1. $CSIQ $SPWR $JKS in the solar sector sell off breakdown looks like JKS has held up the best so far, good old Chinese CO.

  2. $JKS

  3. $SCTY $fslr $jks. $spwr

  4. Chinese Solar Stocks in Danger: $TSL $JKS $ASTI http://streetwisereport.com/chinese-solar-stocks-in-danger-trina-solar-limited-nysetsl-jinkosolar-holding-nysejks-ascent-solar-technologies-nasdaqasti/342033/

  5. $JKS Did you think this was going up? Haha... JKS = Just Kidding Suckers... I m still bullish LT though

  6. $CSIQ, $RUN, $FSLR, $TSL, $JKS will solar replace coal? another coal producer files for BK soon... http://seekingalpha.com/article/3966095-westmoreland-coal-company-excellent-short-candidate-bankruptcy-protection-likely

  7. As mentioned couple of days ago short all solar $fslr $scty $csiq $jks $sedg $spwr $terp

  8. $CSIQ $JKS $TSL One of you 3 pick an earnings date already.

  9. $SCTY $fslr $jks. At&t partnership w $spwr http://electrek.co/2016/04/26/att-and-sunpower-bring-you-iot-solar-monitoring-partnership-to-residential-customers/

  10. As I mentioned yesterday shirt solar today $fsle $scty &Qaeda $spwr $csiq $jks... Good profitable day today.. Hope you all made $$$$

  11. $JKS expecting another bullish day today

  12. $FSLR $csiq $scty $jks $sedg $spwr that s quite the comeback on FSLR in the AH - tomorrow will be a bull bear battle out of the hopper!

  13. Shorting $SCTY $SEDG & $JKS at this time, is too risky. Chart knows more than SwingPlay! 🐴

  14. $FSLR $55 soon short all solar Tom $csiq $scty $jks $sedg $spwr

  15. $FSLR Dinosaur in the making. Hope you re all diversified in other solars. Even the ones WS loudmouths have deemed unworthy. $JKS $CSIQ

  16. $FSLR Once again proving they re very overrated compared to $JKS $CSIQ.

  17. $SUNE so if big daddy earnings beats tonight $fslr.. All solar sector will lit up $scty $csiq $jks $sedg $spwr

  18. $JKS this is heading north...

  19. $JKS liking the action the past few days. patience pays off. buy, hold and average down whenever it hits the teens

  20. $SCTY $FSLR $SEDG $JKS $CSIQ $USO up, good for solar

  21. [PR] $JKS JinkoSolar 1500-Volt Eagle Modules Available for Delivery in North America Following UL 1703 Certificatio... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/jinkosolar-1500-volt-eagle-modules-available-for-delivery-in-north-america-following-ul-1703-certification-2016-04-27

  22. $JKS Expecting another extremely bullish day today.

  23. $JKS Time to move on the yieldco this ER. Solid earnings, the May convertibles paid off and a yieldco announced? Making of a bullet train.

  24. $CSIQ $JKS Ah, market manipulation. Gotta think someone has been accumulating on these forced dips and rebounds over past week or two.

  25. New trend started on $JKS when price was 23.01 http://shark-finance.com/index.php?stc=JKS #TradingSystem #Stock