1. The simple reason I do not update charts on $SPY $QQQ $IWM $DIA $XLF etc. daily is because the TREND(s) do not change daily. :) $STUDY

  2. Russell 2000 Rips Higher; NASDAQ Not Far Behind http://bigwavetrading.com/26227/russell-2000-rips-higher-nasdaq-not-far-behind/ $STUDY $COMPQ $NDX $QQQ $NQ_F $RUT $IWM $TF_F $SPX $SPY $ES_F $DJIA

  3. New Market Commentary post at http://www.markets.fallondpicks.com/ #fallondpicks $SPY $QQQQ $IWM

  4. $IWM Just looking at the oscillation on this chart. Looks like it will be going down. Just macro look.


  6. $SPY $IWM Setup confirming (Posted after intial setup was posted on $QQQ) http://stocktwits.com/message/29533794 $STUDY

  7. Setups we liked today that we ll be watching tomorrow $IWM $VA (Charts recently posted.) $NQ $UEPS $DUST More setups. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  8. $IWM $QQQ $SPY apparently no one cares about the the fall of Chicago Fed national activity index and the slump of business confidence

  9. @HappyHolidays Good lord I hope so. I m waiting for a $SPY / $DIA dip so I can get super bullish again... $SPX $DJIA $QQQ $IWM $COMPQ $RUT

  10. $IWM v $SPX Despite relativ strength, tough to make too much of this Small-cap bounce continuing yet http://stocktwits.com/message/29594309

  11. Pretty meaningful outperformance by Small-caps today with no resistance until around 119.50-120 $IWM http://stocktwits.com/message/29594228

  12. $XLE $IWM $nasdaq dear Santa.we have many thanks for new highs in $SPX $DIA. we wish OPEC 2 reduce pumping oil & $IWM all time high;) ;)

  13. Today s Most Active Options http://www.optionseducation.org/tools/todays_most_active_options.html $SPY $AAPL $SPX $IWM $QQQ

  14. Index/Sectr $DIA, $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $XLB, $XLE, $XLF, $XLI, $XLK, $XLP, $XLU, $XLY, $XRT, $XLV, $IYT http://stocktwits.com/message/29592985

  15. $IWM will be watching next few days/weeks. Looks great but want to see it finally outperform $SPX http://stocktwits.com/message/29592768

  16. http://www.masterchartstrading.com/blog/covered-short-for-the-russell-2000 Covered short for the Russell 2000 $RUT $IWM $TNA $TZA

  17. All eyes on $IWM . Looks poised and ready http://stocktwits.com/message/29592424

  18. $IWM back at 118 resistance w/ 120.40 above, support 117/116/114 http://stocktwits.com/message/29592270

  19. $IWM weekly chart saying it will break to new high

  20. $IWM got to break that $118.25 and to new high. small caps does not mean can not run faster.

  21. $IWM watch that 118 level. Bands getting tight. http://stocktwits.com/message/29592066

  22. $IWM $spy...must be getting close to coming down...I almost want to go long

  23. Russell 2000 $IWM & Nasdaq Composite $COMPQ had a strong day.

  24. $SPY The SP s 27 days trading above 5 DMA is longest streak in 86 years. That 10/15 was the mother of all Buy the F Dips. $QQQ, $IWM,AAPL

  25. $spy $es_f $iwm $qqq On such low volume, the trend will continue to wherever it if going. Euphoria at its worst.