2. $IWM looking for 113.77 for the gap fill from last Thursday. will cover my short there. $TNA

  3. @Lach14 $IWM...if this is all the bounce that small caps have then the major indices will have trouble.

  4. $IWM The Russell is now -7% divergence from SPY. But last time didn t have much impact http://y.ahoo.it/cvTKnc59

  5. $IWM this 114.30 level looks important ST. Throwing away RSI for now.... http://y.ahoo.it/f31EKx2D

  6. $IWM No bounce here..

  7. $IWM Fibonacci Resistance $115.97 Fibonacci Channel Resistance $115.65. High of day exactly Fib Channel Resistance

  8. $IWM Dont be surprised if this dumps even bigger in the coming hour

  9. $IWM 114 gap fill looks imminent. if this intraday bear flag plays out.

  10. $IWM Price have a new battle with Fib $115.97.

  11. $IWM Intra-day Charts - Support/Resistance/Pivots Phase 2 rejection. http://y.ahoo.it/OSmrgXqJ

  12. $IWM The $UWM etf 2x long Russell - at 1:00 80,000 shares sold, avg 10 min vol: 6,000. $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/PF2NnfgK

  13. $IWM hourly channel. not exactly awesome playing Frisbee on the roof http://y.ahoo.it/WbAFAkUU

  14. $IWM $QQQ $SPY Folks if you R having trouble anticipating market s moves lately go to my blog & learn basic trend analysis. I use it daily

  15. $IWM Still have a Weekly chart on Russell screaming Double Top, but price is truth. $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/yeZ2OnI9

  16. $QQQ double top (play out similar to Russell2k?) $IWM bear flagging.

  17. @smtrader @cheri1 @S_Evans Seems someone could have Sold huge shares on $IWM

  18. $IWM Price met resistance near high of day. in the Fibonacci channel on the Daily chart

  19. $IWM Price met resistance near high of day.

  20. $SPY $QQQ Remain in uptrend, having a controlled pullback $IWM Not in daily UT so it will drop harder 113.70 will be a good long entry IMO

  21. $iwm fifty ain t gonna save you this time

  22. Afternoon Daily $iwm quick glance: waves, trends, RSI & perspective>>> http://y.ahoo.it/yYcsYi3N

  23. $IWM Imagine what will happen if the SP500/DJIA turn South.....This would become a bloodbath..

  24. $IWM Big dumping of Russell by a big trader, shorts too, anyone know why?

  25. $QQQ $IWM looking for those gaps to be filled on the downside. Just 1-2% downside before $SPY attacks 2000 =)