1. Setups I liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow $INVN $TWTR $GPRO $SMCI $SSE $RUBI $OPK $SVXY More setups I like http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  2. Long watch list for tmw: $bbry>10.85$, $gpro>58$, $invn>16.3$, $rfmd>16.55$, 2nd line: $bcei>23.7$, $dd>74.2$, $jnj>107$.

  3. Good day for me again. Nice performance from $VHC $INVN $LIQD

  4. $INVN has this ever gapped up by 3+?

  5. $INVN should I buy now or wait for close? Can t decide :-) 10K shares.

  6. $INVN I think this hits 17.5 tomorrow

  7. $INVN Jumping all in at close. This one has legs.

  8. $INVN I sense the stock is breaking ouy, but needs some volume.

  9. $INVN short squeeze + real buying fuels a stock higher...

  10. $INVN Any estimates on what the speculated buyout could be worth? $intc, $brcm, $qcom still the leading candidates? $aapl angle?

  11. big day for small mid chips $INVN $AMBA $IDTI $NXPI $BRCM..ive been in and out

  12. $INVN nice little run today

  13. Wearables will be the biggest play in 2015. Watching $invn. Loading $aapl on every dip.

  14. $invn I think the next resistance is between 20 - 21. Watching closely.

  15. $INVN about to bust face

  16. $INVN Close over 16.25 this week and I ll consider you out of your slump

  17. $INVN getting some steel... one of my top Jan Effect names

  18. @WallStJesus don t forget $INVN from last week - nice pop today

  19. $INVN sold 20% of my holdings. Keeping 20% for the next 2yrs

  20. $INVN wow, back to $16 today ?

  21. $INVN will go long again this week at some point. No technicals, solely on fundamentals. Oh almost forgot 11 days to cover, heavily shorted.

  22. $INVN still like this for 2015. PT 25-28 by october 15 and 30 by EOY.

  23. $INVN Oppenheimer, give invn a boost

  24. $INVN in #shooter

  25. $INVN a lil more, Jans now -- sweep 1171 Jan15 $19 calls .30