1. $INO #((UFOZ))-UFO-Zone *>UBB *ema: 5>13>62 *click pic-4-squeeze

  2. $INO I see 2 nice yewts Your honor! We should let them take a run with a NEW HIGH

  3. $UBIO $IBB Some Inside week & up! Do they push higher? $INO $HALO $KERX $LXRX Bullish time frame continuity

  4. $INO get drunk more than this goes up

  5. $TGTX as stated earlier, lots of presentation going at #ASH. The stock could break out to next level starting this week. $ARIA $GALE $INO

  6. $INO The Johns Hopkins study below is without EP and forms a baseline to compare VGX-3100 w/ EP to when presenting to FDA for PH3.JMO only

  7. $INO Interesting recent article from Dr. Trimble (PI of VGX-3100) on Johns Hopkins DNA vaccine w/ UPenn: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0090825815301980

  8. $INO Prostate cancer trial added Detroit and Seattle to list of sites administering it on November 25th: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02514213?term=INO-9012&rank=1&submit_fld_opt=

  9. $INO can ya see?

  10. $INO Institutional ownership up 7.4% Q/Q, with 1,908,000 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/INO

  11. $INO analysis http://chartmill.com/analyze.php#/INO

  12. $ino Dr. Kim on VGX-3100 and more data will come rest assured. I m just gonna keep holdin here...

  13. $INO PPS making some nice moves - MACD just crossed bullish again - RSI gettin hot - observations on chart.

  14. $INO i told my daughter this w reach over $100 when she graduate from high school in 2018 .. she said silly .. lol what a teenager!

  15. $INO 2016 we welcome you with wide arms. Due time is around the corner...StayTuned

  16. $INO watching a cup and handle pattern forming on the 30m chart. Handle still needs to form but if it plays out we could see 8.10 next week.

  17. $INO very healthy baby

  18. $INO 7.36. Close enough. Have a happy weekend all!

  19. $INO nicey

  20. $INO Lets close over 7.40!

  21. $INO

  22. $INO charts looking good, going forward here and $LPTN

  23. $INO next resistance at 7.40 then 200MA at 7.68

  24. $INO

  25. $INO closed Wednesday about to break its downtrend line from 4/21/15, if it opens today above it i m expecting INO to close way lower