1. New trend started on $IWO when price was 137.57 http://shark-finance.com/index.php?stc=IWO #TradingSystem #Stock

  2. New trend started on $IWO when price was 137.16 http://shark-finance.com/index.php?stc=IWO #TradingSystem #Stock

  3. $IWO The 1 Year Chart shows all of the various support and resistance levels.

  4. $IWO Are we topping out in the 130.50 area??

  5. Value outperforming growth in a trend that seasonally continues through to mid-April. http://www.equityclock.com/2016/03/22/stock-market-outlook-for-march-23-2016/ $IWD $IWF $IWN $IWO

  6. $IWO ETF announced a special dividend date of March 23, 2016 and will pay out a dividend of 0.25732 cents for each share - http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/iwo/dividend-history

  7. $IWO Here s a significance of this move...

  8. $IWO $SPY If the rest of March is bullish, the quarterly candle will close above the support line

  9. Intraday upward trend on #Smallcap #Growth #US #ETFs $IWO $VBK $IJT - up 2.11% in 21 hours

  10. Upward trend on #Smallcap #US #ETFs $IWM $TNA $IWO - up 4.33% in 5 days

  11. Swing & Portfolio Watchlist: $UVXY $HDGE $RCMT $FONE $KE $IYZ $IRDM $UWN $VPG $NAII $EMB $RSX $HYG $TUR $PCCC $EBF $HOFT $IWO $IJH $RCD

  12. Upward trend on #Smallcap #Growth #ETFs $IWO $IJT $VBK - up 2.57% in 1 day

  13. Upward trend on #Smallcap #US #ETFs $IWM $TNA $IWO - up 3.53% in 13 days

  14. Deep Value ETF Strategy 2-19-16 (heavily traded): $FXI $EZA $EWP $XLE $EEM $EWC $EWY $IWO $EWW $IWM $XLB $VPL $EWD

  15. $IWO Hit resistance at 122 and was sent down from there.

  16. Deep Value ETF Strategy 2-18-16 (heavily traded): $FXI $EZA $EWP $XLE $EEM $EWC $EWY $IWO $IWM $EWW $VPL $XLB $EZU

  17. Deep Value ETF Strategy 2-17-16 (heavily traded): $FXI $EZA $XLE $EEM $EWP $EWC $EWY $IWO $EWW $IWM $VPL $EWD $XLB

  18. $IWO 115 Puts BUYING Activity expiring on 20th May, Vol 325 @ IntermarketSweep

  19. Deep Value ETF Strategy (heavily traded) 2-16-16: $FXI $EZA $XLE $EEM $EWP $EWC $IWO $EWY $EWW $IWM $EWD $VPL $XLB

  20. Deep Value ETF Strategy 2-12-16 (heavily traded): $FXI $EZA $XLE $EWP $EEM $EWC $IWO $EWW $EWY $IWM $EWD $VPL $EZU

  21. $IWO Next major support at 101

  22. $IWO Accumulate into $105

  23. $IWO Broke down once again.

  24. $RUT $IWO ditto on the $IBB. Are the transports next? $IYT

  25. $RUT $IWO after making another 52 week low $IWO has turned green with the Dow down 350. Small stocks led us down, they should bottom first.