1. Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/pA5KIBoy $ITMN

  2. Daily Biotech Update: Know Everything http://y.ahoo.it/DFTjjxWJ $GALT $RNN $ITMN $INO $PVCT $TPI & 225 More.

  3. $ITMN http://y.ahoo.it/BOWoJe6u why BI is starting new trial on nintedanib, it s huge for intermune if true...

  4. $itmn bi is dropping current trial phase iii for nintedanib, why else starts new p3 trial today..

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  6. Daily Biotech Updatelike tiny biotech $PGLA is up 116%) http://y.ahoo.it/ZmJQnlIA $RNN $INO $CHTP $ITMN & 225 More.

  7. Daily Biotech Update; Know Everything (like tiny biotech $PGLA is up 116%) http://y.ahoo.it/6JMhxSC1 $RNN $INO $CHTP $ITMN & 225 More.

  8. $ITMN Not going to lie but this stock does have some volatility not for the faint of heart for sure :-)

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  11. $ITMN Huge volume and impressive comeback today. Hopefully, the bottom on this one is very close if not already here

  12. $ITMN One wild day for sure on this one after being down 10% at one point of time

  13. $ITMN if manages to close near opening price, we have seen the mid-term bottom...

  14. $ITMN Intra day is overdone, though, and could be at a bottom here. Watch for hard bounce.

  15. $ITMN Break below the MA 50 is very negative for the stock, IMO.

  16. $ITMN Look inside (p.18) of BI s annual report,has nintedanib presentation w/o mentioning ipf,only for lung cancer treatment!

  17. Daily Biotech Update: Know Everything. http://y.ahoo.it/Msizg22R $PGLA $CLDN $ITMN $RNN $INO & 225 Moore.

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  19. Daily Biotech Update: http://y.ahoo.it/mh7KnP0z $RNN $ITMN $INO $AHRO $CHTP $GALT $GERN & 225 more

  20. @harmongreg Well, was stopped in $ITMN @ 26.98 for a .38R trade. May short again tomorrow if it closed under $27. Nice day trade though.

  21. @harmongreg Moved to a TSL on my $ITMN short .

  22. The bleeding continues: $DVAX $INO $MNKD $CYTR $ITMN $OPK $ISIS $PPHM $PTN $XON $ACAD $AMRN $LJPC $EPZM #BiotechPainGame

  23. @harmongreg Earnings aren t sched. until 4/30. Volume is a good point. FWIW, $ITMN looking good so far.

  24. @harmongreg Short $ITMN @ 27.65 full position.

  25. $ITMN If this touch 26.86 this will drop a lot lower people. Buy them in June