1. $IPCI Wall Street sell-side research firms who cover Intellipharmaceutics have given the stock a one-year price target of $8.625. T

  2. $IPCI great buying opportunity

  3. $IPCI zacks rates a 1.43/5 (1 being strongest buy, 5 being sell). http://theenterpriseleader.com/stock-watch/momentum-stock-in-focus-intellipharmaceutics-international-inc-nasdaqipci-3/7186/

  4. Strong Reversals: Top 10 Biggest %Gainers In Past Week Trading Down > 3% Today $IPCI $WLKP $LMAT $AVAV ++ http://www.tradepilot.com/screener/results#t=mc:gt50m,av:gt30k,pc:lt3/s=pc1w:d

  5. $IPCI this is going to pop. $3.3 this week

  6. $IPCI Same sp as 2011,always just around corner will pop and never does.Been there ,done that. GL.sp will be 2 s in 16...imo.

  7. $IPCI bought more @ 2.83

  8. $I.CA $IPCI disclosure: in on the dip. They re executing very well this year and have the two new FDA approvals.

  9. $IPCI this is starting to get me PO. When are they going to start delivering and stop blaming the FDA for everything. Been LT since 2012.

  10. $IPCI Opened a new position at $2.94...need some volume - we have a gap to fill.

  11. $IPCI who else is creating an abuse deterrent oxycontin formulation?

  12. $IPCI damn you robinhood, for not allowing me to buy this

  13. $IPCI Open position @2.90 I can handle the news last week.Bot 4 Rexista

  14. $IPCI Added more $IPCI @ 2.90

  15. $IPCI if they are selling because of Folican they be buying back higher on Rexista.

  16. Dropped $IPCI after a nice profit, now small loss. Added to $TBIO and $AMPE after pop and p/back today. Now long $MRNA - $TBIO and $AMPE

  17. $IPCI like a cobra.. Now I strike..started position 3.09

  18. $IPCI Products http://www.intellipharmaceutics.com/products.cfm?pageSelect=pipeline

  19. $IPCI 7 bio-equiv controlled release products & dosages in the U.S. mkt today were already designed and developed by IPCI with strong sales

  20. $IPCI $tm Toyota in damage control mode after American exec arrested http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/19/us-toyota-executive-arrest-idUSKBN0OY14S20150619 Rexista is the answer!

  21. $IPCI Can someone tell me why the drop?

  22. $IPCI most people didn t buy this stock think Folican doses was going explode revenue. Chances were if approved we still drop in price.

  23. $IPCI today s news has nothing to do with Rexista Fast Track Designation . ..different drug . . .

  24. $IPCI

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