1. $INO MERS-CoV is gradually spreading thru Asia-Pacific, Dr. Kim please helpp us.... http://y.ahoo.it/6qxr8LGE

  2. $INO count on value...

  3. $INO less is more folks...reverse SPIRIT ... too many day traders & outsyanding shares...nighty

  4. $GTAT and $ino were on fire sale early this week. Hope you bought some &make money. Both good long term play. INO riskier but greater reward

  5. OXGN Genomics Fund Founder Steven Newby he bought 7,33% from $OXGN who is next ? $OXGN SOAR !! $INO $ATRS $CLDX $OXGN up again

  6. $INO 3.00 by mid next week and 2.00 tomorrow for $GALE

  7. $INO Hump day in the green. Let s channel the positive energy forward folks!

  8. $INO come on Jimmygive back 63 mil.

  9. $INO Dr. Kim buying means PRO coming on friday!

  10. $INO Dr.Kim should buy 25mil. @ market price. Let ssee his balls. Lol

  11. $INO Dr Kim buying means data will not be coming out for a while

  12. @BigWin631 I sold everything I had except $ino and $eltp. Big believer in ino. I rode eltp from .3 to .75 and am back in at .4 til 2.5

  13. $INO Gnite bears never liked you guys anyway

  14. $INO &INO I m gonnaake money. I just $ino

  15. $INO Up .01...0.37% on 1057 shrs. Now THATS an update KAL!!!...LOL

  16. $INO- are ppl talking about AH being w/ 1k shares traded?Get a clue. So many novices in INO bring on the RS so they run to other cheap bios

  17. $INO 9) Emerald Growth A +366,820 (366,820)

  18. $INO 7) Fidelity SpartanĀ® Extended Mkt Index Inv No Change (651,417) 8) Vanguard Instl Ttl Stk Mkt Idx InstlPls +373,418 (565,983)

  19. $INO ) TIAA-CREF Enh Lg Cp Gr Idx Inst +1,110,025 (1,110,025) 6) TIAA-CREF Mid-Cap Growth Instl +1,025,519 (1,025,519)

  20. $INO 3) Vanguard Extended Market Idx Inv No Change (1,700,482) 4) TIAA-CREF Growth & Income Instl +1,354,415 (1,354,415)

  21. $INO Fund Holding (Top 10) Update: 1) Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx +130,808 (3,184,103) 2) CREF Stock +2,762,501 (2,762,501)

  22. $INO I think Kal is OCDing right now.....LMAO

  23. $INO Hold on i m not done yet. ;)

  24. @kal1991ck $INO Nice find !! One month to go until we see who the blue chip investor is.

  25. $INO Some nice additions to institutions trickling in.