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  2. $IPCI Hope you shorts like this rally, I can see no reason to be short the stock says ME.

  3. $IPCI IntelliPharmaCeutics: We See No Reason To Be Long On Shares, Says Maxim http://y.ahoo.it/MgtV1Yo0

  4. $IPCI was downgraded and hit hard. This was going to go one way or the other. It chose down.

  5. @mikepowl: $IPCI all it takes is one drug to get approved to wake the dead!

  6. $IPCI all it takes is one drug to get approved to wake the dead!

  7. $IPCI seems bottoming here but seems also dead money for now

  8. $IPCI Seems to have a clear base. Chartists?! Do u agree?

  9. $IPCI read into the drugs in pipeline. These are game changing products

  10. $IPCI I don t see the risk reward in this stock. Their first approval has been a dud from rev standpoint. Also unable to get partnerships.

  11. $IPCI: At <$3 based on my rough calculations the market believes only 15% of the pipeline will ever be approved. Seems far too pessimistic

  12. $IPCI not much of a pump...likely a big buy

  13. $IPCI The big order might have filled. Like I said it will then probably go back. Still looked like an Institution or a person bought in.

  14. $IPCI Fading fast. Pump & dump.

  15. $IPCI rather late for a dead cat bounce. I still say someone or some institution is taking a position. When it s over it may go back.

  16. $IPCI I doubt there is any news. Just a dead cat bounce. Probably goes all the way back down. Suckers bet here.

  17. $IPCI sorry to be negative but i need to see this hold otherwise this is just pump and dump.

  18. $IPCI. Feels like news coming son?

  19. $IPCI Finally looking strong, first time in a while, looks like someone is taking a position, wonder what their top price is.

  20. Share an idea on $IPCI let s go great pipeline:)

  21. @mikepowl $IPCI the same people saying to load up at 3.5-4.5 now saying this is in trouble. Not sure what way this goes but im LT on this.

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  23. Top 5 #stocks UNDER $5 trading UP, ranked by MOST OVERSOLD (lowest RSI) $IPCI $LAS $QRHC $ARTX $GFIG +more (hit VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/UYAj8yOB

  24. $iPCI if its in trouble why would you add at any level? Doesn t make sense

  25. $IPCI when Michele says it s in trouble you know you better stay clear. This bambino has been a fan since way back...