1. #Rebound #biotech #buy #stocks $SYN $CYTK $CPRX $NVAX $SGYP $AGEN $CYTR $MACK $IPCI $MSTX $ADXS and others http://y.ahoo.it/NZSxghLB

  2. $IPCI why this is up any news???

  3. $IPCI Hello there!

  4. Reverting buylist for the bounce back $SYN $CYTK $SGYP $CPRX $IPCI $CYTR $NVAX $AGEN and others http://y.ahoo.it/QL3xNs4a

  5. $IPCI - http://y.ahoo.it/MNXKvIpX - Downside Blowoff - 15 Minute Up Reversal - Green bar after 6 lower highs and lower lows

  6. Doomsday for bio stocks.... now I am not sure what to do :) Just pray it will magically retract $IDRA $RNN $ELTP $IPCI ... the list goes on

  7. $ipci ouch, this is hard to watch. oh well, they re profitable so I feel good LT.

  8. $IPCI just missed estimates...but their drug is selling now, and pharma that is selling is good.

  9. $IPCI As I called the buy area it would be interesting to see if it goes to fill the gap...

  10. $IPCI: Starting to nibble on this low 3.40s. Looking out 3-6 months it should be nice level.

  11. So glad I bailed on $RNN last week. Moved to $IPCI still a loss but...

  12. @micheleciani: #biotech buylist $SYN $CPRX $AGEN $IPCI $PGNX $ECTE $ALXA

  13. #biotech buylist $SYN $CYTK $CPRX $AGEN $SGYP $IPCI $MSTX $SPHS $PGNX $ECTE $ALXA $EVOK $OPXA $CYTR and others http://y.ahoo.it/PyCcZsR4

  14. $IPCI the way this is trading I bet if they agreed to a $10 BO it still trade under $4. Not looking for 100% in a day but c mon with this!

  15. $IPCI Now is the time to buy!!!

  16. $IPCI why?

  17. $IPCI Remember what I said wait till the $3.60 s but add teasers along the way

  18. $IPCI looking like I should have sold the news this AM like @barna Holding through the week as market turn will help maintain up trend

  19. My $MSTX $CYTK $SYN $ADXS $IPCI running hard. Holding LONG

  20. $IPCI This is a small bio tech that is now profitable and the value isn t even in the drug they are selling but elsewhere.

  21. $IPCI nice quick flip. Will revisit

  22. $IPCI GOING!

  23. @barna: @mikepowl: $IPCI cash flow tripled and COH up 10x in 12 mos. Thats growth :)

  24. $IPCI - http://y.ahoo.it/MeG16h32 - Biotech Explosion - Up 8% for the day.

  25. @mikepowl: $IPCI cash flow tripled and COH up 10x in 12 mos. Thats growth :)