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  2. $IPCI has an open gap to $1.9 but seems $2.4 area is a good support. Be carefull in both ways

  3. $IPCI i was just reading about the lawsuit. Anyone has access to the full doc? What s the cash situation after the ATM?

  4. $IPCI The mystery is why anyone would buy this stock.

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  6. $IPCI come to daddy. Next week, I want see.

  7. $IPCI low volume pump out!

  8. $IPCI must drop. Come on baby.

  9. $IPCI to lazy to check so whens te next drug up on the pipeline

  10. $IPCI May have found some traction after taking heavy hits. Could continue climb to $3

  11. $IPCI of course I sold this yday for loss...

  12. $IPCI I seriously dont give a damn. I have made money in the past and will make money in the future. This contains forward looking yadda

  13. $IPCI: Chart is admittedly bearish but my recent conversation with co keeps me bullish fundamentally. Sticking with it.

  14. $IPCI seems wanna close the gap to $2. Bearish

  15. $IPCI won t touch till the low $2 s possibly for the gap fill...

  16. $IPCI Dead money will update soon when to go Bullish...till then just trade the nickels & dime movements.

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  18. $IPCI Interview with CFO: http://y.ahoo.it/LsIc7Ygc

  19. $LOAN $IPCI starting...if give u +.05, take some...imo

  20. $IPCI startng move to 2.92 b/out http://y.ahoo.it/9XQvrzX7

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  22. $IPCI: the SA write-up says it all. Added further....

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