1. @gglaw @NewTraderLong I need to update myself on the expansion plans for Qdoba, but it is the future of $JACK

  2. @jeromejaco @NewTraderLong I see. I thought $JACK developed it as a $CMG beater. The Jack website is better than Qdoba for locations.

  3. @NewTraderLong The company website is weak in that regard. I ll let them know tomorrow or sell my shares in $JACK. I looked in Yelp.

  4. $JACK So Yelp says Qdoba closed Hawthorne, CA -a poster says closed 12/10/2015 and she says just closed in San Diego. I want answers!

  5. $JACK Would like to just see a map SOMEWHERE that shows the flipping locations of Qdoba.

  6. $JACK Ok searching more see some Qdobas on $YELP The only one I go to or have ever seen says CLOSED on Yelp. WTF?

  7. $JACK I ve been in one twice Qdoba that does not show on company website. Looked for Qdoba on yelp; only got $CMG! :0

  8. $JACK Who lives near a Qdoba? There is one in LA not too far. But a little annoying website doesn t really work to find locations.

  9. @jeromejaco @gglaw good luck on $JACK....congrats on a obvious good pick if you ve been this for awhile...congrats. no position

  10. @gglaw @MrHouse Hold $jack , you will be rewarded.

  11. @jeromejaco @MrHouse You make some good points. Eh, the traders always say buy $JACK then I finally buy it and it lurches... :(

  12. @MrHouse @gglaw Why Liquidate $jack ? Trend still intact. Chart not broken. Anticipation in a few years of spinning off Qdoba, the next CMG.

  13. @gglaw why are you buying disney? for earnings? what is your sell strategy? i d liquidate $JACK, $DAL and $BABA- check out $PAAS if u r long

  14. $SHAK I suppose I could sell $JACK in order to buy $SHAK. And sell $BABA in order to buy $DIS. That might be a good plan.

  15. $DIS I m buying $DIS Don t know what I m selling. Got $BABA $COST $DAL $JACK & $TWTR I suppose haircut on $BABA or just $JACK.

  16. $BABA $DIS $COST $DAL $JACK $TWTR $FB I m switching from CNBC Cramer to Charles Payne at Fox Biz.

  17. @AndrewAugust Oh. When I didn t buy I moved on to other things. I bought $COST $BABA $JACK & $TWTR & have $DAL & want $DIS.

  18. @AndrewAugust I didn t buy it. In fact, I bought $JACK which has Qdoba.

  19. People are dumb and have shorty memories. This will be $80 in 6 months. Just look at $JACK

  20. $JACK Went to $JACK & got new buttery burger- signature beef & garlic butter, fresh tomatoes, lettuce & provalone.

  21. One Of These Restaurants Isn t Like The Others (Hint: It s Noodles & Co) http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/01/5195861/one-of-these-restaurants-isnt-like-the-others-hint-its-n $FRGI $JACK $NDLS

  22. $TWTR Buying $TWTR Now I can go overseas to some jungle for a while. $BABA $COST $DAL $JACK $TWTR Mabuhay!

  23. Wow just looked at a chart of $JACK for the first time...I don t think I ve ever seen a chart as perfect/beautifully bullish as that one

  24. $JACK I m a Buyer now of $JACK.

  25. $JACK who s selling jack to buy $shak.....