1. @GiantGrunion goog doesn t care about discount, goog buys vision and talent $IRBT is terribly lacking both

  2. $IRBT 32.86 next support I think

  3. $IRBT sell off way overdone... wait till google sees discount $GOOG

  4. $irbt 33.20 s on deck.. nice slide

  5. $IRBT 33.14 next support

  6. $irbt updated view 34.56 trigger & 34.40 confirmation . lower bolly on daily 33.20ish http://y.ahoo.it/gD6dShSt

  7. $irbt new lows .. 34 on deck . has some support here . let see if another candle takes it lower

  8. $irbt just triggered 34.56 . 34.40 can flush it

  9. Riddhi Ruparelia holds an allocation of 4.6% in $IRBT in his Long Term Growth Investment Portfolio

  10. $IRBT Colin don t be to hard on yourself for missing this http://y.ahoo.it/TaMvE53N it s GeorgeLucas fault it wasn t in Star Wars to clue u in

  11. Short Squeeze Alerts $NSR $IMAX $ARIA $CHE $JAKK $INVN $IRBT $SODA $TEAR http://y.ahoo.it/jpHbCXuk

  12. $IRBT looking for over over 37 today and hopefully existing the call pos. with some profit!

  13. Yesterday My all short all made money today $IRBT $VMW $LRCX $SOXL good day. Lost little money on $INO

  14. Xilinx, Inc., Juniper Networks, iRobot Corporation Stumble Following Results Reports http://y.ahoo.it/nv7gt5SW $IRBT $JNPR $XLNX

  15. @Tradersaurusrex @NewToTheGame_SF I have a losing position in $IRBT, but u don t see me posting COMPANY IZ A FRAUDZ!!! That s what kids do.

  16. Revealing responses stated on the $IRBT earnings call transcript http://y.ahoo.it/cQNkQ17w

  17. $IRBT close above 36 would be positive as that is the 200 daily EMA

  18. $IRBT a few more large blocks - another 100k and 89.6k

  19. $IRBT some things to note here - a few large blocks went off today, in 100k, 25k and 40k sizes.

  20. $IRBT 35.61 resistance so far. Still holding Cs

  21. $IRBT I ve been long on this for a while now but wtf man

  22. $IRBT is in the military game too dont forget.

  23. @eddiedaroza $IRBT is in the military game dont forget.

  24. $IRBT consumer segment needs to grow up from just sucking dirt.

  25. @jeroldl @DLJ_Trade $IRBT waiting for the bounce. Holding AUG 40 calls, but avg d down - new cost is 0.45