1. $DUST $jdst $nugt Drops Mic

  2. $DUST $jdst $nugt let the fools fight over bull bear. Buy my calls . Get my cash the next day, sell you a put, buy calls at the bottom

  3. $DUST $nugt $gdxj $jdst Man if I only knew then. There is no bull or bear. No right or left wing agenda. Just One agenda. Just profits

  4. $dust $jdst $iag $nugt and they give you the cash 💰 to trade the next day. So I can be both bull & bear on gold. Cover calls. Drops Mic

  5. $JDST glad if goes up else going to be a bum of all my money

  6. $JDST becareful about stock split..

  7. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-y2oNA8cQSqY/VrVE2qhmb8I/AAAAAAAAG6o/8hfPRDyAiGA/s1600/Gold%2BPrice%2BDaily%2Bprediction.png PREDICTIONS $DUST $JDST $NUGT $ JNUG

  8. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-d_2cx_17gkE/VrVBwDqK3II/AAAAAAAAG6A/QmI4ItB5oL4/s1600/Gold%2BPrice.png $JNUG $NUGT $DUST $JDST

  9. $DUST $JDST

  10. $GOLD $GLD $GDX $NUGT $DUST $JNUG $JDST Technical Analysis Video 2/5/2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZKv28gByrI&feature=youtu.be

  11. $JDST . Long gold miners. More pain 4 the s&p Monday

  12. $DUST $JDST $TVIX purple dotted line is MFL Macd breaks. Up through. 💰💰💰 short term target 11.50

  13. $dust $jdst $tvix https://mobile.twitter.com/Gambino_Trading/status/695769501363785728

  14. $dust $jdst $tvix positive money flow on $dust 4hr w/ green cloud ☁

  15. $DUST $jdst after hours Drops Mic

  16. $jdst anticipating positive money flow zone https://mobile.twitter.com/Gambino_Trading/status/695746267830468609 no position yet

  17. $jdst going be a problem next week folks lol smh

  18. $jdst no position yet, think we move back to mid bb at minimum per sympathy trade 5%-25% upside move from here. I sold calls in gold stocks

  19. $jdst potential positive money flow on 4hr . Next week https://mobile.twitter.com/Gambino_Trading/status/695743205548150787 gold bulls beware?


  21. $JDST excited for next week. Got out of $jnug too early, as usual, but I m still happy with that trade.

  22. In $JDST for Monday for a little pullback. Not risking my money on $JNUG at these levels.

  23. $JDST In JDST for Monday

  24. $GDX $DUST $NUGT $JDST --- DAMN! GDX broke 17, this chart is insane.

  25. $JDST add more at 17