1. Nickel Has Longest 42 Month Rally On $RUSSIA Supply A $WIN For Their $OIL $GAZ $PALL $JJN http://y.ahoo.it/mplZEjRg via@BloombergNews $RSX $DBC

  2. $JJN wow this went down to mid 22s this morning?! missed it!

  3. Nickel has been on a real tear $JJN $S.CA http://y.ahoo.it/XjBtLxk4

  4. NICKEL up>2% continues to make highs $BHP $FCX $VALE $NEM $AA $JJN $NILSY Still same Goe-po issues, more so about Russia & 2nd is Indonesia

  5. Nickel Nickel Nickel bull hit s high s again.Talk n heads used Nickel & Alum. in same sentence=trade W/caution $BHP $FCX $VALE $NEM $AA $JJN

  6. $GLD I know nobody is really watching it, nickle fromUkraine has been cut off, $jjn -warning*hard to exit though with so few shares trading.

  7. $BHP $BBL $MT $SID $JJN $SWC NIckel going on +3-4wk BUY Nickel&Stainless Steel related co. s...Due the DD Geo~Politico push M&A also

  8. We ve looked at copper, steel, aluminum. Let s look at nickel today $JJN $S.CA $LUN.CA $FM.CA http://y.ahoo.it/Oiaj07J7

  9. Sucden Quarterly Metal Reprt(1- 13) file:///C:/Users/old%20man%20river/Downloads/sucden-financial-qmr-jan-2013.pdf $GLD $SLV $JJC $JJN $JJT

  10. Stars Aligned for Nickel Bull Market http://y.ahoo.it/HPpdEzTp $NILSY $VALE $JJN $NINI

  11. NOTE: $CMC ERN s pm&cc10:00cst..should offer breadth of color 2sectors $SCRAP $STEEL $EXPORT etc. $DIA $SPY $XLB $XLI $JJN $JJC $jjt $JJU

  12. Metals dipp n $SID $CMC ern s $X & lol $CLF (no luv 4that 1) $MT $FCX $AKS Buy dips Pick~n~Play Bullish $JJN $RIO $BHP on $VALE $TCK most

  13. Why Nickel May Be Just Beginning A Major Breakout Move $GDXJ $JJN $GLD $REMX $RNX.CA http://y.ahoo.it/V6bcIhcn

  14. @allstarcharts You ve mentioned ratios before... How about nickel to copper? $JJN $JJC http://y.ahoo.it/Mz8zn1rE

  15. $YNDX The Russian $GOOG Looks Undervalued http://y.ahoo.it/AMRhNSyI via @salphatrending $HDGE $ERUS $RSX $RUSL $RBL $RUSS $RSXJ $JJN $WEAT $XRU

  16. Pedal to the metals: Nickel etn $JJN jumping out of 1 yr base as the reality of Indonesian export ban sinks in.

  17. Copper & Nickel diverged this week. ow.ly/i/4PEmK $JJC $JJN

  18. 3 Commodity ETFs Still Looking Strong http://y.ahoo.it/Uz8aoav1 $PPLT $PALL $JJN

  19. Dave s Daily: Bulls Build On Positive Market Reversal http://y.ahoo.it/wmqBOwsC $SPY $IGN $MUB $JJN $VGK

  20. $JJN World Nickel prices to climb due to Indonesian ban on exports http://y.ahoo.it/doyk8G7F

  21. $JJN HOD

  22. Syria Will Cause Commodities Deflation Read How $VXX $VIX $GLD $JJC $JJM $JJN $JJT $JJU $FOIL http://y.ahoo.it/ctyRy7BA

  23. $XME And $GDX $GDXJ $GLDX $RING $GGGG $GLTR $NUGT Are Companies That Mine $GLD $SLV $PALL $PPLT With Byproducts Of $DBB $CU $JJN May Bottom

  24. Weaker commodity: 5-day $UNG $JJU $JJT $JJN $NIB 20-day $UNG $GRN $JJT $JO $GLD 50-day $UGA $GRN $BAL $SOYB $PALL

  25. $CU $CPER $JJC $FCX $DUK are companies for a diverse portfolio with $XLE $XLU sector with byproducts $DBB $JJN $GLD $SLV $DIG $UNG pays $DIV