1. $ISIS yeah buddy!

  2. $ISIS $SPX $DJIA If the S&P 500 breaks 1904.78 the Bull Market is officially over. This is a 10 year monthly level that must be held.

  3. @BVHealthcare Seems like every time $ISIS comes out w/ good news, stock drops a little more. It s like a spring compression. W/O above!

  4. $ISIS Isis Pharmaceuticals Earns $1.5 Million From GSK for the Advancement of ISIS-GSK4 Rx.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/ISIS/communique/777320

  5. @GaryA dont worry, invested in $ISIS too in addition to the ebola $TKMR

  6. @heinzena Get in @ 37.50 and out @ 41.50 $ISIS

  7. $ISIS Added @ $39 today. Just too much good news on the way. See Vivienne s progress on SMNrx http://vivienneannika.blogspot.com/2014/09/new-video-showing-off-gained-leg.html?m=1

  8. $ISIS I can never time this stock right. Always get in (and out) at the wrong time.

  9. $ISIS I think ANTISENSE says it all.

  10. $ISIS

  11. $ISIS: Trade Signal New / BTO @ 39.93-Limit w/30.85-Stop on the Weekly Chart w/.5N @ Risk - http://y.ahoo.it/j14i2OhF

  12. $ISIS trouble selling possible news in October could shoot this over the moon. Valued now near $52 could be $60 to $300 if news is released

  13. @joelibrescu Seems like not many firms cover $ISIS, Laidlaw has a Buy w/ $52 target and BMO Capital an Outperform w/ $70 target

  14. $ISIS when it will finally go over 42.5 or so it will go goodddd

  15. $ISIS Like I commented before, stupid shorties, you must think this is a M&A stock that will rise over $90 in a minute.

  16. Initiations 9/26: $CLDX, $PSG, $BC, $ESCA, $VRNT, $ALLY, $PII, $WES, $ELY, $WGP, $ISIS, $HOG, $MCY http://y.ahoo.it/WWOnVwOf

  17. $ISIS Market is dark green this one is down sucks

  18. $ISIS It s ranging after that previous climb, don t freak out people

  19. $ISIS This stock makes my blood boil. Always does exactly what you don t think it will do.

  20. $ISIS WTF is going on? Anyone know???

  21. $ISIS

  22. ISIS Pharmaceuticals s market perform rating reiterated at Leerink Swann. $40.00 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/tIymiuvC $ISIS

  23. $ISIS assumed with a Market Perform at Leerink Target $40.~ shouldn t it be Hold ? Its trading over your PT. :>

  24. $VXX $BBBY $KN $ENDP All crushed in chat today. Had few small s/o s in $ISIS and $BABA. Dow down 260 whaaaaat?

  25. $ISIS still looks good. It wants to break out. #24 overall. I am long.