1. $JJS What the...?

  2. Gainers: $PLUG+28.43% $SKUL+27.32% $JJS+24.37% Losers: $PXLW-24.18% $NLNK-16.36% $ALOG-15.54% Stock Movers Report: http://y.ahoo.it/RcwtltC0

  3. $JO February ETF Performance Report http://y.ahoo.it/t4qCj9ju $CAFE $CVOL $EMDR $JJS $NGE

  4. Observations On The Commodity Sectors http://y.ahoo.it/3PQSi5Ug Charts & Analysis by the Short Side Of Long blog. $RJN $JJG $JJS

  5. EXCLUSIVE U.S. Directs Agents Cover Up Program Investigating Americans http://y.ahoo.it/LshSY4Oo via@reuters $JJS $IYK $VDC $UGA $DBA $DBC $SPY

  6. $JJS Softs Potential Breakout. The Softs ETN is potentially signalling a breakout coming based on the daily. The Weekly http://y.ahoo.it/z1rl9JPz

  7. $JJS Looking for derivative plays for rising cotton, sugar, coffee prices (softs)

  8. Softs -- Waiting for a pullback to get long this ETN $JJS http://y.ahoo.it/P5FR5dhM

  9. Don t overlook the commodity ETFs. $SGG +9.88% on the week, $JJS 9.0% In http://y.ahoo.it/KKSD6ThH

  10. Commodities are the AAA-rated Municipal Bonds of 2011-12 $USCI $GCC $DBC $IAU $WITE $JJG $JJS $RJN $DBE $DAG

  11. $JJA $JJG $JJS $CORN Sept Wheat down $27/bushel, Dec. Corn down $23/bshl. Giants $K $GIS $KFT $KO $PEP locking up a diminishing supply?

  12. sickmint79 has held $JJS in his Covestor Personal Track Record since 20 Nov 2009

  13. U.S. Dollar ($UUP) still weak: $KOL $BAL $JJS $SLV $GLD $BTU $DE $CAT

  14. Picking up some more $JJS and $RJA today. Tsunami/Nuclear Leak will likely cause an increase in Japanese agricultural imports. #HuskyTraders

  15. Equities look unattractive for now. Commodities and precious metals remain in play: $SLV $GLD $CEF $KOL $GLTR $BAL $JJS

  16. Sold $JJS, stopped out of $SVM for a 35% gain. Initiated a position in $V $AAPL and $BRK.B this week. #HuskyTraders

  17. is time to reverse the "thesis" form September it was short the long $ZB_F $tmv & long softs $JJS $CORN $BAL ..? so many ? never dull moment

  18. Bonds $ZB_F breaking lower out of 3mth base & softs $JJS making alll time high...Hmmmtlt

  19. $RJA, $JJA, $JJS expense fees all .75, which one do you like the best?