1. My Big Fat Watchlist for 7/2: $ADT $AERI $AVA $BMR $CIEN $CLDX $CZR $EYES $GNCA $HR $INO $KING $KITE $MPW $O $RAX $SUM $UVE $VA $WY

  2. $INO So many times wanted to back in and was to late.missed 20/30%. Its been since BO bs rumor for low double digits & long time since 14.20

  3. $INO with lack of volume and sideways nothing here matters last couple days. No new interest and longs are just over adding more for now.

  4. $INO hmmm... green doji jambalaya ??

  5. $INO Powa Howa

  6. $INO It s always darkest before the dawn? Got nothing else guys.

  7. $INO getting back in @7.50

  8. Sell $INO and buy $CYTR

  9. $INO going under $8.00

  10. $INO Sky is falling ... LMFAO

  11. $INO- this board is so uninformed that most did not even know that we had a deadline to miss yesterday.

  12. $INO Lower relative to the IBB and Market than it was in late 2013. PATHETIC COMPANY. NO PRODUCT. Can technically be classified as a scam.

  13. $INO Around this time last year, the mediocre results came in after nothing but hot air from Kimmy proclaiming catalysts were coming.

  14. $INO KKKKKKKKKKKraken https://iwanticewater.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/release-the-kraken-01.jpg?w=409&h=508

  15. $INO I will give you 240 hours for da release of the peer review .. hahaha

  16. $INO best of luck to all of you! Hope you ll end-up in the green zone! Cheers!

  17. $INO drawing R & S lines. I bought some when it hit my target support lines and scale-out at 5%, 10% gains. Now, I m down to only 10%.

  18. $INO at one point I was down 50%, I bought @ 2, 2.2, 2.9, 3.2, 3.5 pre-rs. But instead of complaining I educate myself with TA and started

  19. $INO It s ez to blame somebody when the odds not on ur favor. Heck, I blame JK for overpromising & underdelivering & stock promotion, etc.

  20. $INO Times is a changin . Last year every other person had a Dr Kim avatar. :)

  21. $ino Who d a thunk curing and managing cancers and other infectious diseases via manufacture of synthetic vaccines would be so complicated?

  22. $INO should be called Idno cause it doesn t know where it wants to go

  23. $INO- and for anyone hoping ph3 for vgx3100 starts EARLY in 2h of 2015- don t hold your breathe. Ino doesnt know what hte word early means

  24. $INO Piece of cr@p stock. Meanwhile actual speculative biotechs like $GERN who get partnerships instead of having the terminated r soaring.

  25. Dow up, Nadsaq up, IBB up, NBI up and predictably...$INO down. Need news BADLY>