1. $ISIS $RGLS will consider either on pull backs. The whole biotech trades in tandem. I expect better entry points ahead.

  2. having said that, i remain long $ACAD $AFFX $ALKS $ASHR $BSX $EA $ENDP $EPHE $EPI $FTNT $FV $HOLX $IPXL $ISIS $IYR $NDX $SIMO $TSRA & $VTI

  3. $CSIQ crazy day today huge swing $csiq $isis $juno

  4. $ISIS will go back to 60-61 for re-entry.

  5. long both but didn t like action in both today @cybercash28: $ISIS really believe at this buying at this level is a steal also holding $JUNO

  6. $ISIS closed in a shooting star, hmmm

  7. $DYAX only phase1 result and there r great stks with phase2 3 $ISIS $KITE $AGIO $JUNO

  8. $ISIS anyone holding this after todays antics?

  9. $MGNX $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $ISIS $ABLX $SRNE $AERI $CEMP $TLOG $TTOO Taking a 10 day break from trading. Holding everything-Good Luck everyone!

  10. $JUNO will buy below $60 might go red before close sold both $juno in $60 out $ $63.80 and $isis in $64.50 out $66.70 2k in both!!

  11. $ISIS really believe at this buying at this level is a steal..also holding $JUNO and do not let them take ur stop loss out.

  12. $ISIS you gotta love this pivot/intraday. :D

  13. $ISIS Baby ISIS (IDRA) with third generation antisense technology is roaring today,..Orphan designation it seems!

  14. $ISIS This will be a rough climb to the top. Many traders and bag holders looking to get out.

  15. $ISIS this is trading with $amgn $regn and $biib and when big daddy goes down this goes along!! No worries day traders taking profit!!

  16. $ISIS either way, we may be dealing with robots working for big $ & traders taking profits

  17. $ISIS Came down with $IBB swing

  18. $ISIS $71 by mid-April

  19. $ISIS This stock reminds me of my psycho bi-polar girlfriend, just when I think I figured it out it stabs me

  20. $ISIS this stock is bad for my health

  21. $ISIS going red in two min!!

  22. $ISIS about to see red. big shift from morning power

  23. $ISIS gave up all the gains for today from $67 to $65 this stock is king of swing!!

  24. $ISIS un freakin real

  25. bidding $ISIS 65.18 300 shares sell back 65.55 today