1. @BioWhizz1: $ICPT ugly YTD chart UGLY If u think? U can buy put out to 2015, 2016. Do u remembered $qcor $itmn $idix $isis? N now?

  2. $IBB Updated $ISIS Fib extension levels, and buy trigger. http://stocktwits.com/message/29552228

  3. $ISIS Very excited for the rest of the yr&tracking data closely-Every intention to add on any pullback opp&position maturing into a LT hold.

  4. Biotech real-time valuation tracker entries updated for $ISIS $SNMX $SPPI $SNTA $TKMR $TRGT $VNDA http://www.biotechduediligence.com/valuation.html

  5. $ISIS put into watchlist. key prices based on fib levels to watch 48.92, 46.29, and 42.05.

  6. Isis: Entry Into A Material Definitive Agreement http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1285758 $ISIS

  7. $ISIS Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/ISIS/communique/813150

  8. $NLNK $AGIO buying some in LT account. Adding to $ISIS.

  9. $ISIS Waiting to pull back? No way

  10. $GEOS Sad day in mudville. While $ISIS and %VALE are headed to da monn, this one went subterrainian! Holding on.

  11. $ISIS Added at 51.6

  12. Is it too early to look at Jan 16 calls? Here some stocks with incredibly expensive options $PEIX $BITA $RPRX $AEM $INFI $LL $Z $ISIS $AEGR

  13. $ISIS Get your astronaut suits ready. We are going to the moon. 😜😜😜

  14. $ISIS including prostate cancer patients who are resistant to current therapies.

  15. $ISIS this drug has the potential to be an effective treatment for all stages of prostate cancer (continued)

  16. $ISIS ISIS-ARRx can inhibit the production of all known forms of AR, including variants of the AR gene, (continued)

  17. $ISIS dang auto correct. Make that a TIMEX.

  18. $ISIS is like a timed, still running!

  19. $ABLX $GILD $MGNX $ISIS $PCYC $MSTX $CNAT futures green-Added some GILD yesterday-Going to try some energy sector swings-ISIS had good PHI.

  20. @Trader_Girl: @Thorgood Nice 20% upgrade. $ISIS should gap up tomorrow. GL to us! Cheers, Carol

  21. @Thorgood Nice 20% upgrade. $ISIS should gap up tomorrow.

  22. $ISIS new price target raised to $63 bucks..long

  23. PT Chg 11/20 $GALE, $EJ, $GOOG, $JBLU, $NORD, $SMRT, $CRM, $ACT, $EPM, $PERY, $TXT, $ISIS, $DDD, $LB http://stocktwits.com/message/29496050

  24. $ISIS The expanded ISIS& $AZN collaboration to develop novel delivery methods for antisense oligonucleotides fits so nicely into this pic!

  25. $ISIS In late-stage pop.,several ptnts experienced stability&1ptnt experienced durable,partial response(78%tumor shrink.)while on STAT3Rx.