1. $IRE bullish new for Ireland http://y.ahoo.it/fZ0lP8VS

  2. @masterofillusion $IRE I see it and snagged some more for tomorrow. Up after hours too.

  3. @BullBearPig @masterofillusion $IRE Yup, gonna be interesting if this hold in EU as that is about 2%+ difference.

  4. @cwhite1001 $IRE REALLY hard to believe that was you. Thats a load of cash.

  5. $IRE You can c the SOB mms walking it down.

  6. $IRE Star wars here we come bullish for the film industry lol

  7. $IRE at 4:03 yesterday someone bought 13,000 shares. Today at 4:03 someone bought 111,000 shares. hmm

  8. $IRE was up nicely today in Europe. a little strange it is struggling today.

  9. $IRE seems climbing back up again, maybe $16 after earnings?

  10. $IRE AIB posted good progress and back to profit as well. IRE should come back head shoulders above them. MHO.

  11. $IRE earnings Friday August 1st. Excited!!!! Ireland looking like the EU model for the recovery.

  12. $IRE after hours weirdness, any thoughts??

  13. $IRE pushed past 14.65 if it can close above, very bullish

  14. @post: Still bullish...$IRE is doing better than RBS...As in their econmy...EARNINGS will tell us so much more.

  15. $IRE RBS Irish unit contributed to positive earnings. Bodes well for IRE

  16. $IRE It needs to decisively close above $14.66 to start the turnaround

  17. $IRE Bust out the smelling salts! She lives!

  18. $IRE 5 mo. downtrend line breakout $MS

  19. $IRE Setting up for earnings. Let s hope it s good!

  20. $IRE Very bullish

  21. $IRE selling and buying $bac on pullbacks.

  22. $IRE amazing buying point. Ireland is recovering!

  23. $IRE Bearish

  24. can t decide if I should load up on Jan 16 $HK calls or Jan 15 $IRE calls

  25. $IRE starting to look attractive