1. $ino Now we wait for the detailed analysis. Once released we ll see if the PPS looks better. Until then sleep well...

  2. $ino Elicited robust HPV-specific T cell responses - check // Treated (49.5%) vs Untreated 30.6% statistically significant - check.

  3. $ino Peeps disappointed with post-data PPS? Well that cause we are not post-data ! / primary endpoint - check // Proof of concept - check

  4. $INO if you have some green tinted in your accounts these days, well you re exceptional..Market folks Market! b patience and good night

  5. $INO http://y.ahoo.it/72m1GpjV

  6. $INO Week ago saying 15 pt Where is all??

  7. $INO Can any one tell why is this down for 6 days in a row?? More than 35% today is an exception

  8. $INO and cancer vaccine for such thing as prostate.

  9. $INO can you imagine if they announced that ebola vaccine effective 80%

  10. $INO talmoon it s good by more $ cost averaging

  11. $INO More bleeding to go. Entire market stupid right now

  12. $INO lol many people drunk tonight because $INO ... Cheers!!!

  13. $INO Tomorrow we go higher

  14. $INO A first for ino 6 red days. No doubt it all comes back and more. Nothing like Christmas in August GL

  15. $INO

  16. $INO can t predict bottom or top but dollar cost average is good

  17. $INO If Kim is really smart he should release a PR now about the vaccine against Ebola

  18. @Nest440 $INO $BREW 🍻 cheers!

  19. $INO I am drinking tequila now - for a reason!

  20. $INO from now on you guys and gals will need mega size GUTS to weather the storms..oh wait sorry this is for long term investors only.VVVVIP

  21. @DrK: $INO We need your help http://y.ahoo.it/IYhCkVU3 ..amen..

  22. $INO We need your help http://y.ahoo.it/i9t4n2tO

  23. $INO if I ever listened to anyone except Dr.kim, my life now would had been ended in OTC..LOL..I am very serious and touchy but stronger :)

  24. $INO now I wait buy back cheaper..still believe that $INO is a winner..

  25. $INO market is a gamble period..I could have locked profits big at 14..but didnt..I CHOSE to hold and paid for it..left at 11.50 for sm gain