1. $ISIS Third day of huge volume! CMF is now positive ! Buyers are in charge!! Long over $43.42 http://y.ahoo.it/1WJz43KH

  2. Bullish MACD Crossovers 2/3 $INN $IRBT $ISIS $KBH $KORS $LNC $MKTX $NAVB $OSIR $PAGP $PCL $PG $PII $PM $PRGO $RES http://y.ahoo.it/g1SxDgOP


  4. $ISIS a close above 42 was key, at least in my view. That was a big resistance level.

  5. $ISIS is a buy, will go up $60 real soon. Stick around.

  6. $ISIS Perking up on volume! nice chart http://y.ahoo.it/N8qRU4bn

  7. $ISIS $BABA strom crossed

  8. $SPY $ISIS So, generally, $BABA sucks the life blood out of everything. Run Mouse over TRENDING bar to see this in the charts.

  9. $ISIS So, generally, $BABA sucks the life blood out of everything. The end must surely be near.

  10. $ISIS Great! Went thru 42.

  11. $ISIS is it really due to the option expiration? Wtf why can t go over 42??? Disappointed.

  12. Thursday TODAY S VIDEO IS POSTED HERE: http://y.ahoo.it/SpyfeVsK $JRJC $ADEP $ISIS http://y.ahoo.it/IWm8gHxw

  13. $ISIS No way, Jose! Same for $ACHN.

  14. $ACHN No way, Jose! Same for $ISIS.

  15. $ISIS Dont think just do it - GO UP

  16. $ISIS Bought some Jan 16 s. Hope it wasn t a bad day to buy...

  17. Worst ticker symbols to have for September - $ISIL, $ISIS

  18. $ISIS big sell order at 42.15...if the gets filled, pretty decent short-term upside potential.

  19. $ISIS Max Pain = 36.00. Maturity = 09/20/2014. Previous close = 41.89. http://y.ahoo.it/4jPVkwEh

  20. @mikete90 yeah but it came down to the 50mva and it hep that line for weeks... look at $JKS, $CSIQ, $ISIS

  21. $ISIS Longterm holder and kept core, but have to admit I bought some Cramer pop and fade traders yesterday morning and sold at the open.

  22. $ISIS #Momentum #TrendFollowing Nice breakout with heavy volume. Be with Bull. http://y.ahoo.it/S1tXSVZN

  23. $ALNY $MDVN $ISIS $PCYC $GILD bios doing well today

  24. $ISIS & ATHJF

  25. $ISIS ATHJF Antisense Oz style ISIS owns 15%...ALT1103 into Phase III after successful PhII, ALT1102 PhII, ALT1101 Pre-Ph1