1. $INO This stock has lost a lot of interest among traders

  2. $INO Ruuuuunnnnnn!!!! Ino!!!!

  3. $INO crossing my fingers for all stocks, even more mine (ino, acrx, ssh,ptn) to do great today. Let s go bulls!!!

  4. $INO http://m.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150902001169

  5. $INO Tank s full. where s da booster? Pump up da volume! Jump start!

  6. No soup for shorts.from an epsd in Seinfeld @Exponentreturn $INO i say if you short any stock you are a pos unless the co violates natural l

  7. $INO i say if you short any stock you are a pos unless the co violates natural law

  8. $INO New video up from Inovio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAnJXIXFwII

  9. $INO Today sucked. One out of 4 of my stocks INO, ACRX SSH and PTN turned green. Hopefully better day in the morning.

  10. $INO 1 new career position (Assistant Controller). 17 openings now (1 intern). 37 filled since Jan 1st, 2015 + addtl PR hires

  11. $INO Felt better about todays market pullback after seeing a rebound this afternoon. Just watched today. Should have played golf.

  12. $INO lol I put in a bid for 300 shares at 7:10 and it filled

  13. $INO once again 3rd day in a row 30k volume after hours

  14. $INO http://www.candlesticker.com/Pattern.aspx?lang=en&Pattern=2108

  15. $INO- impossible to feel good about today.

  16. $INO should just check ino again at year end. This day/day stuff is boring

  17. $INO Don t give up. It will go back up. Out of ACRX, SSH, PTN and INO. 3 out of 4 of my stocks are green. INO will turn green soon.

  18. $INO such a green day on wall st. too.

  19. $INO please go down to 6.30 or lower so I can double down.

  20. $INO Very surprised there is no more buyers volume wise in low 7s

  21. $INO BS

  22. $INO Added again.

  23. $INO I m down 14K, but patiently waiting because I know the moment I realize my losses and sell, it s going to go flying up, Hopefully.

  24. $INO Added

  25. $INO All day long between 8 and 13 DMA