1. $INUV move it!!!

  2. $INUV 10/15 56% of volume short, 10/16 big green bar. 10/20 59% of volume short. 10/21 another green bar? http://shortanalytics.com/getshortchart.php?tsymbol=INUV

  3. $INUV are you still trading stay 1.27 for a while..move it up or down fgs..

  4. $INUV come on back to $1.30!!

  5. Good night stocks friends..see ya Monday $$$$ woooooo $IBIO $RADA $CNET $INUV $OIBR $SYMX $KOG n $NSPH have a great weekend.. :)

  6. $INUV Don t rely on earnings. Dangerous play. Wait to see price action then make ur move. My two cents.

  7. $INUV Strong bullish engulfing pattern on this downtrend. Second in five days. Good chance to reverse here, but we ll see..

  8. $INUV I know it s risky , but bought more ( 1,13 )

  9. @tucho Im in TDAmeritrade the calendar $INUV announcement on Nov.4

  10. $INUV Added a little at 1.16 cautiously

  11. $INUV Slowly bringing it down - just like November 2012 and October 2013... if this pattern holds next pop should be August 2015.

  12. $INUV Very low volume today.

  13. $INUV october 30 announcement of date earnings release , official annoucement before november 14

  14. $INUV It s not looking good it s looking great. The price will be lower for when I pick it up right before this month s earnings report :-D

  15. $INUV Still going down... hate to say it but this is not looking good...

  16. $INUV If you sell now, you make a big mistake!

  17. $INUV huge volumes , and still no answer from Inuvo..........

  18. @atee @zuken @misspogo @viktor89 $INUV earning coming we will lucky $$$$

  19. @Beautifulla @misspogo @viktor89 @atee @beautifulla Hohoho just want to join the crowd. Today, I am 10k poorer. $WPCS and $INUV

  20. @viktor89 @misspogo @atee @beautifulla My $CNET $EGLE $OIBR $RADA $KOG $INUV

  21. $INUV MM manipulation trying to hit stops prior to earnings week, will be much higher then.

  22. $INUV if you can lower $1 I buy more..before earning comming

  23. $INUV Market watch and Sacks are very positive on INUVS earnings

  24. $INUV Not a good day for us...

  25. $INUV Time to buy more, it will be at $2.00 after earnings.