1. The Nitrous Scan 7/31/2015 http://gtlackey.com/the-nitrous-scan-7312015/ $KIE $BLDR $JNPR $CLS $CHRW $ACE $NUAN $BJRI $DIN $RTN

  2. These 40 stocks in $SPY are set to close at a new 52-week high today. $DHI, $NKE, $PFE, $JNPR, $RCL, $EXPE, $AMZN

  3. $JNPR AUG WEEKLY1 28 CALLS Active on offer side 2300+ @$.54

  4. Active Stocks in Review: $EMC $JNPR $PRSN

  5. High Insider Selling Activity Detected At These Companies ~ $NKE, $JNPR, More $TXN http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/high-insider-selling-activity-detected-at-these-companies-nike-inc-nke-juniper-networks-inc-jnpr-more-364670/?utm_source=Stocktwits&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=dnan

  6. Decent performers on a year-to-date basis: $VIP $CRM $JNPR $GOOGL http://www.investorwired.com/oil-prices-fell-ocean-rig-udw-inc-orig-northern-oil-gas-inc-nog-noble-corp-plc-ne-diamond-offshore-drilling-inc-do/1747016

  7. Premarket Top % Gainers: $DWTI 4.7%, $JDST 3.8%, $GPRO 3.3%, $SCO 3.3%, $SGYP 3%, $RCL 1.7%, $MT 1.5%, $JNPR 1.5%, $CS $PYPL $ALV $SONS $ABB

  8. $JNPR looks good for a continued uptrend.

  9. $JNPR $LUV $SPY $KING $BBY View our option trades. Questions? See our profile.

  10. MA10-MA50 Bull Crossover: $AWI, $CYT, $FFIV, $JNPR, $MWW http://www.ninestocks.com/2015/07/ma10-ma50-bull-crossover-armstrong-world-industries-inc-awi-cytec-industries-inc-cyt-f5-networks-ffiv-juniper-networks-jnpr-monster-worldwide-mww/

  11. Insider Transaction: $JNPR Automatic Sale at $27.29 per share of 14290 shares by Officer Molinaro Vincent on 2015-07-28.

  12. Insider Transaction: $JNPR Automatic Sale at $27.28 per share of 2957 shares by Officer Davidson Jonathan on 2015-07-28.

  13. Insider Transaction: $JNPR Automatic Sale at $27.29 per share of 3183 shares by Officer Spidell Terrance F on 2015-07-28.

  14. Insider Transaction: $JNPR Sale at $27.50 per share of 10000 shares by Director Stensrud William on 2015-07-30.

  15. $JNPR: New Insider Transaction on JNPR by Director STENSRUD WILLIAM: http://insideri.com/1219157_000104360415000134_0001043604-15-000134

  16. Elliott Management Blows Out Of Juniper $JNPR @activiststocks http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/07/elliott-management-blows-out-of-juniper/

  17. Elliott Management Corp Signs Cooperation Agreement With $CTXS, Cuts Stake in $JNPR http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/elliott-management-corp-signs-cooperation-agreement-with-citrix-systems-inc-ctxs-cuts-stake-in-juniper-networks-inc-jnpr-364587/?utm_source=Stocktwits&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=dnan

  18. $JNPR $ORCL $RHT buy em :4) talk is cheap

  19. $JNPR Form 4: On July 28, 2015, Terrance Spidell, VP & CAO, sold 3,183 shares at a weighted avg. price of $27.2896. He now owns no shares.

  20. $JNPR Form 4: On July 28, 2015, Molinaro Vincent, EVP, sold 14,290 shares at a weighted average price of $27.292. He now owns no shares.

  21. $JNPR Form 4: On July 28, 2015, Jonathan Davidson, EVP, sold 2,957 shares at a weighted avg. price of $27.2833. He now owns 50,909 shares.

  22. $JNPR Bullish Continuation? . higher after filling the gap

  23. End Of Day Scan: 1234 Bullish $PBCT $JNPR $PCAR $FTK $AMT $QLIK $JDST $ITEK $AMZN $BBT www.DailyStockPlays.com Day Trading Room

  24. Insider Transaction: $JNPR Automatic Sale at $27.27 - $27.33 per share of 52003 shares by Officer Denholm Robyn M on 2015-07-28.

  25. Juniper Networks s VP Corp Controller & CAO just disposed of 3,183 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1877583 $JNPR