1. $JO If you bought Oct 20 puts from me - my apologies.

  2. $JO http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-10-05/el-nino-might-rescue-global-growth-and-commodities

  3. $jo HOD

  4. $JO What s a good entry here?

  5. $JO finally some relief

  6. $jo HOD

  7. @HipsterTrader: $JO looking good

  8. $JO looking good

  9. @Beast_Of_Caerbannog: $JO looking perky. Up 2.48% pre-market.

  10. $jo nice open

  11. $JO looking perky. Up 2.48% pre-market.

  12. $JO Vietnam s coffee exports in Sept 15 could reach an estimated 1.5 mln bags, down 7.5% from a year ago, the GSO said in a monthly report

  13. AUTOMATION MSG: Maintain $jo longs.

  14. $KC_F $JO https://www.agra-net.net/agra/international-coffee-report/analysis/production/brazil---conab-reduces-201516-coffee-crop-forecast-to-42.15-mln-bags--1.htm Brazil - Conab reduces 2015/16 coffee crop forecast to 42.15 mln bags, -4.8%

  15. Still long $jo . Have patience

  16. $JO got faked out today, for me this is usually a negative sign for the long term.

  17. Real looks like it may have put in short term bottom. Looking for first weekly gain in 7. Bullish for $JO along with El NiƱo

  18. @lumberjax: $jo hello how are you? do you anticipate this breakout turning around at top of trendline nearterm? or a breakout big past ?

  19. @Beast_Of_Caerbannog $JO. what s your target? 22-23 ish?

  20. $jo hello

  21. our #sugar is up 10% $SGG , #coffee price is at nowhere $JO . #Copper is testing low again $JJC.

  22. $JO _F oj

  23. We re going green here somewhere. Many bargains. $TSLA, $SSYS, $TASR, $OMER, $SHAK, $JO, $AAPL, $CLM, $PII, $SONC, $KHC, $GPRO

  24. $JO live futures complement of Bloomberg JO up 1.2%

  25. $GC_F and $SI_F Red in this mornings Commodities Basket with US jobs data in focus: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG