1. @eWhispers: Most anticipated #earnings for the week: $AA $PEP $DPZ $MON $YUM $GPN $AYI $STZ $IPCI $RT $TCS https://www.earningswhispers.com/calendar

  2. Most anticipated #earnings for the week: $AA $PEP $DPZ $MON $YUM $GPN $AYI $STZ $IPCI $RT $TCS https://www.earningswhispers.com/calendar

  3. $IPCI anyone know when is fda approvals spected? Been looking on fda website

  4. @officalFDA $IPCI Has 2 FDA approvals soon to be announced, congratulations share holders. You have more information? Please share

  5. $IPCI keep the big picture in mind. We re just waiting for the FDA....

  6. $IPCI sub 1 coming to this POS. They mislead all shareholders into believing. With Bio beat down and no real news this is dead.

  7. $IPCI add 1.82

  8. FreeOvernighter/Swing Alerts: long $IPCI $1.78 target $2.00, stop $1.60

  9. $IPCI out

  10. NEWS Worthy: FDA panel recommends approving Collegium s painkiller $COLL $PTX $EGLT $KMPH $IPCI $PTIE $ACUR

  11. Added to watchlist: $IPCI $AUPH $CYTX $ANTH $IMGN $HEB $CTSO $PTX

  12. $BDSI Time for the Warren Buffet Strategy! $SZYM $DRRX $IPCI $MAIN $ACRX $ARRY $BDSI

  13. $IPCI target 2.5

  14. Lot of reds out there! Try get some discounts $SNSS $CPRX $EDAP $SYN $IPCI etc. Am going radio silence will check in next week! Cheers!

  15. @smurfvainvestorshub $IPCI on watch Looking good lets pass $2.29

  16. #calling $IPCI

  17. $IPCI on watch

  18. $IPCI good place to add here imo

  19. $IPCI I see it now drop to 1.50 range. Get FDA approval and shoot up 100% to 3 dollars, and still many will be under water with this POS.

  20. $IPCI It will shot back up once they get approval, this set back only means it might take a lil longer

  21. $IPCI Looks like a Two-Dollar Store! $DRRX $SZYM $IPCI

  22. $IPCI if they can t get the FDA to agree with them on Folican what makes you think they will on their blockbuster drug. Mgmnt is horrible.


  24. $IPCI there went those gains lol

  25. $IPCI Loser today, winner next week.....I hope....