1. $JOEZ run to Bluu jeans are done

  2. energy sector ripping today! $PWE wait for the pullback! $PSTR $TRCH $AREX $FXEN AND WOW $JOEZ alerting in the low .20s!

  3. $JOEZ Eod .40

  4. $JOEZ last one out is the pile of poo holder

  5. $JOEZ knew I should have bought at 20. Damn

  6. $JOEZ Still holding, needs more volume to get things moving.

  7. $JOEZ Ma be silly, but I added more here at .359. They have had a good go at it the last month, and maybe trend will continue.

  8. $JOEZ Chart from yesterday – nice breakout today above 0.30 resistance – currently hitting the

  9. Three Stocks that traded 50% above from their SMA 200: $JOEZ $TRVN $ITCI http://www.investorwired.com/three-stocks-that-traded-50-above-from-their-sma-200-joes-jeans-inc-joez-trevena-inc-trvn-intra-cellular-therapies-inc-itci/1758839

  10. $JOEZ hold or let go?

  11. $JOEZ《UFOZ》*Upper Fly Over Zone *5 (blue) Over 13 (brown) Over 62 (green)/click chart/More@ https://twitter.com/SPACE_TRADES

  12. $JOEZ bought at .20 not sure if to sell or hold

  13. $JOEZ made enough here today to buy 500 pair of jeans and sell them in the flee market and make more money..... But tomorrow might be P&J ..

  14. $JOEZ Ok. Here s the elephant in the room. Anyone have any info as to why this thing is moving? Any news? Somebody know Joe?

  15. $JOEZ had 10k to put in and bought gbsn instead of this...... kicking myself

  16. $MSTX and & $JOEZ in play for tomorrow

  17. $JOEZ didn t even realize I had some in my account from .19 -- wawahweewah!!

  18. $JOEZ - breaking out today -

  19. $JOEZ that what i was saying like two weeks ago ,, joez started moving with no updates !!

  20. $JOEZ oh wow. I regret not buying this


  22. For 9/30-10/6, we ve got $JOEZ forecasting up with 77% confidence: http://investorsanalytics.com/forecast/2015/09/30/five-day-forecasts-for-september-30-2015/

  23. $COLM $SQBG $XELB $JOEZ $BOOT $BDE all their latest acquisitions & an in-depth analysis of the retail sector:http://seekingalpha.com/article/3540226-j-c-penney-company-inc-to-buy-or-not-to-buy

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