1. $ISIS

  2. @peas yes leave it alone because it s a beast $ISIS

  3. $ISIS tommrow we will break new high

  4. $ISIS Huh? What did Cramer mean abut ISIS - let it ride? let it go?

  5. HWG Holdings LP appears to have added to its $ISIS position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=1362091

  6. $ISIS any morning drop I m attacking call spreads lol

  7. $ISIS there she goes. Couldn t hold 20 MA>.

  8. $ISIS at 20 MA. Needs to hold else trouble.

  9. @TBI were pretty much right on $SPY R last fri, $UVXY again the trade, $NFLX full monty & today s PB , $IBB sold $ISIS $ICPT etc

  10. $ISIS any of the biotech veterans explain how biotechs n that it does not matter whatsoever of the market direction $JUNO $ACAD $KITE $CELG

  11. $ISIS Excellent moment to enter this stock at is bargain price

  12. $ISIS isis to correct itself, good thing i sold at 73, might be switching back into a put position

  13. $ISIS added 300 shares here

  14. @EBS @joelibrescu BIB hit ... BIS ... and things were looking so good $VTAE $ACAD $ISIS


  16. $ISIS Wow u can certainly tell when the scholarly institutions leave. Retail bidding a stock down with Nasdaq futures bidding up 50. Losers!

  17. $ISIS Strongest stock ever

  18. $MGNX $ABLX $ISIS $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $BDSI $TXMD futures DOWN-After rise ystrdy&global concerns-think flat@best-BDSI gains Onsolis NA rights

  19. This is no different than the $ISIS dip to $53 that reversed and ran to $75. Or the $ASPX $64 dip to $51 last wk and back over $60 today

  20. $RDUS broke out today with nice volume. Looking ready now $DRNA $RGLS $LJPC $OVAS $BCEI $ISIS $INGN $CBPO $FEYE $BFR $ONNN $BABA $VVI $TRK

  21. $ISIS I will be getting back in. wicked pipeline; looks higher http://stocktwits.com/message/31781603

  22. @Project_Pat: $ISIS $SGEN $AGIO $BLUE $INSY $PCYC $TGTX $VTAE $HALO back on the radar, in that order.

  23. $ISIS $SGEN $AGIO $BLUE $INSY $PCYC $TGTX $VTAE $HALO back on the radar, in that order.

  24. $ISIS All $Isis know what to do is make money. This stock is not done yet. Get your space suits ready.

  25. @snowknowsnothing Cramer has a team of reserachers working for him and $ISIS is the new $REGN. REGN up thousands % since re recommended