1. $ISR We need 2 qtrs of increasing sales to get price up to where it should be. And my idea of that price based on past results is ~$12.

  2. $ISR We all know what the results will be. They will be fantastic! Price will go up then immediately back down the next 2 days.

  3. $ISR Can we expect some lung data at the STS?

  4. $ISR I really like what IsR has to offer but I have to admitt I am getting impatient:(

  5. $ISR well we stayed green until about 11am.

  6. $ISR I don t think the current CEO is best for us.

  7. $ISR sucks there is no interest in this stock, you only see it move when positive news breaks (it is all positive news though, that s good)

  8. $ISR Good luck today!

  9. Penny Stock Watch List for 1-23 $ISR $SNSS $ALU $ZQK http://smashtrades.com/penny-stock-watch-list-for-1-23-15/

  10. $ISR 64k shares traded and it goes down 3 cents. How silly is that?

  11. $ISR Decent volume today! Any thoughts?

  12. @Sudhie: This is how i am learning extreme patience $ISR $CYTX $NURO $OXGN LOL, I love it!!!!

  13. $ISR PPS 5$ in a blink an eye. When u know it s too late!!!

  14. $ISR On behalf of Bluma, this stock needs SALES . Bluma, you don t need to create 5 posts to talk about this.I already took care of it for u

  15. $ISR This is brought down for some reason and staying at this price for some reason. I think you got it what i say.

  16. This is how i am learning extreme patience $ISR $CYTX $NURO $OXGN

  17. $ISR No matter what the price is now. I think someone loading it silently. Last it happened 1.29 to 2.12 boom!

  18. $ISR is down. and in other news it s cold out in January. Maybe they should put out bad news so it runs up. Good news kills this stock

  19. $ISR all our tuesday s gain is gone. Great - NOT!

  20. $ISR This needs a SA pump article! Very badly!

  21. $ISR That is his direct line to his department at Weill Cornell Medical College

  22. $ISR Dr. Parashar 212-746-3607

  23. $ISR Hopefully if enough people contact them they will answer the questions instead of just ignoring

  24. $ISR anyone wanting to know @ Lung Trial should be calling Dr Parashar and continue asking if trial is completed or if it was stopped

  25. $ISR Don t be so fast to wish for the earnings report. It will not be a good one.