1. $INUV lots of potential...about to have it s most profitable quarter ever... and it s just the start. Next year is gonna be even better!

  2. $INUV Where can you find examples of Inuvo Google, Yahoo, and mobile ads????

  3. $NFLX Reed Hastings sold 13.5 million dollars of stock on sept 24th... check out $INUV , an undervalued tech company, forward pe of 8...

  4. @cash4me23: @Jigoro: $INUV Earnings coming at the end of next month This month? HO sorry, u did say next month which is correct.

  5. @Jigoro: $INUV Earnings coming at the end of next month This month?

  6. $INUV Earnings coming at the end of next month

  7. @wealththruknowledge another good one is $INUV . Its like marchex, advertising, and also extremely cheap, with a forward pe of around 9..

  8. $INUV News?????

  9. $END is done. for all those losing money $inuv has 3rd Qtr e/r coming Oct Do your DD and check it out. had positive er for Qtrs 2013 & 2014

  10. @RyanMatthewMiller @Kahler12 God stop the bleeding already. I feel your pain. Do your DD on $inuv They have 3rd Qtr e/r coming out on Oct.

  11. @Kahler12 losing money is never a good thing, $inuv can get some of the money back you lost. 3rd Qtr e/r coming out Oct. Do your DD

  12. @Lev55 Sorry about your loss, hey $inuv has got oct e/r coming out which has been positive each and every Qtr Do your DD & check it out

  13. $INUV just a reminder. Why Inuvo Is Growing And Why It Will Keep Going http://y.ahoo.it/fB4xJPuU $INUV

  14. What s story on $INUV Noticing past year accumulation hmmm

  15. $INUV any news on this one/

  16. $INUV to buy or not to buy

  17. $INUV down -4.9% has lost S at 1.40, next S at 1.25; Zacks Rank Strong Buy with average analysts consensus PT 1.93; remains on watchlist

  18. $INUV B/O Bull Flag, S 1.48, close over R 1.75 into Blue Skies, PT 1.94-2.04 http://y.ahoo.it/RPBrzwN5

  19. I think Friday was just the start to another big rise for $INUV , I am expecting this stock to be $3 in the near future.

  20. $INUV some one bought 177000 share last minute

  21. $INUV wow good thing I didn t sell

  22. $INUV in at 1.38 and out at 1.52. Bought &PLNR,down 9% buy at dip.

  23. $INUV Dang. Anyone still holding

  24. $INUV everyone left, went to $CNET

  25. $INUV I m throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it LOL!