1. $FXC loonie is the worst performing Currency ETF YTD - down 4% // India s Rupee $INR is the best +11.6%, followed by Brazil $BZF +6.8%

  2. @Jakobi007 Every time I bought it today was chasing. now up >30% & was very late. people like money and do not like cancer. $inr

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  4. Forget $SPY, here are the Best Performing Currency ETFs YTD - $INR $YCL $BZF $FXY $ICN - Rupee, Yen, Real respectively

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  20. $SPY $USD $INR, Slumdog millionaires 20mill ruppees worth abt 300k USD now down from abt 450k in 06 . Hope invested winnngs in $AAPL;)

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