1. $IRE Setting up for earnings. Let s hope it s good!

  2. $IRE Very bullish

  3. $IRE selling and buying $bac on pullbacks.

  4. $IRE amazing buying point. Ireland is recovering!

  5. $IRE Bearish

  6. can t decide if I should load up on Jan 16 $HK calls or Jan 15 $IRE calls

  7. $IRE starting to look attractive

  8. $IRE Added some today @ 13.68. Downside limited, upside tremendous...

  9. $IRE Never fails. MM s continuously walk it down on low vol. Just have to wait until they re ready to walk it up.

  10. $IRE let s see something good now

  11. $IRE earning coming...profit increasing after first quarter revelation. Maybe signs of a dividend to come. LTH

  12. $IRE MM games being played with this one....Best in Breed IMHO...

  13. Today s Pre-Market Losers $GBIM $ECA $LO $IRE $APOL $RAI http://y.ahoo.it/9YpHmjlc

  14. $IRE tired of seeing this bank / country (Ireland) lumped in with horribly slow recoveries of Greece and Portugal. Ireland is far ahead

  15. $IRE Flat to slightly up in London. Could go green here....might be first sign of sustainable reversal...

  16. $EUFN $XLF European financials downside break from box consolidation vs. U.S. financials. $BCS $IRE http://y.ahoo.it/059h4zU8

  17. $IRE interesting intraday reversal

  18. @hbinject: $IRE This has almost become a joke to watch..... u should try living here

  19. $IRE Increasing vol. Hope this sucka reverses.

  20. $IRE Fab intraday recovery, from minus 4% to minus 2%...

  21. $IRE This has almost become a joke to watch.....

  22. @hbinject $IRE Sorry. Irritating movement. Seems like hands are being forced here.

  23. $IRE Down 1% in London and 4% in US. No manipulation on small volume. None....

  24. Today s Pre-Market Losers $USU $JNUG $GTAT $SBGL $DRL $IRE http://y.ahoo.it/i3XGtRCp

  25. @PreciousWood @Thesheaster Many have ADR s on Frankfurt, or London trading on US. e.g. $KNDI, $IRE, $LYG