1. $JO $GLD

  2. I m also starting to eye commodities. $JO (Coffee) seems to be bottoming. I d avoid gold for now. Watch the $1K psychological level.

  3. $JO wow looks like $BURNEDCOFFEE

  4. $JO Dollar moving higher

  5. $JO so what is going on with coffee?

  6. A sea of Red in this morning s Commodities Basket: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  7. $KC_F $KT_F Monthly at 15-year support. $JO

  8. Odds n Socks!! $AMBA +1.5% $CLVS +4.6% $CONN 2.2% $FANG +2.6% $JO +1.1% $SLW +3.1% $TASR +5.3% $TCK +4.1% $URI +1.7%

  9. In this morning s Commodities Basket, Copper $HG_F inches back from 6-year lows: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  10. $JO http://www.barchart.com/headlines/story/12272203/coffee-prices-up-sharply-this-week

  11. A sea of Red in this morning s Basket as Commodities skid on strengthening USD: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG $USDX

  12. Reflections over a Monday morning cup of $JO: Positive technical action by $SPX stocks last week likely to continue this week!

  13. Reflections over a Sunday morning cup of $JO: continued short term uptrend $SPY

  14. Coffee Futures Price Targets On Multiple Time Frames (11/16) http://www.seeitmarket.com/coffee-futures-update-trading-price-targets-and-time-frames-14978/ by @BartsCharts $KC_F $JO $SBUX

  15. $JO from this morning s post, Gap Up, presently up 3.1% to 19.84; Swing Position

  16. $JO Would love to see another monster volume day here. Short side of this trade is so big, could really rip.

  17. $JO $KC_F we are up almost 10% on the swing play off long term support nothing like a nice hot cup of JO to get your week started off right

  18. $JO looks interesting bullish no position yet

  19. If you have some money to invest, probably you should invest in coffee $JO previous close up 5.95% to 19.24 http://www.agrimoney.com/news/coffee-best-bet-in-ags-cocoa-rally-has-further-to-go--9001.html

  20. Watchlist for Friday: $AMBA $CCJ $SKX $CLVS $GTN $JO $VLO

  21. In our Commodities Basket, Oil $CL_F edges lower to near 3-month lows on surplus supply: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG


  23. $JO long...

  24. Yo, $JO!

  25. wow with authority $JO