1. $IPCI What a surprise. Another wk with no approvals and no partnerships. Drug stks have been on fire the last month- except this one.

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  3. $IPCI new uptrend from September, great potentiality. LONG

  4. $IPCI Intellipharmaceutics Notes Launch of 5mg Strength of Focalin XR(R) Generic by Teva.http://pcgadvisory.com/news/intellipharmaceutics-notes-launch-of-5mg-strength-of-focalin-xrr-generic-by-teva/

  5. $IPCI Intellipharmaceutics Notes Launch of 5mg Strength of Focalin XR(R) Generic by Teva. http://pcgadvisory.com/news/intellipharmaceutics-notes-launch-of-5mg-strength-of-focalin-xrr-generic-by-teva/

  6. $IPCI Launch of 5mg Strength of Focalin XR(R) Generic by Teva http://www.marketwatch.com/story/intellipharmaceutics-notes-launch-of-5mg-strength-of-focalin-xrr-generic-by-teva-2014-11-20

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  8. Intellipharmaceutics International Inc. just filed its Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1474835/000117184314005622/0001171843-14-005622-index.htm $IPCI

  9. $IPCI undervalued waiting long for the squeeze on good news

  10. Intellipharmaceutics International: Intellipharmaceutics Announces Appointment Of New Chief Financial Officer http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1273881 $IPCI

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  12. @Vanderbilt $IPCI it s not about buying more, its about spewing lies. FDA cleared plant & drug proves ligit. Stick with NADL 11.5 to 4.1 now

  13. $IPCI Capitalgainer, I want you to buy. Since you think that this is such a good co, you should be buying. May get a pop but that is all.

  14. $IPCI let s all sell because some guy on stock twits makes up false facts about this company. Tell that to people who bought under 1 a share

  15. $IPCI let s all sell because some guy )

  16. $IPCI I haven t gotten as much hate mail as usual. The truth does hurt. Sell if they can get another approval. This company is a huge joke.

  17. $IPCI Another fabulous day for this stk. the excitement in the industry concerning this bogus tech is overwhelming.

  18. @Vanderbilt $IPCI bogus tech but your still here. This company is legit and financially prudent unlike others. Prime example AEZS is a scam

  19. $IPCI The co better quit putting out news of so called holy grail technology. Stk goes down every time. Reminds me of CDTI. Also bogus tech

  20. $CLDX $ECYT $ADHD $NAVB $MSTX $IPCI $SRNE... and many more. Do we see a pattern? All got Analyst upgrades prior to the big drop. #conspiracy

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  22. $ARO In other news, take a look at $IPCI as a very long term play

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  24. @Vanderbilt $IPCI You must of bought over 6 after it ran up 200 plus %. Because you don t want to cut your losses we are subject to your BS.

  25. $IPCI No one wants this junk even with market in melt up. If they can get another approval, sell this junk on any spike.