1. $GBSN is top pick for next wk - Long (for now) $INO $IBIO $CLTX $PBMD - Closed $HCLP Friday for +$3.2K - Watching $ARIA $MPO $ASTI $UVXY etc

  2. $INO Ebola is back. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/sierra-leone-officials-confirm-ebola-death-33416647

  3. $ino NICE Friday!! Support & resistance (near-term) ideas for traders. You can disregard if Dr.K drops an atomic PR

  4. $INO remember Tuesday and Thursday still epic Holla-days since 2012..Monday is just a bonus at least we re not gonna bored at works..LMFAO

  5. $INO 19.99 by eoy as many tutes look that way or more like $32 by some famous Brothers..LOL .. good things on da way so stay tuned! GNA

  6. $INO long story short the reason why ppl love Monday these days because of the AstraZ. As for Hydro, I guess you meant the peer review. then

  7. $INO why everyone expecting huge jump On Monday?

  8. $INO-What s everyone s estimates on share price if this works out?

  9. $INO will be very interesting tomorrow 📈

  10. $INO New position here, a lot in works, PR in th morning, sure like to see over 200DMA 8.40s in PM. Gut feeling, better be right !

  11. $INO new approach to vaccines- creating immunity without vaccination (dMab) http://loonylabs.org/2015/08/03/new-type-of-vaccines-for-deadly-diseases/

  12. $INO excited for Monday

  13. $INO Institutional ownership up 30.65% Q/Q, with 5,992,420 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/INO

  14. $INO ALL. In. Due. Time. Early retirement=Buy as much as you can now. Jussaying.

  15. $INO gourmand

  16. $INO Saturday night feeling alright! Wake me in 2020 for the party lol

  17. $INO $GALE $AAPL the worst seems over holding these rest of year for big returns

  18. $INO Radiographic findings in Inovio s recent MERS study b/w 1 and 6 days post infection and the results are stellar

  19. Is this $INO? http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/55df5a8be4b0e7117ba93157?ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000067

  20. $INO very good chances to see 12 + coming s00n. .Gna

  21. watching for day trade next week. $INO $ARIA $JNUG $SDRL $NQ $FORD

  22. $INO 15 finally?

  23. $INO volume precedes price, price precedes news. Have a great weekend everyone

  24. $INO Got to love a nice move with volume like this with no big news. Tutes are getting back in after the storm.

  25. $INO still cheaper than Mc Happy meals