1. Daily crude oil, natural gas, gold, coffee and sugar markets summary for Monday evening > http://crudeoiltrader.blogspot.com/p/market.html $USO $UNG $GLD $JO

  2. Natty Gas $NG_F flashing the only Green in this morning s Commodities Basket: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  3. $JO http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/03/us-usa-coffee-summer-insight-idUSKCN0Q80DD20150803

  4. $KC_F rolling over premarket $JO $CAFE needs to hold blue line & break green line $USDX $SPY

  5. $UGAZ - $JO $KC_F Where is coffee going?

  6. $KC_F $JO http://www.agrimoney.com/news/market-too-optimistic-on-brazil-arabica-crop-say-producers--8638.html

  7. Weekly Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Coffee and Sugar Markets Recap with Mike Seery > http://crudeoiltrader.blogspot.com/2015/08/weekly-crude-oil-gold-silver-coffee-and.html $USO $GLD $SLV $JO $SGG

  8. $JO what s the underlying thesis here? Coffee is low because..? recovery thesis?

  9. $SSYS was my biggest money-maker this week, all shorts, then $JO, then $KHC tied with $PII, and then one trade each for $RJET and $BBRY.

  10. Sold all coffee ETFs. also $JO @21 with -3.5% loss. Gonna come back in future weeks.

  11. $JO Market too optimistic on Brazil arabica crop, say producers. http://www.agrimoney.com/news/market-too-optimistic-on-brazil-arabica-crop-say-producers--8638.html

  12. Nailed it! Sold 3 lots of $JO at the open at $21.30. I had lots purchased at $20, $20.54, and $20.44.

  13. The horses are getting ready to run out of the gate $JO

  14. $JO just jumped pre-market. Adjusting my sell targets from $21 to $21.30.

  15. My long plays this morning: $PII, $SONC, $KHC, $JO, $SGG, $RJET, $CLM. Shorts: $MCD, $EHTH, $PEGA, $NTRI, $GNC, $TSLA, $MBLY, $JACK.

  16. $SPY Notice $KC_F $ZC_F Coffee & Corn futures premarket $CORN below 200 day ema, needs to break above 8 day ema $JO

  17. Daily crude oil, natural gas, gold, coffee and sugar markets summary for Thursday evening 7/30 > http://crudeoiltrader.blogspot.com/p/market.html $USO $UNG $GLD $JO

  18. $JO Somebody just learned a lesson about bid/ask spreads in the after-market- .68 cents, ouch!

  19. It s weird how $CAFE and $JO can trade in opposite directions when they track the same thing.

  20. $JO sell target $21.

  21. $JO, $SGG moving up pre-mkt.

  22. Daily #crudeoil, natural gas, #gold, coffee and sugar markets summary for Thursday morning > http://tinyurl.com/nor6ozc $USO $GLD $UNG $JO

  23. $JO http://www.eater.com/2015/7/17/8992459/caffeine-addicted-beetle-is-ruining-coffee-crops-everywhere

  24. You can win by riding the top horses and/or by avoiding the worst horses $IBB $RSX $JO $GREK

  25. Daily crude oil, natural gas, gold, coffee and sugar markets summary for Wednesday evening > http://crudeoiltrader.blogspot.com/p/market.html $USO $UNG $GLD $JO