1. $NBS $PFE $JNJ $NVS $BAX $LLY $GSK $SNY $JAZZ $LXRX NBS Tailwinds http://y.ahoo.it/QIUErhYE and http://y.ahoo.it/bIiNbQ1d

  2. $JNJ OI for maturity 08/01/2014. 100.00 Highest put. 107.00 Highest call. http://y.ahoo.it/Z2PbTMYU

  3. $JNJ Max Pain is 103.00 for maturity 08/01/2014. Last close = 102.11. http://y.ahoo.it/1iobuLga

  4. On the potential shopping list this week...$V $FSLR $ESRX $MA $JNJ. We ll see what opportunities the irrational give us.

  5. $JNJ Let go of this piece of crap for a break even. Waste of my week

  6. Covestor holds an allocation of 0.8% in $JNJ in his Risk Protection Investment Portfolio

  7. Martin Investment Management holds an allocation of 3.0% in $JNJ in his Best Ideas Investment Portfolio

  8. Triboro Investment Management holds an allocation of 3.0% in $JNJ in his Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio

  9. $MNKD Partner or B/O. There are plenty of Big Pharma companies that would want this device and delivery system in their pipeline. $JNJ one

  10. BlackRock: Stocks Iffy, But Not These Pockets http://y.ahoo.it/2xGhPFpJ $BLK $MGV $XOM $MSFT $JNJ $WFC $GE $JPM $CVX $BRK.B $PG $PFE $BAC $C

  11. @AJ88 Sometimes boring is good! $JNJ

  12. Leerink Medical Device Analyst to hold ortho industry conf call 7/25 at 10:30AM. $NUVA, $GMED, $JNJ, $KTWO, $LDRH, $MDT, $MZOR, $SYK, $ZMH

  13. $JNJ Looking for a bullish entry around 103.

  14. $JNJ Boring

  15. PPCA Inc. holds an allocation of 3.3% in $JNJ in his Centric Core Investment Portfolio

  16. Elliott Management Discloses 6.7% Stake In Interpublic Group http://y.ahoo.it/dECybUdZ $IPG $MSFT $GM $KO $UV $JNJ

  17. Covestor holds an allocation of 1.6% in $JNJ in his Active and Aggressive Investment Portfolio

  18. 7 of the most famous product recalls of all time and how the stock reacted http://y.ahoo.it/ngnJGhjU $JNJ $MRK $PFE $HAS $TM $GGG

  19. LakeView Asset Mgmt holds an allocation of 3.9% in $JNJ in his High Dividend Low Volatility Investment Portfolio

  20. Bear Case Scenario AbbVie $ABBV, $JNJ, $NVS, $RHHBY, $PJP, $XPH, $IHE, $PPH http://y.ahoo.it/UFUWNv8d

  21. Bull Case Scenario Abbvie $ABBV, $JNJ, $NVS, $RHHBY, $PJP, $XPH, $IHE, $PPH http://y.ahoo.it/CNGgojc3

  22. $ONVO entered into an agreement with Jansen Research a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson $JNJ http://y.ahoo.it/EBKQ8U1f

  23. Oceanic Capital holds an allocation of 8.1% in $JNJ in his Global Diversified Aggressive Investment Portfolio

  24. Beckerman Institutional holds an allocation of 4.6% in $JNJ in his Asset Allocation Investment Portfolio

  25. $ONVO deal is with Janssen Research and Development. a pharmaceutical company of $JNJ. outside of the company s work in 3D liver tissue.