1. $JNJ Biosense Webster, Inc. Launches Outcomes-Based, Risk-Sharing Program to Reinforce Significant Patient Benefits http://www.finances.com/company-news/48355-biosense-webster-inc-launches-outcomes-based-risk-sharing-program-to-reinforce-significant-patient-benefits-demonstrated-by-companys-leading-contact-force-therapy.htm

  2. $GILD #Olysio: Prescr. figures for wk ending 12/12 (Bloomberg/Symphony Health) : TRx@ 862, NRx@ 325. $JNJ

  3. $AAPL $JNJ Help me out here... What are the general rules for trading trends in these last two weeks if any? Thanks in advance

  4. $ICPT tomorrow morning prediction: $450 buyout by $GILD or $JNJ

  5. $ICPT Only remaining thing on my Xmas list is $GLD or $JNJ or $PFE or $MRK or $GSK acquiring ICPT .. Is anyone from these comp. listening?

  6. Battle In Hepatitis C Market: Bristol-Myers Squibb Needs To Speed Up http://www.trefis.com/stock/bmy/articles/270396/battle-in-hepatitis-c-market-bristol-myers-squibb-needs-to-speed-up/2014-12-18 by Trefis Team $BMY $JNJ $MRK

  7. The idea is to outlast market generating cash w/protection while you wait for big move in favor of your main position $SPX $GILD $MA $JNJ

  8. Earnings announcement: $JNJ is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Jan 20 2015

  9. $IBIO $GSK $LAKE $APT $JNJ $TKMR Bullish reset coming in 11 more trading days - Janurary 5, 2015. Tax loss selling done. New $ hit equities.

  10. $IBIO $GSK $LAKE $APT $JNJ $TKMR Bullish reset coming in 11 more trading days (Janurary 5, 2014). Tax loss selling done. New $ hit equities.

  11. $JNJ Any idea when this is going to pop due the Ebola Vaccine approval?

  12. $JNJ Safe trade

  13. Check out which Medical device stocks that surged in 2014. $MDT $AGN $CFN $CAH $EW $JNJ http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/157728/3-us-medical-devices-stocks-that-surged-in-2014?editor=patrick_anderson

  14. $JNJ Seeing some flattening here after the recent move down. Liking the chances of a move up in the near future.

  15. If ur looking for a safe , nice yielding, good management team stock look at $JNJ it s pulled off from highs and at strong support ~100-103

  16. What dividend stocks would I buy if I were just starting out as a dividend investor? http://www.dividendgrowthinvestor.com/2014/12/what-dividend-stocks-would-i-buy-if-i.html $XOM $COP $CVX $JNJ $PEP $PM $UL

  17. $IBIO $LAKE $APT $GSK $JNJ President Obama signed spending bill including $5.4B for ebola fight: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/obama-signs-11-trillion-spending-bill-law-27651330

  18. @makewaves Might jump in on the $JNJ call side if I see the market going up.

  19. Where the market goes, $JNJ follows. And, market is oversold at the moment. But oversold can stay oversold for a while.

  20. $JNJ Bounced off 200sma. 50% retrace from hi of 11/19 of 109.49 and 10/15 low of 95.10 is 102.30.

  21. $JNJ trending on 6 messages! you go jnj

  22. 12/16/14 VIDEO: Ebola Vaccine Research Panel on C-SPAN: Watch here now: http://www.c-span.org/video/?323340-1/discussion-ebola-vaccine-research $IBIO $LAKE $APT $GSK $JNJ $TKMR

  23. RIGHT NOW: Live Ebola Vaccine Research Panel on C-SPAN: Watch here now: http://csis.org/event/ebola-vaccines-and-antivirals-what-lies-ahead $IBIO $LAKE $APT $GSK $JNJ

  24. @OhManIDied $IBIO $LAKE $APT $GSK $JNJ: Log in through http://www.c-span.org/live/?channel=c-span or go to C-span on your cable channel.

  25. @juan_manuelcaceres: $GILD Assessing Gilead s Perception Gap http://seekingalpha.com/article/2759515 $GILD, $ABBV, $BMY, $JNJ, $MRK, $CELG, $REGN, $BIIB