1. $JDST tough road ahead around $11.30 level; will have 2 w8 & see if it can push past this break-out level; glta.

  2. $JDST Mainstream talking + about gold, usually equals falling gold price shortly after http://y.ahoo.it/6f6ieZth

  3. $JDST still has not broken free of the negative swing suffered yesterday, meaning $JNUG still have positive swing & momentum carry over.

  4. $JDST GDXJ Drop !! http://y.ahoo.it/Gk7uNh8c

  5. @Ricer that is so positive from a human perspective. Not bad if you are short gold and the miners! Bullish $JDST!

  6. $JDST First target gold $ 1.276.

  7. $JDST sOLD $11.12

  8. $JDST $jnug gaza ceased firefor 50 days.... here goes gold

  9. $JDST covered at $11.10 I just don t see good things happening.

  10. $JDST gold back down and soon to head lower.

  11. I am still short $JDST $UVXY $UGAZ and yes Donna $AMPE I took some grief for shorting $KNDI pm at $19.50, but I am still short that too

  12. $JDST still buying...gold bugs are thinking this is their time to shine. Wait for the drop.

  13. $JDST Looking like jdst hits 10> tomorrow. Gld on a mini rally after being oversold.

  14. @EricBl Currently long $JDST. Will be moving over to $jnug when or if gold goes sub $1240

  15. $JDST let s JDST this thing off again tomorrow and have some fun!

  16. $JDST for such a technically strong seasonality for gold. the stats are favoring jdst for a nice september run :)

  17. $JDST 3 & 3:30 pm data both came in negative; not heading anywhere soon; will w8 this one out; glto.

  18. $JDST Second support $ 10,55.

  19. @sbais: $JDST this may test 10.80 to 10.60 today or tomorrow this range shld hold otherwise v can go down to fat support area lol

  20. $JDST buying more here...gold bugs have been resistant, but the numbers again don t lie.

  21. $JDST wow what a dump

  22. $JNUG $JDST I think somewhere between yesterday s claims to today s action, and today s actual action.. someone got told, by the market.

  23. $JDST 9.37

  24. $JDST only time to buy the JDST is when it s falling red and everyone s pissed at it..double down when it does it again..$10s, $9s. no prob

  25. $JDST Bought $10.94