1. $HPJ Keeping an eye also on $PSIX $FSL $VJET $WATT $CXDC $KGC $JASO $JKS $KNDI $UGAZ

  2. BUY $JASO at Price: 8.00 Stop: 7.74, Loss: 3.2% Target T1: 8.66, Profit: 8.2% www.swingstocktraders.com

  3. $JASO holding full position 16k shares, watching the action

  4. $JASO can this be the day solars start moving again? $TAN $CSIQ $TSL $JKS

  5. $JASO glad I rebought 6k shares at 7.78 (4) and 7.68(2)

  6. $JASO up 4% on heavy buying after RBC upgrade $CSIQ $TSL $JKS $FSLR

  7. Notable morning upgrades 1/30 - $BSX, $DVN, $FL, $JASO, $SPWR & Downgrades - $BRCM, $CAM, $DGX, $TER, $V

  8. $JASO... an old favorite looking up today.

  9. stocks watching pre market $PFMT, $HIMX, $IMGN, $GRPN, $JASO, looking for scalp, maybe long or short depending on price action

  10. $JASO Time to look all sunny!

  11. Watching Closely:$SQQQ, $TLT, $GLD, $NUGT, $TVIX. $VIP, $OPK, $XLE, $USO, $JASO,

  12. Upgrades on $BSX, $COHR, $FL, $GRPN, $JASO, $QLGC


  14. $JASO RBC Capital Upgrades JA Solar Holdings ADR to Outperform, Raises PT to $13.00

  15. $JASO http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/01/5194891/rbc-capital-upgrades-ja-solar-holdings-adr-to-outperform-raises-pt-to-13-00

  16. $JASO 7.77

  17. $JASO solars building a beautiful base to jump from, see this moving higher as oil bounces and markets roar higher in Feb March $CSIQ $TSL

  18. $JASO Long term 24$ price target (third quarter 2017)

  19. FWD P/Es: $SPWR 17.4, $FSLR 9.3, $TSL 6.1, $JASO 5.0, $JKS 4.9, $CSIQ 4.6, $DQ 3.9

  20. $CSIQ $hsol $scty $csun $sol $tsl $jaso $oil $jks $yge $fslr $TAN http://stocktwits.com/message/31961170

  21. $JASO $OIL losing ground and taking solars with it $CSIQ $TSL $JKS no correlation but it doesn t matter. $OIL rebounds in March-April IMO

  22. $JASO got 2k more at 7.67

  23. $JASO caught a glimpse of a 90k share bid at 7.60, maybe it s the buyback bidding cheap shares.

  24. $JASO Full Capacity in Q4 & Q1 High efficiency has made JA the Preferred choice

  25. $JASO bought back 4k shares at 7.78, were sold at 8.06. reducing cost average for the long term