1. Chinese solar getting some action $SOL $CSIQ $JASO $YGE

  2. How has falling oil prices and recent tariffs affect Chinese solar stocks? $JASO $TSL $SOL $SUNE $YGE http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/157934/china-solar-stocks-hit-by-new-tariffs-amp-sinking-oil-prices?editor=patrick_anderson

  3. $CSIQ $JKS $JASO $SUNE Its always a debate on which has the best fundamentals.

  4. $JASO things need to improve overseas for this to turn back up. Russia EU Japan EMs etc. Need some better economic outlooks. Eventually will

  5. $JASO Let me remind you idiots JA has mastered the highest efficiency in mono and in multi You should sell

  6. $JASO The Bolck of 120,000 shares today didn t get my bid I had in. I expect idiots to row will let me get that bid.

  7. $JASO Okay I m hoping you Stupids are out will buy if idiots begin selling

  8. $TSL still a lot higher market cap than $JASO, latter should have support around this area

  9. $JASO interesting to see eps growth due to buyback next few quarters

  10. $JASO so 380mm market cap and 90mm share buyback approved. I hope they are buying all they can every day, retire more than 20% of the shrs

  11. $JASO this was 190 pps once?? r u serious

  12. $TSL $jaso about same pps. i think tsl was lower than jaso today

  13. @pacific Today the only down stocks on my list are Chinese solars - $CSIQ, $JASO & &TSL. So it s probably due to the tariffs.

  14. $TSL was $15.15 just 3 months ago! To think I almost moved out of $JASO to buy it, crazy...

  15. $JASO $TSL killing day traders, bulls and bears alike. Holy smokes, what a whipsaw.

  16. $SCTY $FSLR $JASO Why buy solar when Oil is cheap?

  17. $JASO JA is fully booked for Q4 2014 and 75% booked for Q1 http://www.jinglong.net/news/NewsRelease/2014/1216/1412169353140G1C26GEFAK3H2I7BB_3.html

  18. @james_chen70 Go buy $SUNE. It s the only solar worth owning. $TSL, $YGE, $JKS, $CSIQ, $JASO, etc... are toilet paper since losing momo.

  19. The only reds on my screen: Chinese solars $CSIQ, $TSL, $JASO, + $DDD. Everything else green. Chinese solars, why are you universally hated?

  20. @bexpo I hope $JKS $TSL and $JASO these will come back but probably little slowly and of course oil is the main driver here. Good luck.

  21. excluded from the scope of this investigation are any products covered by the existing antidumping $CSIQ $JKS $TSL $JASO $YGE $SOL $SUNE

  22. $SOL $TSL $JKS $JASO Classic case of sell the rumor buy the news ;) r.i.p solar bears. Renewable energy independence is an inevitability

  23. $JASO I guess this is Cover the News doesn t apply the Ruling is Mute. It can work in you favor to know

  24. $JASO finally caught up to $TSL pps wise. Crazy it was $5+ a few months ago.

  25. $JASO Anybody know JA sells hardly anything in the US around 6% and 2012 Ruling applies