  21. $INO was that good vol at close? Looks awesome. .cya

  22. $INO What a day! My portfolio was all red, and 5 shots into my golf tournament, it was suspended for lightning! 9/22 logged as a waste!

  23. $INO Were getting bought out at $50 pps. Dr Kim just announced in confernce ....by pfizer, mereck and roche- combined acqusition. Look AH

  24. $INO listening Beegees staying alive...lol...ttyl

  25. $INO like collect 9 stamps to get 10th for free :)))