1. @bboczeng On Thurs night you said you were long NEITHER $jdst & $jnug. You seems to be a big gold BEAR. What s your benefit w/o positions?

  2. goldbug2014 blocked me. $JNUG $JDST $GLD Who else did he block?

  3. @wayne0708 so is it good to buy $JDST tommorrow morning?

  4. $JNUG $GDXJ Looking for bounce in $GC_F up till noon-afternoon. Should give better buying opportunity for $JDST.

  5. $UGAZ ohh...will be adding big soon...and $JDST

  6. $JDST looking for 20ss...

  7. $TVIX I guess $SPY will be up tomorrow again since oil fill over 6% means more consumers will spend time to buy $FAS and $RETL $JDST

  8. $GLD $JNUG $JDST - H4 trying to form a hammer?....will be a nice reversal if it does....

  9. $GLD $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST - M15 MACD trying again to cross....back in H4 Channel...Gold is safe for now -

  10. $GLD Long Term trend still bullish. ST low may be around 1000s. $GDX $JDST $JNUG http://stocktwits.com/message/29693394

  11. $JDST Ill see what the gold fix is at 10:30 am then xau then I think am in several $$$ right around 10:34

  12. $JNUG $JDST Yuk ! Yuk ! Miners ,Gold , silver ,copper ... Emotions , patients , charting , capitol - MM s test all of these, good training

  13. $GLD $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST - HEAD FAKE ????? ??

  14. $JNUG gold 1182 $JDST

  15. $GLD $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST - ***updated chart *** Support broken, nothing left holding it up until about 1175

  16. $JDST gold being taken to the woodshed...throw charts out....oil news is dominating movement. Bye bye oil and gold.....

  17. $JDST $GC_F $JNUG Repost of an old chart that still works http://stocktwits.com/message/29693049

  18. $JDST $GDX Could close the wk below resistance level, which means short term High. http://stocktwits.com/message/29692984

  19. $JDST http://goldtadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/gdxj3.png A resistance level to watch

  20. $JDST 1st PT: $17.75

  21. $JDST $JNUG tomorrow going be crazy day lol ....we on fire ...

  22. $JDST Where is the guy in the wife beater and his clients ? Wasn t this going to 80? Lol

  23. $JNUG Honestly I think gold bears including $JDST ers may have a surprise in store for them themselves. Taste of their own medicine soon.

  24. $GDXJ $GLD $JNUG $USDX overall mkt a lil room to run; may pick up some $JDST when gold break 1180

  25. $JDST $jnug volume is supportive of the bulls.