1. $JJG grain start to have a stronger resistance, up trend look better, in for long.

  2. $JJG Still out. No good up trend yet. JJG for long not day trade.

  3. $JJG as I sais before, goiing down, wheat could reach 460, sold yesterday with no lost.

  4. $JJG ... look like it s goiing back in the 31...

  5. $JJG strong vs $GLD. Grains might have made a decent bottom. Looking for pullback to buy.

  6. $JJG fxmulder, exacly! Got back in again last week. Hope it will get back to + $37.00

  7. $JJG Soft coms looking tasty again on trendline breakout. Lots of range overhead and two upside gaps to fill https://www.tradingview.com/x/NmTbVZRU/

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  10. $JJG as today, actual price of JJG doesn t reflect the price of Wheat, should be lower, around 31.50. I m out.

  11. $JJG Wheat under 500, I m staying out for now, wait for a better trend.

  12. $JJG Starting to look interesting again, if it can break out of the wedge. Getting some positive indicator divergence https://www.tradingview.com/x/DYVC4doz/

  13. $JJG olding over 500, some nice deal I think this AM.

  14. Grain ETN $JJG dropped 1.1% or 0.37 last week, remains below 20-dMA; S/T momo indicators are mixed. $CORN $WEAT

  15. $JJG @ this point look like a false up-trend. I am on Stand-by.

  16. $JJG Wheat under 500.00 could drop more. Stand-by situation.

  17. $JJG sold @ 33.05 this morning. QWeath

  18. $JJG dropped 3.3% or 1.13 last week remaining below its 20-dMA; S/T momo indicators are trending down. $WEAT $CORN

  19. $JJG I guess some are not watching the value of wheat today, price of JJG should be higher....

  20. $JJG touch near bottom again, I am in @ 32.60, could be a rebound. Wheat up this morning 1.12%...

  21. Soybeans - Ouch! http://stockcharts.com/public/1229503/chartbook/414626415; $ZS_F $JJG $SOYB

  22. Bearish action at a glance. Commodities and related http://www.masterchartstrading.com/blog/market-at-a-glance $EEM $UNG $HG_F $NG_F $DBA $JJG $ZS_F $KC_F $JO $EWZ

  23. $JJG Still false up trend situation.

  24. $JJG Wheat could test 500 again. Was not in yet, I wait for the second waive that could be good this time.

  25. $JJG Just when you think it s safe to go back in the wheat field, thx china! $DBA