1. $INO Sorry I didn t get it sooner, but I had a late night.

  2. $INO My take re my phoncon with IR yesterday; My plan was to wait a bit, but I ll be picking up more shares next week. http://stocktwits.com/message/33343864

  3. $INO down 1.3% in after hours to close at 6.98. Hopefully resistance in the 6.90s holds and we don t erase the gains of this week.

  4. $INO ahh BBQ season,Darryl just kicked it off. You know what s on the menu:)) this ones for you @KPL1974 http://stocktwits.com/message/33338140

  5. *market maker $INO

  6. $INO Why are the options priced so horribly on this stock? The market keeps changing the bid ask by huge margins every day. Really confusing

  7. $INO MACD crossover happened today, keep it going and make us some $

  8. $INO @schmiergolf nice write up man, thank you for sharing. I don t post on FB so wanted to thank you on here.

  9. With market cap of $425 mill & assets of $134 mil, the IP of $INO alone make assets+IP more than market cap. Silly to short. Undervalued

  10. $ino nice write up from Darryl on his conversation with Bernie

  11. $INO Usually a bottom is formed after two waves of BIG short attack. Still keeping my eyes on this

  12. $INO Nice way to end the week. Let s see if it carries over to next. Good weekend to all (even chicken wing)!

  13. $INO $XBI SPDR increased again to 2,572,941 from 2,533,536.

  14. @StockReversals Stuck in $INO

  15. EOW update: long $ARWR, $IDRA. Out $OCN. Hold $ANFI. Bought $PPP, $FUEL. Shorted $GENE, $BIOC. Watch $INO, $VJET, $EXEL. GL!

  16. $INO INO Potential Reversal . Strong support in this range should send this up http://stocktwits.com/message/33329807

  17. $INO My only green today... only 1K shares bot the other day at $6.75

  18. $INO Stock is in stronger hands. We won t move up to levels until news but at least the worst seems to be over.

  19. $INO Good turn around. Keep it going into next week

  20. $INO in less than a year 29% institutional holdings. They must be crazy right? We will see.

  21. $INO I bought a few Golden eggs under 7 today. I hope this is the last time I see a 6 handle

  22. $INO will there be any power in this last hour? GL longs next week might be epic.

  23. $INO- any1 thinking about the Fed and timing of rate hikes this year? When does this become realistic &do u see major selloff on that news?

  24. $INO come on...

  25. $INO- this is day trading vehicle for now. Profit taking will be an issue until substantial news is out.