1. $INUV @Nilberts What kind of chart is this :)?

  2. $INUV Last chance to buy before this guy flies off next week!!!!!

  3. $INUV I think this is an anticipatory run-up in expectation of good earnings. There may not be a huge movement after earnings.

  4. $INUV Please don t tell me that was a fake bounce..again!!

  5. $INUV Mama see $1.50 is it? waaaaa or because I did not have enough sleep!!!

  6. I am hoping it doesn t affect $INUV as much today.

  7. $INUV Is anyone here scared of Ebola?

  8. $INUV , hello to all Inuvians:-)

  9. $INUV Two consecutive evening doji stars. Points to downside tomorrow. Best case we move sideways, worst case evening star confirmation.

  10. $INUV How high can this go with a price target of only $2.00????

  11. $INUV I love it a lot

  12. $INUV Little vol. But push the price up..I like it..hahahaha

  13. $INUV tomorrow s candle will determine if today s candle is an evening doji star or a stepping stone to higher prices.

  14. $INUV I just noticed that Monday and Tuesday were the first consecutive green days since 8/29 and 9/2.

  15. $INUV hahaha mama can wait Im not die soon..waaaaaa

  16. $INUV sorry dude.. Im greedy will sell @$2 lol long never take lose!!!!

  17. For anyone left in $INUV from the swing trade, you got greedy and it will end up badly http://stocktwits.com/message/28301123

  18. $INUV no no no never ever do that to mama..uppppp pushhhhhh

  19. $INUV October 30th will be a good day :)

  20. $INUV http://finance.yahoo.com/news/inuvo-announce-2014-third-quarter-123000487.html

  21. Watch-list $INUV $CNET $DUST $BBLU $ACHN http://www.upstockstrading.com/blog/

  22. @zuken Hay is $INUV it earning this Thursday Oct,23 or not?

  23. $INUV okay baby you good will see 1.50 tomorrow then..

  24. $INUV I m loving this action I hope it holds!!!!!

  25. $INUV come on baby let s mama see 1.40 n we gooooo higher...