1. whatever this $jjt is it s halted as well

  2. Worst 10 Commodity ETFs Of 2015 $PALL $SGG $CANE $SGAR $NINI $JJN $CAFE $JJT $JO $GAZ http://www.etf.com/sections/features-and-news/worst-10-commodity-etfs-2015

  3. Base Metals Second Quarter review and outlook for Q3 http://technomentals.com/2015/07/06/base-metals-second-quarter-review-and-outlook-for-q3/ $HG_F $DBB $RJZ $JJT $JJN $JJU $LD $FOIL $JJZ $SPY

  4. Bear market on industrial commodities $BDD, $BDG, $CPER, $CUPM, $DBB, $JJC, $JJM, $JJN $JJT, $JJU, $LD, $NINI, $RJZ, http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/Industrial_commodities/months/absolute

  5. $JJT $JJT $JJU $JJC AND $TC $TCLP AND of all the $mdr

  6. Sucden Quarterly Metal Reprt(1- 13) file:///C:/Users/old%20man%20river/Downloads/sucden-financial-qmr-jan-2013.pdf $GLD $SLV $JJC $JJN $JJT

  7. NOTE: $CMC ERN s pm&cc10:00cst..should offer breadth of color 2sectors $SCRAP $STEEL $EXPORT etc. $DIA $SPY $XLB $XLI $JJN $JJC $jjt $JJU

  8. Syria Will Cause Commodities Deflation Read How $VXX $VIX $GLD $JJC $JJM $JJN $JJT $JJU $FOIL http://y.ahoo.it/ctyRy7BA

  9. charts of interest: http://y.ahoo.it/kJN7pLoT $JJT $NZDUSD $XRT $XLP $SPY $XLV $XRT $JJM $DBA

  10. CFTC Subpoena $GS $JPM Glencore As Metals Inquiry Heats Up http://y.ahoo.it/LNx0QSjF via@reuters $JJU $JJC $JJT $GLCNY $GLD $SLV $OIL $DBC $UNG

  11. Commodities baby: http://y.ahoo.it/bgHVrjF2 $jjt $nzdusd $xrt $xlp $spy $xlv $xrt $jjm $dba

  12. Macro Chart Mania; a few things i m watching: http://y.ahoo.it/zFLOBAwY $spy $tlt $vix $vxx $xlu $xlv $xlp $fxi $ewp $jjt $bal

  13. Post: A few things i m eying: http://y.ahoo.it/1jZfDgfh $spy $tlt $vix $vxx $xlu $xlp $fxi $ewp $jjt $bal

  14. Stronger commodities: 5-day $JJT $NLR $LLU $PALL $JO 20-day $UGA $USO $JJC $BNO $UHN 50-day $JJC $UHN $USO $NLR $BNO

  15. Weaker commodity: 5-day $UNG $JJU $JJT $JJN $NIB 20-day $UNG $GRN $JJT $JO $GLD 50-day $UGA $GRN $BAL $SOYB $PALL

  16. Weaker commodity: 5-day $NLR $JJT $JJC $BAL $SLV 20-day $GLD $SLV $CORN $BAL $NLR 50-day $BNO $UGA $PPLT $UHN $PALL

  17. Stronger commodity: 5-day $JO $UGA $NIB $SGG $UNG 20-day $JO $NIB $SGG $UNG $JJT 50-day $NIB $JO $UNG $SGG $CORN


  19. Weaker commodity: 5-day $BAL $SGG $JJT $UGA $PALL 20-day $UGA $UHN $BNO $JO $BAL 50-day $JJT $UHN $BNO $JJC $PPLT

  20. Weaker commodity: 5-day $CORN $BAL $JJC $GLD $JO 20-day $BNO $UHN $JJU $JJC $PPLT 50-day $ $JJT $JJU $UHN $JJN $BNO $USO

  21. Stronger commodities: 5-day $CORN $JJT $UNG $BAL $GLD 20-day $UNG $JO $SGG $NLR $NIB 50-day $UNG $JO $CORN $BAL $UGA

  22. $JJN $BAL $JJT $SGG $JO these commods doing nada on reaction versus $SLV $GLD and then $JJC @ HOD Fed doesnt need to worry abt inflation

  23. $JJN $JJU $JO $NIB $CORN $JJT $COW i think, and i dont claim to know everything, but not a good sign near 52 lows or range bound.

  24. along with $JJC, $JJT looks awfully. Could this be telling us something about packaged goods going forward? observation

  25. $JJT tin i find unique and interesting since its used in the packing of goods and packages. which gives us clues about economy status