1. $stsi your welcome, now join me in $INUV

  2. $INUV anyone else see gap at 1.14? on 60min. I guess Im gonna make some serious money when that fills

  3. $INUV Volume is so low for this stock it s actually frustrating. When s their next press release or earnings report?

  4. $INUV 2013 was old news but .30 decline for making more money

  5. •Inuvo, Inc. Reports 2013 Full Year Financial Results of $55 Million in Revenue and an Improvement of $7.5 Million in Net Income YoY. $INUV

  6. $INUV this cheap, cant wait to make money when she pops

  7. $INUV Starting to get interesting on the 5min.

  8. $INUV .90 soon

  9. $INUV ya baby looking great .70 coming soon

  10. Inuvo Just Received a Notice of Effectiveness http://y.ahoo.it/g88aonhQ $INUV

  11. $INUV How long before we see this hit .80? any thoughts...

  12. $STSI all you haters. sorry you missed that move. now who wants to doubt me $$INUV is next

  13. @smallchange: $STSI out .80 on half how u like me now told you $INUV next

  14. new cost average on $INUV 0.66

  15. just bought another 5k block of $INUV at 0.645

  16. $BSPM $NAVB $BLRX $INUV market is in serious correction mode. I don t even see this stopping. Trimming positions here

  17. $INUV cnote let s do this

  18. Just bought a $5k block of $INUV at 0.68 dont think well see these lows much longer

  19. $STSI I will take loss at .68 if it hits, mental stop $INUV .59 is my mental stop. make sure u got a hedge if $SPX falls more it wil hurt

  20. $INUV nice buy block just came in

  21. sometimes my stocks take a while to move they are very safe. we get our day. $INFU $INUV $ROYL $ACPW will have their day. DAILY $INFU sick

  22. glad i sold 3/4 $baxs premarket at 1.27 from .99 entry. $INUV next gift to followers. look at it.. she is laughing at selloff and so am I

  23. $INUV gonna pop in face of selloff. $ROYL a champ $INFU daily is still sweet. $UVXY selling another 25% of position keeping25% from 56.80

  24. For all stock. I kept $INUV $STSI $ACPW and we add a little more. Still have $MDR $ROYL $INFU as well all longs

  25. $INUV more for me at .71 Lowering cost basis.