1. $JJG Wheat still droping under 500. Not in yet.

  2. End Of Day Scan: Aroon New Downtrend $LNN $GIB $JJG $BSFT $IRM $AHS $OFC $KTWO $OMER $UBNK www.DailyStockPlays.com Live Trading Room

  3. $JJG could be a false up trend, I wait for now, 500 is the key mark & must hold on $ZW_F or could reach 480 level

  4. $CORN and $JJG have some wild price swings. So far I haven t figured out how to get in on that without getting crushed.

  5. $JJG getting hit pretty hard today. Never traded this one. Just watching at this point.

  6. http://www.slideshare.net/CommodityTradingResearch/grain-futures-the-easy-way-to-profit [Slides] Great #Grains! $CORN $SOYB $WEAT $DBA $JJG

  7. $JJG radar... $ZW_F near 500.

  8. $JJG wait...

  9. Grain Complex Rallies $JJG http://www.wallstreetsectorselector.com/investment-articles/editors-desk/2015/07/grain-complex-rallies/

  10. Red Hot Grains, Hit Resistance, Cooling Off $JJG $CORN $WEAT http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/red-hot-grains-hit-resistance-cooling-off?post=69370

  11. Red hot grains hit resistance, cooling off. $CORN $SOYB $WEAT $JJG http://blog.kimblechartingsolutions.com/2015/07/red-hot-grains-hit-resistance-cooling-off/

  12. Breakouts in #agricultural commodities may have failed already. Watch @ 16:05 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0b05Rn6T1w&feature=youtu.be&t=16m5s $JJG goes on our short signal $DBA

  13. New #market recap video posted http://www.masterchartstrading.com/blog/market-recap-for-friday-july-17-2015-spy-qqq-fdn-xbi-xsd-tlt-uup-gld-gdx-abx-jjg I cover: $SPY $QQQ $FDN $XBI $SXD $TLT $UUP $GDX $ABX $GLD $JJG

  14. $JJG if you are new to this, $ZW_F is the most important to watch. I am waiting to see the trend when around 500 - 520 to get in again.

  15. Breakout in #grains may have failed. $JJG goes on our short signal again http://stockcharts.com/public/1229503/chartbook/414626763; $JJG

  16. El NiƱo weather pattern takes hold; what does it mean for grain commodities? https://www.facebook.com/investmentstrategythoughts/posts/856806967731928 $JJG $DBA

  17. Alert Update: $JJG failed to show commitment to B/O over 38.99 as well $CORN has backed off B/O trigger over 27.25; No Positions

  18. Grains have undergone a classical short-squeeze, but what s next? https://www.facebook.com/investmentstrategythoughts/posts/856806967731928 $JJG $DBA $DBC

  19. @KimbleCharting Big Test for this really, as July typically soft seasonal pattern. $ZC_F $CORN $JJG $WEAT $SOYB

  20. Big Test for this really, as July typically soft seasonal pattern. $ZC_F $CORN $JJG $WEAT $SOYB

  21. $JJG Trend still down. Waiting for wheat @ 500-510 to get in again.

  22. $JJG wont old. Weath down.

  23. $JJG Cautious here, under radar.

  24. CMF Improving http://www.dailystockplays.com/CMF-Improving-2015-07-06.html $COMM $CONE $DWA $WGO $EEFT $JJG $LXFT $GLPI $KKD $RGEN $LPCN $VAC $MMU $OIA $HQH $NPT $WIW $QCRH

  25. $JJG Wheat ZW1 @ 575, need to get back over 615 or could drop more.