1. $BABA $JD Brace for Chinese market 2nd collapse next week!

  2. $JD Strong breakout of wedge, support should come in around 27.5-28, a strong break of today s high should see 31

  3. $SSEC $BABA $JD $QIHU $CTRP $WB $YY Forget $SSEC if you invest in chinese ADRs. Look at this index

  4. @lcc007 $JD looks like it got it s mojo back, could head back to 30 from here. // there s the mojo!!

  5. The Internet & Catalog Retail sector is 2015 s strongest thanks to $NFLX $AMZN $EXPE $CTRP $NTRI $JD $PETS $PCLN http://tradingstocks.me/up-48-ytd-this-is-the-hottest-sector-on-the-stock-market-in-2015/

  6. $TWTR every ltime i see initials JD on this stream I 1st think of $JD .com ...Guess I have todays China s musical chairs rotation on my mind

  7. See which chinese e-commerce will double first, $JMEI $10 to $20, $VIPS $17 to $34, $BABA $60 to $120, $JD $28 to $56, $DANG $6 to $12?

  8. $JD China ecommerce vendor? Can t trust any numbers from them

  9. $JD It s still China at the end of the day. Get what you can out of it, its coming right back down.

  10. Exciting growth expectations for http://www.jd.com/ - $JD -

  11. Exciting growth expectations for http://www.jd.com/ - $JD -

  12. $JD long, 5 years at least. Really

  13. $JD I was eyeing this at $23 ....looks like I waited to long...

  14. $JD FB in China would be great and JD would clean up selling hardware mobile and Oculus systems

  15. @HedgeMind: $JD strong breakout above the top boundary of recent consolidation range. Smart money has bets on line

  16. $BABA $BIDU $BZUN $JD who s ready for China QE!! WallSt cleared bottom ..time to buy

  17. $JD strong breakout today above the top boundary of recent consolidation range. Smart money has lots bets on the line

  18. Analysts expect serious growth from $JD over the next 3 years:

  19. wonderful Friday to all China related stocks. $LVS $WYNN $BABA $JD $BIDU $MGM

  20. $JD Just closed out on this, made 19k.

  21. Anything directly, or indirectly, linked to China is exploding higher today. Stimulus coming? $JD $BABA $FCX $JOY $WYNN

  22. $JD hod..up almost 10%.. remember these china stks dropped to the bottom of the earth..

  23. $JD broke that 28 resistance I am sticking looks like may run more.

  24. Interactive Chart -> http://www.cmlviz.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=mm&tickers=JD&metrics=Revenue+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Revenue+(TTM+US$+Millions)&start_date=12/31/2011&end_date=06/30/2015&show_line=false&graph_only=0&referral $JD Revenue is Rising.

  25. $JD what s a good entry point guys? In now? Or wait for a dip? Will there be a dip? I feel like I m missing out! : (