1. $IWM channel broke and then acted as resistance $SPY $QQQ

  2. All the stocks(all types, 100 s) I m looking at are much greener than the indices, odd. $SPY $QQQ $IWM

  3. @NOHe: $IWM $SPY hammer reversal 5min.... damn spot on

  4. $SPY gap ups still being faded. $QQQ $IWM

  5. $IWM $SPY hammer reversal 5min....

  6. $IWM whoa. Take your money out of that and put it into $XLU !

  7. $IWM new low of days. rut roh

  8. $IWM spiker hit.

  9. wild ride on the $IWM

  10. $IWM - seems like it might test its 200dma near 120, depending on whether the Greek hedge funds are long or short :)

  11. $IWM Out 1st long 123.90 -45 cents

  12. $DJIA $IBB $IWM if Greek vote is YES (ahead in polls by 4%), then today is a buy day. If NO then today is a sell day?

  13. $IWM Long 123.95 Stop 50 cents high risk

  14. $IWM right at 100 day MA ... let s ee

  15. $IWM is at 6/15 low. key support area...

  16. $IWM breaking multi day low

  17. @DanZanger: This was the warning pattern for $IWM $RUT

  18. This was the warning pattern for $IWM $TNA $RUT

  19. $IWM holding 50ma here...so far...

  20. @DanZanger: Watch that $RUT $TNA $IWM chart for that Bearish pattern

  21. Another one bites the dust -Working Nicely! Cheers @MarketSwingPlayer: $IWM $AAPL $VXX My Daily Trading Plan $SPY

  22. Watch that $RUT $TNA $IWM chart for that Bearish pattern

  23. Watch out for Russell- leading indexes down. Now taking out lows of past few days. $IWM. $SPY, $QQQ

  24. $SPY $IWM A/D line tanking again....

  25. $ashr - crapping, $iwm underperforming $spy and $xli $xly - underperforming $xlu and $xlp - time for a breakdown?