1. $ISRG Looking to touch that 360 mark in next two weeks.

  2. $ISRG I can already predict how this stk is gonna play out..dead cat bounce on mon, sell off hard on tue & post ER..sub $400 by wed

  3. price action is giving me reason for pause. former leaders with confirmed island reversals $ISRG, and likely more to come $CMG

  4. $ISRG BTO MAY 425 calls ....this one flies next week...selling done short term...cover for profit fellas

  5. $ISRG Lotto calls just went POOF!!

  6. $ISRG covered long at $515 now 100% in cash for the weekend a fantastic week!

  7. @bman1 @Genesis1 I am know for my trades on $ISRG you might want to check my record out for 4 years..many on this site know this for a fact

  8. $ISRG in some lotto calls looking for 425 eod

  9. $ISRG reshort covered

  10. Intuitive Surgical Earnings Preview: Preliminary Q1 Results Indicate Disappointing Quarter http://y.ahoo.it/J17aiqlC by Trefis Team $ISRG

  11. $ISRG i like isrg to test the 400 level again and bounce

  12. $ISRG Tweezing bottom....grow some balls and buy some calls....435 next week

  13. $ISRG small starter position long $411

  14. Here s what s really interesting about $CMG: NO mention of weather... Meanwhile analysts were blaming weather for $ISRG. Burritos vs surgery

  15. April 16, 2014 RS Movers http://y.ahoo.it/ubGGWdvO $IYK $IHF $PXD $CLB $VLO $ALXN $IBKR $HSY $MUR $CI $JPM $GWW $MRVL $ISRG

  16. @Tutti @MarketSwingPlayer Do not listen to her, she is probably short $ISRG and wants you to sell her the cover cheap. Make her bleeddd

  17. $ISRG woosh to $380 come on you can do it

  18. $ISRG Does not feel like a bottom.

  19. $ISRG 9 down days straight....

  20. April 22 will be building live earnings trade ideas eMoneyShow. Its free http://y.ahoo.it/7LjdLDVG will it be $YUM $ISRG $T $BA $CROX or ???

  21. $ISRG lets go down another 30 please

  22. @SFCcapital: $ISRG Another gap to fill - short at will from 425. No strength. Remember this - hope people took the advice +7-8.

  23. Most bearish stocks on Twitter: $bbby $ccl $cog $fdo $gm $gmcr $gs $hlf $ibb $isrg $kerx $m $nadq $xone $yy http://y.ahoo.it/EREDMCGo

  24. $ISRG sold on strength at $425 nice 2 day gain

  25. Bought $ISRG at 422.50. http://y.ahoo.it/LbLz0Gay