1. Quick Small flip in $RUSL .. i am out. Small position in $RUSS.. adding to $JNUG and $GDXJ and Gold.. see if $1176 area holds

  2. $JNUG looking for a bounce in 2.04 area.. but gold needs to touch 1175 and bounce back..

  3. $GLD $JNUG so cheap. get what you pay for I guess.

  4. $JNUG any ideas on what is trashing the gold price today? what news etc?

  5. $JNUG Added in second account

  6. $JNUG Long

  7. $JNUG buy limit order set at $2.04

  8. $JNUG Where the Bulls at? File for bankruptcy yet? Or crying themselves to sleep. Keep getting slaughtered Buncha sheep. Mindless animals xD

  9. $JNUG Looks like it might bounce in this level, picking up $JNUG now. $GLD $SLV look like they wanna bounce, stop at $2.04

  10. $JNUG come on, expecting a bigger dip here

  11. $JNUG @sox18 - ur not playing a 3x correctly - let me show u how to get ur money back :)

  12. $JNUG go check out $ZAZA

  13. $GLD $JNUG Gold in dangerous place, failing at the downsloping 50 post break of 1190, rally back weak, risk high http://stocktwits.com/message/30545552

  14. $JNUG $JDST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEeqCbEFIJw

  15. $JNUG today s dog is tomorrow s diamond.

  16. $JNUG If you re a bull. I have you lose your money. Buncha trigger happy monkeys.

  17. @Sox18: $JNUG And $NUGT are scam ETFs ... Same with $JDST $DUST yes.. yes they are.. but people like roulette

  18. $JNUG Scam.

  19. $JNUG funniest thing ive heard all day = Kick you in the balls and give you money back, reminds me of vegas vacation movie.

  20. @Sox18: $JNUG And $NUGT are scam ETFs ... Same with $JDST $DUST DUDE..SHUT THE F**K UP!

  21. $JNUG And $NUGT are scam ETFs ... Same with $JDST $DUST

  22. $JNUG I will create an ETF and kick you in the balls and give you half your money back.. it will be more succesful then @DirexionShares

  23. $JNUG ....recent history... $DSLV went through a reverse split from 4 or so to 40... and is now at $76. If JNUG follows same trend.....

  24. $JNUG Isn t it hilarious that these big funds have legal ways to scam money. The rich always get richer. Life.

  25. $JNUG These scam ETFs are known around the investing world to steal very clear of. Pure vegas players here... Scam tools.