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  12. $SPY SPDR sectors plus a few extras $IYT $IYR $XBI all oversold and turning higher. Not exactly a bearish catalyst.

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  18. Plan accordingly for upcoming real estate crash. Lots of opportunity coming. $spy $spx $iyr $DRN $DRV

  19. $IYR Pot. intermed top in Uptrend : LONGERTERM Wly-Dly-Hly combo chart

  20. $IYR 4hr chart looks like its building an INV H&S

  21. $spy $spx $iyr $DRV tons of people just hoping they can still get out of there positions on Monday. Market in for a HUGE correction.

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  23. $SPY expecting sector rotation - new leaders should emerge now for the bounce back next week - $IYR holding very well, $USO way oversold

  24. $drn $IYR $drv real estate market will tumble from here...people loosing there A$$ $SPY

  25. $IYR Still looking strong