1. $ISIS IDRA holds 3rd generation technology that isis uses. IDRA has a $200M market cap. Way cheap IMO.

  2. @hb2474 @Exmns3001 Cramer must lose a lot of ppl a lot of money. $ZLCS $WFM $ISIS the list and variety of stocks is endless

  3. Clinical Eye on Biotechs with High Reward Potential: http://y.ahoo.it/M5shw72D $RNN $STEM $ALNY $GILD $ISIS $RGLS

  4. @GoodLearner holding both $OSIR and $ISIS through earnings. both solid. held BRMN through yesterday s earnings and was rewarded today.

  5. @jrav19 @SuperStockGuru just couldn t risk getting buried in $LCI there are other promising co out there $OSIR $BRMN $ISIS to name two.

  6. $ISIS any one have idea about premarket Aug 4 monday earnings ??

  7. $OSIR $ISIS will have similar results to $BMRN

  8. @IronLion Cramer screwed me for $isis that bastage!

  9. $ISIS late runner of the day, will see green, bcz BMRN earnings AH???

  10. Wednesday 1 hour in Dow -13, We at +$8,103 $YELP $WLB $CSUN $ISIS $DDD http://y.ahoo.it/wefjfH6c

  11. $ISIS Another early morning pump and dump. Happens damn near every day

  12. @BobBuran: Wednesday DOW opens at + 62 and we are at nearly 6 K $DDD $GWPH $ISIS $NBIX $WLB http://y.ahoo.it/kTc4nfEz GALT & CAMP..?

  13. Wednesday DOW opens at + 62 and we are at nearly 6 K $DDD $GWPH $ISIS $NBIX $WLB http://y.ahoo.it/JxTtgm6c

  14. $ISIS looks good.

  15. $TKMR $ISIS $TRN going up.

  16. Positive news and bullish volume fueling $ISIS to follow beautiful technical pattern (Chart posted earlier) Holding my position for now

  17. http://y.ahoo.it/wMd6v4hu 20 minutes into day trade and done for the day: $DLTR, $HLF, $HLS, $UVXY, $GALT, $ISIS (Closed position)

  18. Lots of buying pressure in bios today. $IBB $PCYC $JAZZ $GILD $BMRN $BIIB $GWPH $REGN $CELG $NPSP $ISIS $ICPT

  19. $ISIS Strong action with with a nice Bullish ADX & MACD Crossover! Long Setup http://y.ahoo.it/7TWR40NO

  20. $ISIS is up strong. It s a buy, stick around.

  21. $ISIS double bottom at 30 level will see higher next 3 days

  22. $ISIS 35+ EOW

  23. $ISIS looks like it will pass 35+

  24. There goes $ISIS

  25. @Coronado1 It s a no brainer $ISIS $4 billion MC off 2nd generation w/ limitations, easiest buy and hold out there IMO $IDRA