1. $JO Lattes for everyone!

  2. $JO Something up. Big move coming, and the upside is the bull case still. Bought half position here.

  3. In morning Commodities Basket, Gold $GC_F gains ground ahead of jobs data: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  4. $KC_F falling wedge. $JO

  5. $JO may find buyers at 17.60 - 17.80

  6. $JO dollar strength doing it s thing. Gotta be patient.

  7. Crude Oil $CL_F only Green in morning Commodities Basket ahead of weekly supply data: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  8. $JO I m in if I see $16.50-16.75

  9. Reflections over a morning cup of $JO: some pundits remain hopeful for a turnaround Tuesday! $ES_F currently down 14.50 points! $SPX $SPY

  10. Commodities Basket, Gold $GC_F hovers at 1300.00 as $USDX crashes to 15-month lows: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  11. $JO Still waiting on that RED HOT COFFEE market i was promised last summer...

  12. Reflections over a morning cup of $JO: Momentum continues to roll over; 2110 remains critical barrier to new highs. $SPX $ES_F

  13. Gold trades over 1300.00 in morning Commodities Basket: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  14. What s up with $JO? Find out more at http://chartmill.com:4040/urllog/668230d9-4725-48ce-a31a-a45ec564e1d6

  15. $JO 6 month chart shows why this thing is unbeatable to most. Just whipsaw between $18 and $20, repeat. I m not buying here.

  16. $JO Fibonacci retracement works well as a buy point (18.20-18.40). If looking for a deeper pullback, then (17.70-17.90)

  17. In morning Commodities Basket, Gold $GC_F trades higher on weaker dollar: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  18. $JO $16 is the floor for July futures. Double bottom, another drop to 16 will give a floor of buying activity. I don t think it ll get there

  19. $JO Near Buy Levels - http://www.investopedia.com/stock-analysis/cotd/042816/commodity-etfs-near-buy-levels-jo-weat-jo-weat-nib.aspx

  20. In morning Commodities Basket, Gold $GC_F jumps as dollar drops after BOJ decision: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  21. $JO RunningAlpha.com Capital Upgrades $JO to Strong Conviction Buy. Running Alpha Sentiment Intelligence is currently i

  22. $JO coffee to $121. Waiting but don t want to wait

  23. $JO I do like iced coffee...don t like this, however. Not now.

  24. In morning Commodities Basket, Silver $SI_F trades with a vengeance ahead of FOMC: $GLD $SLV $USO $JJC $JO $UNG

  25. $JO weekly chart looks interesting ...patience play ... but maybe it rallies back to 25 ?