1. $JUNO $ISIS taking dip profits. Still long

  2. $ISIS if we close red i will jump off my balcony haha

  3. $ISIS nice lets hope this is the actual reversal and not just another tease. any reason for the pop?

  4. $JUNO $ISIS Holding fr LT investment .. Could b easy double :)

  5. @cybercash28 Go $ISIS !

  6. $ISIS stocktwits can t keep up with the stock price. What a difference a few months make. :P

  7. $ISIS ~ position opened..

  8. $ISIS so I m assuming the death cross is irrelevant now?

  9. $ISIS higher higher. .this level is silly with 38 drugs in pipe line

  10. $ISIS Looking good! Keep on Climbing!

  11. $ISIS with all the back ground postive news it was sooner or later impossible to hold it down

  12. $ISIS about time. Knowing this stock, all gains will be lost and we ll be down 5% :|

  13. $ISIS sold my position from last year and bought trxc ... thank you isis for the profit!

  14. $ISIS call buying looks healthy, hope this is a real move and not another fake out.

  15. $ISIS Seeing a couple of Jan 2016 $75 calls being purchased. Interesting.

  16. $ISIS any news this morning?

  17. $ISIS roflol! What the hell is going on here?

  18. $ISIS Am I seeings things or what. Wow this is up. YEEEEEEEEE. Keep going.

  19. $ISIS lets get to $65

  20. $ISIS well is down early morning like every other day this week it seems and has always recovered ...

  21. Earnings announcement: $ISIS is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Aug 4 2015

  22. $isis and $ovas both are dead garbage stock sold $isis for $2 swing today!!

  23. $ISIS great article ISIS Pharmaceuticals: Another Entry Point $ISIS http://seekingalpha.com/article/3364405

  24. $ISIS $GILD beat and AH gain good omen for biotech sector.

  25. $ISIS out w +0.75; won t waste time with until it shows a good trend up