1. $DUST $JDST $ETC http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=DUST+Interactive#{"range":"max","indicators":{"sma":[{"id":"sma50","name":"sma","params":[50],"lineType":"line","color":"%2338761d","weight":1}],"rsi":[{"id":"rsi14","name":"rsi","params":[14],"lineType":"line","color":"%23cc4125","weight":1}]},"scale":"linear"} bought a piece of DUST target 22ish (goldprice lower top) GLTA

  2. $JDST should do a nice little run from here

  3. $JDST Seems it hard to break 1295 spot today

  4. $JDST Take the bump and run

  5. Still a bear case for gold. https://www.tradingview.com/x/Rfesu6dU/ $GLD $JNUG $JDST

  6. $JDST Key level 2 watch 4 break out, 7.88; above & it breaks higher; gl.

  7. @Money88 $JDST you ll need to support $7.25. By tomorrow we ll if $GC_F is a one-off day or more up in $UGLD off a-b-c http://stocktwits.com/message/31811918

  8. @Money88 $JDST I m writing more March 8.05 naked puts looking for $3 again http://stocktwits.com/message/31810538

  9. $JDST out with a lil .3 winner. commissions trade. no loss is better then loss

  10. $JDST Somebody s got my scalp and my money nailed to a tree here.

  11. $JNUG Bullish pennant on $GDXJ 15 min chart , uh oh $JDST Looking to exit on breakout

  12. $JDST Would really like to buy JDST at $7.00

  13. $JNUG $JDST $GLD is heading back down to $123.50 level.

  14. $JDST anyone buying here?

  15. $JDST All the LOD stops are about to be eaten up

  16. $JDST potential intraday bear flag.

  17. $JNUG $JDST Intraday pullback in the cards today. probably still finishes around $39 though.

  18. $JDST waiting till tomorrow to see if I can get in at low 7 s or maybe high 6 s

  19. called this one too. $JDST $GDX $GDXJ

  20. <-------Called it $jdst $GDX $GDXJ $dust

  21. The current set up looks similar - w/ the FOMC meeting tomorrow any dovish comments should send gold lower and $JDST Higher - setting up IMO

  22. $JDST - the current 2 day pullback is similar to action following the last bullish PSAR flip on the daily chart - PSAR flipped & 2 day pull

  23. $JDST drop some more baby. get me a nice avg.

  24. $JDST Target: 6.50 s within a week.

  25. @AnthonyVerdone: $JDST scalp time 7.55 in stop loss LOD