1. $INO http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/42787/title/Study--Peer-Review-Predicts-Success/

  2. $INO I love that Inovio peers reviews virtually everything. It provides professional critique (by industry peers), & opens doors.

  3. $INO give me that 20$:)

  4. $INO give me that 9.00!!

  5. $INO Happy to see RSI back to 64. Expected resistance @ trend-line - Same ole chart just a couple updates. Enjoy WE https://www.tradingview.com/x/2G7ALuMu/

  6. $INO Have another fantastic wknd my friends

  7. $INO That s quite a pennant forming on the chart. Or is it a head and shoulders. Picture is cloudy, shake the 8-ball again.

  8. $INO VGX-1027; Just another successful peer review! This time for RA. http://www.inovio.com/technology/other-technologies/antiinflammatory-drugs/

  9. $INO Lot s of red pixels on my screen today.

  10. $INO getting back in at 9

  11. $INO VGX-1027 full peer reviewed article out today for rheumatoid arthritis! Time to go up... http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/cpdd.193/abstract

  12. $IBB stocks to watch for big market moves over the next month $NVAX $INO $ATHX $GTXI $ENZN

  13. $INO Picked up another 500 shares at $10.38. My Buy-button was getting thirsty!

  14. $INO when s the big pullback?

  15. $INO just can t beat and hold that $10.50 mark. Frustrating.

  16. $THLD $NVAX $INO Have more $$ to add, Try to decide which one of these tree I should add more of. Already loaded plenty of INO.

  17. $INO Consolidation >10 now. I like it

  18. $INO day traders heaven

  19. $INO after giving it some thought I should change Washington from broken to completely bought and paid for :-(

  20. $INO sky is falling? LMFAO I see the ground is rising instead

  21. $INO Yep its all about taking care of the day traders wall street is as broken as Washington is its called giving it to the little man :-(

  22. $INO no sweat. $INO is #2 on SPDR $XBI top holding list. 3,066,964 shares held. Sure they did their DD.

  23. $INO There goes my theory about bollinger bands :). That said, should rise from this low point due to RSI dipping low.

  24. $INO- this is one of those fridays that you feel like a pig not taking some profits somewhere. Market ripped all week . Decisions Decisions

  25. $IBIO Our big brother $INO scored an initial $400M collaboration for 2 Pre-clinical trials with $10M+ milestones. Looking for same here.