1. $INVE Guess i can get back in

  2. $INVE Today was a critical day INVE did very well. Consolidation was important. Nothing is going to move parabolic. INVE coiled for $15-$16

  3. Securities to be offered to employees in employee benefit plans http://y.ahoo.it/8gTRVO2o $INVE

  4. $INVE looks like a good time to buy more

  5. $INVE i hope shorts keep shorting more... continuing to buy this thing every day since June

  6. $NURO This stock could explode soon Must read, nice post!! http://y.ahoo.it/ujuIjntE $INO $INVE $ACHN $ETRM $MDT $IART $NUVA $CFN $CYBX

  7. @ScottMatusow ...great article...damn! I m glad i bot...$INVE ...LT is a winner,day to day not my play.

  8. $INVE Look for Iphone 6 PR related to INVE

  9. Identiv s Q2 Earnings Call Full Audio @ http://y.ahoo.it/5Ebj3ku7 $INVE $CAMP $GOOG $CSCO #stock #earnings #nasdaq #IoT #IoE #InternetOfThings

  10. @crt6978 unless a lot of big money retail lnvestors are wrong, $INVE should be a very good long termer

  11. @crt6978 everything $INVE is doing now is right. If they continue, the stock will continue to rise over time. If they mess up, ill sell

  12. @crt6978 $INVE is my 2nd investment in the last 5 years, First was $ATRS, and I sold after 15 months because

  13. Read our latest Write-up on $INVE and why we like it long term | http://y.ahoo.it/DKy1f0IB $CAMP $FB $INTC $NXPI #IoT #Iot #internetofthings

  14. I must of missed that 1:10 split in $INVE

  15. $INVE $value Insiders and Institutions have been buying. Up 26% and 19.9% respectively http://y.ahoo.it/RbQKP42u

  16. Alert Update: $INVE $WWAV $VALE $KND uptrend continues, Trim n Trail to protect profits.

  17. $INVE, Who Buys a stock that has gone Up 100% in 3 months ?

  18. $INVE added 10k share. 60k sh total. i hope shorts keep shorting. i keep buying..as long as under 15

  19. $INVE salty option i hope u make a lot of money shorting..

  20. $INVE Someone sure does like this stock lately

  21. $INVE Expected PB

  22. $INVE Taking some profit here, RSI/STO way up there

  23. $INVE Shorting 5k here looks great

  24. $INVE needs to be under 10 for entry point

  25. $INVE bull trap