1. Thursday Nice one today in $ISIS

  2. 💊Biotech at the close BIB ⬆ 3 IBB ⬆ 9 $BLUE $BMRN $ICPT $ILMN $INCY $ISIS $JAZZ $JUNO $KITE $MYL $PRGO $PRXL $RARE

  3. $FB $ISIS $FEYE weeeeeeee

  4. $BMRN $SRPT $ISIS predict the outcomes http://www.thestreet.com/story/13269118/1/predicting-the-outcome-of-the-biomarin-and-sarepta-fda-drug-reviews.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO

  5. Thursday 45 minutes in Dow +205, We at + 29,673 $RDUS $ISIS $NBIX $OVAS $AGIO $TANH

  6. $isis printing!

  7. $ISIS Like whats happening here, Cup formation. 52.5 first target, 46.5 provides support

  8. $ISIS nice. liking the shares i bought on margin at 47.2. keep going up baby. make it rain

  9. $OVAS Very promising Data. Use some of those money from $KITE $JUNO $ISIS $XON and $ZIOP to buy some here. Thanks me later!

  10. 💊Biotech at the close BIB ⬆ 6 IBB ⬆ 16 $BLUE $BMRN $ICPT $ILMN $INCY $ISIS $JAZZ $JUNO $KITE $MYL $PRGO $PRXL $RARE

  11. Wednesday LAST HOUR, THE BULL ROARS DOW + 609 We at +$12,330 $ISIS $NBIX $TANH

  12. $ISIS nice close

  13. Selling $ibb $avgo $swks $nxpi $isis $amzn and $googl needs to take profit will visit again Tom some I am keeping it for long term $qrvo

  14. $ISIS low pole reversal flag triggered . to at least ma50 $54.5

  15. $ISIS higher high today.. a steal at this price with 38 drugs in pipe line..

  16. $Isis finally got mine limit order filled $46.60 fold you guys this morning let it dip go red and then buy!!

  17. Covered Call Alert: ISIS PHARMACEUTICALS $ISIS returning up to 28.93% through 15-Jan-2016 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/08/26/covered-call-alert-isis-pharmaceuticals-isis-returning-up-to-28-93-through-15-jan-2016/

  18. $isis waiting for entry let it go red first!!

  19. 💊Biotech at the open $BIB ⬆ 2 $IBB ⬆ 9 $BLUE $BMRN $ICPT $ILMN $INCY $ISIS $GEVA $JAZZ $JUNO $KITE $MYL $PRGO $PRXL

  20. $ISIS this is the weakest reason for a sell off ever. At least give me a bankruptcy or 10 like 2009. China? Bio? Lol. Adding

  21. 💊 Biotech sharp rally fizzled out DOW ⬇ 204 NAS ⬇ 19 S&P ⬇ 25 BIB ⬆ 1 IBB ⬆ .55 $INCY $ISIS $GEVA $JAZZ $JUNO $KITE

  22. $ISIS nice action considering another down day

  23. $ISIS the market seems to be reversing...I m thinking we are going lower😐

  24. Small and large biotechs are roaring today, surging after latest selloff $ACAD $ANTH $BIIB $BMRN $IDRA $ISIS $KITE $JUNO $PGNX $XON $IBB

  25. $ISIS hod low pole reversal.. unbelievable at this price..