1. $INUV Trying to decide if I want to buy some of this or wait to see how it plays out. Anyone have thoughts?

  2. Upbeat Stocks in Focus: $WMT $INUV http://www.senecaglobe.com/upbeat-stocks-in-focus-wal-mart-stores-inc-nysewmt-medovex-corp-nasdaqmdvx-inuvo-inc-nysemktinuv/34743/

  3. $INUV ferras you ve pinned Inuvo s business model.

  4. $INUV wow this is like a traders game and on a few cents (pretty sad)

  5. $INUV $TSLA Pull out on INUV @ $3 ????

  6. $INUV largest shareholder, board member Charles Morgan purchased 80,000 shares less then 90 days ago. He built Acxiom into billion plus Comp

  7. $INUV management makes tiny purchases to fake interest. They can t put out PRs because they don t do anything, but fool investors.

  8. $inuv Lots of insider buying last week. CEO, CFO, and a board member. Only a matter of time before this flies. Be patient longs

  9. $INUV low low volume. How come they can never get investors at these conferences, but conferences are the only PRs they put out? Below $2

  10. $INUV all segments are growing strongly and profitably. searchlinks already doing 10k a day not including 40 new clients. Bargain...

  11. $INUV altvictorp when volume dries up, this stock plummets. Just something I ve noticed with this company for the past decade :)

  12. $INUV sounds like @ludwig is close to having to cover

  13. $INUV 1900 shares traded since market open. Below $2 soon

  14. $INUV borrows just to spend on Google ads to inflate revenues, but they don t make as much as they spend for the revenue. It s a trick.

  15. $inuv is close to being debt free. They paid down debt from 3.1mm to 1.5mm. Cash Ebitda was over 1 million for the quarter. Undervalued!!!

  16. $INUV under $2 soon. ebitda is down and they had to borrow and spend to inflate revenue. Run away.

  17. $INUV Target Price $4. Lets go!!!!

  18. $INUV nice on a slow but steady mover

  19. $INUV nice moves so far. More to come.

  20. Insider Transaction: $INUV Purchase at $2.64 per share of 20588 shares by Director Terrell Patrick on 2015-08-10.

  21. $INUV wow it went down to 2.25? Crazy on 170k volume

  22. $INUV good golly, miss Molly... Buyers pushing the bid...

  23. $INUV looks like someone pulled out all the stops

  24. $INUV: New Insider Transaction on INUV by Director TERRELL PATRICK: http://insideri.com/1221222_000122520815016724_0001225208-15-016724

  25. Inuvo director just picked up 20,588 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1919339 $INUV