1. $INUV they need to release more pr earnings alone is not enough to have ppl invest

  2. $INUV i see this going below 2

  3. $INUV Institutional ownership up 16.99% Q/Q, with 1,456,430 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/INUV

  4. $INUV down 9%. Again this does not make sense. Had a great quarter.

  5. $INUV At this price searchlinks is free. Owned and operated doing 50 million a year. Which is close to current market cap.

  6. $INUV also on the call it sounded like they were already starting to pick up some of the big guys clients.

  7. $INUV I think this year they will land a very large account. Why would anyone choose taboola when you could have the attention of $inuv

  8. $INUV appears it will be 100 million company by end of the year. then with that marketing costs go down, etc. ebitda will spike

  9. $INUV we all need to be patient. They seemed so bullish on the searchlinks pipeline on the call. Balance sheet is getting strong.

  10. $INUV the whole market is screwed up, inuvo is doing better in revenue than other companies and their stock prices go up, it s a hidden gem

  11. $INUV It reported a great quarter. 5 analysis with a buy rating with price target $4-$5. It is down after hours. THIS does not make sense.

  12. $INUV -why down? bcause dumb money thought they would be able to make a quick buck on a pop on earnings//will add to my pos. at 2.00 #study

  13. $INUV All 5 analysts now have buy ratings on the stock. All 5 between $4.00 and $5.00. I don t know that I have seen that before.

  14. $INUV Zacks just upped price target to $4.25 (from $3.75). Also states valuation would be triple with success of searchlinks.

  15. $INUV

  16. $INUV

  17. $NETE and $INUV with stellar numbers $AMDA $RXII $GBSN $MNGA

  18. $INUV is this a joke? Down after those numbers???! This should be over 3 easily

  19. $inuv I meant $googl would be a better fit.

  20. $yhoo $inuv $googl would be a better fit. @marissamayer

  21. There is no better acquisition that $yhoo could make then $inuv. Grt. native advertising in searchlinks. Grt mgmt also! @marissamayer @sacca

  22. Imagine if $yhoo bought $inuv and had them take over finance and health. The revenue generated would skyrocket @marissamayer

  23. $INUV i know the min i get frustrated and sell, it will go over $4! It s like the only company blowing away their numbers each quarter.

  24. $INUV we end a lot more volume no one knows about this stock

  25. $INUV sales revenue up impressively but EPS flat