1. $JASO CN Module producers maximize US shipments http://y.ahoo.it/g7e6siIk

  2. $JASO largest single month shipment to the 2nd largest solar PV market (Japan). http://y.ahoo.it/1GFIC19T

  3. @jeepnsam: $RUSL http://y.ahoo.it/orihpQfY Riding this baby up to $20 & $plug $kndi $rad $jaso

  4. $JASO While you guys are waiting just know the Co, shipped 65 MW to Japan for the mo. of Feb., largest single mo ever

  5. $JASO Not exactly a beautiful candle... Especially do not like the upper wick, the failure above 10.40. Also this rejects ystday s 10.25 b/o

  6. $JASO pretty boring day with 1.4MM volume

  7. $RUSL on the move!!! $KNDI $RAD $TSLA $JASO $PLUG !!

  8. $JASO Thats 20%, grrr

  9. $JASO Im actually pretty annoyed w/ mgmt for the guidance hike... would have been able to buy more much cheaper this week (8s?) but for that

  10. $RUSL on the move!!! $kndi $rad $tsla $jaso $PLUG

  11. $JASO @SmartAlec there you go, it is dipping again. Lets watch the 10.20 level for clues

  12. $JASO I got too greedy and missed the 10.14 ride. Will check back in a noon

  13. $JASO & $CSIQ loving it, giddy up

  14. $JASO there she goes again up 3.5% from the lows, going for 10.50

  15. $JASO sold the shares just bought at 10.14 for 10.39 a $250 profit in a few minutes, not bad

  16. $JASO 13.2 MW Module shipment to the US

  17. $JASO I ve noticed that it tends to snap back quickly when it is taken down on very few shares like today. Not buying more for now

  18. $JASO couldn t get filled for more, just have those 10.14 shares for now and my 9000 core position

  19. $JASO funny it lost 2.5% on 100k shares

  20. $JASO dipped the toes at 10.14, on watch to buy 2k more

  21. $JASO obviousbly I missed the dip

  22. $JASO also very good relative strength against other solars, didn t get AS pummeled.

  23. $JASO for medium to longer term 10 s are a very good entry point in the way to $19. For trades I would look to 10.21 as support

  24. $JASO Getting into power plants ... Successfully connects 2 and more in the pipeline. http://y.ahoo.it/wS7bIJ5w

  25. $JASO Looks like it will return to new high on bullish continuation wedge http://y.ahoo.it/jaIMzHtP