1. $AMCF $CGA $HSOL $JASO Asian markets up on China stimulus plans.

  2. $JASO this Texas rumor would light a fire under this stock. Has been building a base for over a year, it would be explosive.

  3. $JASO Translation is on this page: http://y.ahoo.it/8cG9xbrN

  4. $JASO @bexpo Check out this link (use google translate): http://y.ahoo.it/xlVDI8zE

  5. $JASO So this new JV in Texas might be a real thing?

  6. $JASO what a day, almost everything I see bleeding RED. Bought more here, now holding 14k shares

  7. $JASO What a F#cked up day. Obviously not expected as normal.

  8. Demand outstrips supply in China, and now India targets 20GW http://y.ahoo.it/4somNb0u $CSIQ $TSL $JKS $FSLR $JASO $YGE

  9. $JASO New buy call @CMP 10.25

  10. $JASO http://y.ahoo.it/jLNcihuK $20.00 PT

  11. $JASO Will build a 500MW factory in Texas.

  12. $AMCF $ANV $CGA $HSOL $IRDM $IVAN $JASO $LAKE $NPTN $OPTT My undervalued by book value stocks all of these will be 30% to 300% returns.

  13. new bull flags #stocks http://y.ahoo.it/utQtgWmx $HSOL $JASO $RIOM

  14. Demand Outstrips Supply in China http://y.ahoo.it/ink7Zag0 $JKS $CSIQ $JASO $YGE

  15. Solar energy projects: $CSIQ +2.6%, $CSUN +7.4%, $YGE +3%, $FSLR +1.7%, $SPWR +0.8%, $JASO +2.4%, $SOL +5.4%.

  16. $ZNGA Gave you China solar tip yesterday. Look at $SOL $TSL $JASO $YGE $JKS today, all up big! Take yer dead ZNGA money and make some $$

  17. $JASO $CSIQ $SCTY $TSL all going for highs in the last part of 2014 solar bull market just starting, think 10 years.

  18. #SOLAR starts warming up. We added some when it was green. $CSIQ $JASO $SCTY $FSLR $SPWR

  19. Looks to be a good quarter for pricing $JKS $CSIQ $TSL $HSOL $JASO $SOL http://y.ahoo.it/7vtYEkFr

  20. $YGE $jaso $achn = suuuuper long hold. only investments in my portfolio. will be worth it

  21. @speedytrader Solar stocks are starting to break out. $CSIQ $JKS $JASO $YGE

  22. $JASO needs to stay above 9.50 area for now

  23. $JASO Uptrend in Tack ASP going Higher http://y.ahoo.it/zSvlW83G

  24. $JASO Could announce Project Sale anyday. Exports doubled in July.

  25. $JASO Man just washed away 3 days bull run...