1. $INO The NYSE, NYSE AMEX and NASDAQ will close trading early (at 1:00 PM ET) Fri November 28, 2014 (day after Thanksgiving)

  2. $INO $ONCS

  3. @LockinProfits i think it would be considerable once this reaches over $16 this time. def not w this low pps $INO

  4. $INO someones definitely started trolling here.. wow those no positioners .. too smart LOL

  5. @leslie_oconnell: $INO lake should hit 17 $INO should hit $20

  6. $INO please stop promoting other stocks by knocking doors to doors visit. Thanks in advances.

  7. $INO 9s or 11s on FRI

  8. $INO lake should hit 17

  9. $INO determined to convince you all suggest other stocks until you make your money....(JNUG< last thing i told you before the close)

  10. $INO I also can t see them doing am offerring at a level where insider bought $3M. If there is offerring I expect q3 around FDA meeting

  11. $INO Kim won t take a step backwards after lowering his company risk. If there is an offerring it will be higher than $11.60 (last offerring

  12. $INO A lot of people coming out of the woods here, shows how good INO is. Everyone is watching;)

  13. $INO now wait, will there or won t there be a special Black Friday discount on shares?

  14. $INO I d be very careful. The last CNBC&bell ringing gig led to a secondary.

  15. $INO Look what I spy on 2yr daily chart, starts Dec 12 to today Dec 14(est) Take it as you will :) http://stocktwits.com/message/29638107

  16. $INO nearly 1% of float traded in 20 minutes btwn EOD n AHs...not sure I ve ever seen that much in such a short span. Curiouser n curiouser

  17. $INO To da moon! kick A$$

  18. Leakage? Lets C @CirLemma: $INO over $3 mln traded in final minutes n $1.5 mln AH...someone s algo trigger buys or big boy rumors....über-

  19. $INO I prefer no more insider s buy till we have news like pships/peer review BUT who knows? kick da teddy bears

  20. $INO over $3 mln traded in final minutes n $1.5 mln AH.....someone s algo trigger buys or big boy rumors....über-

  21. $INO Did dr k call the 2nd highest bidder on 5150 yet?

  22. $INO where is that 80 s wash up Leslie now

  23. @Farne @KPL1974 maybe dr. Kim convinced the exec board to invest in $INO :D

  24. @Farne @KPL1974 $INO 875k traded at 4:04PM showing up as a regular hours trade for some reason... insiders? maybe. and 160k vol in AH. GLTA!

  25. $INO AH - wow!