1. $ISIS I wish it would go up high like 500. Dollars. Like Puma did.

  2. $ISIS I wish goes down need to get in again

  3. $ISIS

  4. $ISIS Nothing is loading up on my screen. Is there a technical glitich. Please look into.

  5. $ISIS may be red before close!!

  6. $ISIS has been bull flagging since the 20th!

  7. $ISIS $67.15

  8. @upsidetrader: $ISIS

  9. $ISIS

  10. $ISIS poised to break out anytime. https://www.tradingview.com/x/iej3lQWj/

  11. Covered Call Alert: ISIS PHARMACEUTICALS $ISIS returning up to 30.49% through 16-Oct-2015 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/05/29/covered-call-alert-isis-pharmaceuticals-isis-returning-up-to-30-49-through-16-oct-2015/

  12. $ISIS $67 again please if not today monday please!!

  13. $HUM see guys/ladies.. more and more consolidations.. nonstop. buy the buyout potentials $AGIO $BMRN $ISIS $JUNO $KITE $OVAS

  14. $ISIS It s killing me to see my fav stocks go up that I don t own

  15. $ISIS this stock is ready to mint a few more millionaires.

  16. $ISIS yep, next leg up is occurring right now.

  17. $ISIS This is doing well even when general market is doing poor. Can t read anyone messages. Not sure if this will go thorugh.

  18. $ISIS Up on a pretty nasty day!

  19. $ISIS $66.89

  20. $ISIS looking for an entry point...need a hard dip

  21. $ISIS also good C&H to go up much higher

  22. $VRTX hod. $KITE $ISIS $JUNO very bullish

  23. $ISIS this should be trading around 68 with the Bayer deal in mind

  24. $ISIS This one and BLUE are clearly the two best pharma companies. They have a large pipeline of drugs. This one has around 38!

  25. $ISIS $KITE $JUNO all looking very good to go higher. $SOXL new high. love my 5 musketeers