1. $INTU Intuit and Uber Partner to Simplify Filing Taxes for On-demand Economy Workers http://www.finances.com/company-news/58616-intuit-and-uber-partner-to-simplify-filing-taxes-for-on-demand-economy-workers.htm

  2. I m noticing a new trend.. #WorkingCapital being offered by many ordinary companies outside of banking $HD $EBAY $INTU

  3. Scan results - Bearish Engulfing today: $ETP $PETM $DLTR $NTES $LNKD $INTU $RMBS $ALLE $AAL $FB ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/14/equities?selected_date=2015-01-26

  4. Intuit Inc. director was just granted 2,907 restricted shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1404372 $INTU

  5. $INTU: New Insider Transaction on INTU by Director DALZELL RICHARD L: http://insideri.com/1184753_000089687815000014_0000896878-15-000014

  6. Intuit Inc. director was just granted 4,695 restricted shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1404353 $INTU

  7. Intuit Inc. director just declared ownership of no shares of Intuit Inc. http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1404351 $INTU

  8. Intuit Inc. director just picked up 13,405 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1401325 $INTU

  9. $INTU: New Insider Transaction on INTU by Director BRODY CHRISTOPHER W: http://insideri.com/1121986_000089687815000004_0000896878-15-000004

  10. $INTU Intuit Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/INTU/communique/846109

  11. $INTU: New SEC Filing for INTU: Form 8-K, No. 0001193125-15-019001 http://stocknewsflow.com/896878_000119312515019001_0001193125-15-019001

  12. Securities to be offered to employees in employee benefit plans http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1400044 $INTU

  13. $INTU: New SEC Filing for INTU: Form S-8, No. 0001193125-15-018678 http://stocknewsflow.com/896878_000119312515018678_0001193125-15-018678

  14. M.s dal daina Tech Sector Update: http://www.streetregister.com/m-s-dal-daina-tech-sector-update-accenture-acn-intuit-intu-crown-castle-international-cci-lam-research-lrcx/256444/ $ACN $INTU $CCI $LRCX

  15. $INTU weekly update http://stocktwits.com/message/31646688

  16. $INTU Nice pop today. See if we get some follow-through!

  17. Deals of the Day: $INTU, #Uber, #Pinterest, Takeda Pharmaceutical and more http://thudderwicks.com/2015/01/slxp-nsp-baba-afren-aig-dropbox-citgo-acs-atletico-spd-o2-shazam-intu/

  18. Big gaps: http://adamhgrimes.com/files/DayStats.htm, $NFLX, $NTRS, $DAN, $CREE, $USB, $WFM, $QCOM, $ALTR, $IBM, $CA, $EL, $MBLY, $INTU, $NVS, $AUXL

  19. @JUSTDFACTS $SAP bought SuccessFactors to compete with Workday. If anything, I d like to see $SAP buy $INTU!

  20. I like these companies but they re shorts that I am considering, knowing their price movements $YHOO $LUV $INTU and I have puts on $FAZ 14.8

  21. $INTU daily chart held the 40 sma few times before testing it again http://stocktwits.com/message/31478887

  22. @MacInvestments: $INTU People will sleep on this stock ... This is a 90 dollar stock. Just watch my post in 2014

  23. Whole Foods, Intuit, Chipolte, Russia, Verifone all were down, but volume was 30% below average daily volume. $wfm $intu $cmg $rsx $pay

  24. $INTU Intuit To Host Annual Stockholder Meeting on Jan. 22 http://www.finances.com/company-news/54661-intuit-to-host-annual-stockholder-meeting-on-jan-22.htm

  25. $INTU Intuit TurboTax Simplifies Affordable Care Act Reporting http://www.finances.com/company-news/54501-intuit-turbotax-simplifies-affordable-care-act-reporting.htm