1. Sad $JOEZ turned into such trash. Garbage Dump.

  2. $JOEZ thanks to whoever bought my 10,000 shares at .21 cents at 12:42EST today :)

  3. $JOEZ back up to .30!

  4. $JOEZ here we go!

  5. $JOEZ in 10K shares at .20 yesterday and out at .21 just now with a small profit lol. Liquidity is hard with this stock

  6. $GEVO $CYCC $JOEZ $OTIV $FREE Hope nxt wk is better.I m starting an investment club meetup via Google Hangout Sunday http://tradingpad.blogspot.tw/2015/03/sunday-online-trading-meetups.html

  7. $JOEZ ~ looking to make a move up?

  8. $PEIX sell. buy $JOEZ and $REED. and a new one im accumulating TBA. And it is undiscovered and EPIC

  9. $JOEZ anyone have any good cheap picks for today?????

  10. $JOEZ is a sound business despite their current financial situation, which is not impossible to overcome. Don t give up on them just yet!

  11. $JOEZ stay away from this widow maker, go to BLUU, NPWZ....

  12. $JOEZ .20 Support

  13. $JOEZ 25K bid at .2002 on Level II...

  14. $JOEZ Jumped in at .20. Let s do this!

  15. $JOEZ 1st thing to go in an unstable market: the distressed speculative stocks. It may react positively to a renewed market. Maybe. Careful.

  16. $JOEZ anyone have any news? Dip out now or is there reason to think it s coming back up?

  17. $JOEZ oh snap. consolidation might be over

  18. $ONCY $OTIV $CYCC $CYTX $JOEZ $GEVO $PLUG Anyone interested in how I learn my strategies, I learn from these guys http://scottrade.learningmarkets.com/strategy-session/

  19. $CYCC $CYTX $JOEZ $FREE $GEVO Check out OTIV. I called a jump yesterday on my blog. And it jumped! http://tradingpad.blogspot.tw/2015/03/on-track-innovations-ltd-otiv-chart.html

  20. $JOEZ insiders own about 10 million reasons to find a solution. Credit market is very liquid, business is actually fundamentally sound.

  21. $JOEZ ok bears, I didn t see much to get excited about.....unless you are a buyer.

  22. $JOEZ current price please?

  23. $JOEZ People will be jumping out of this like a burning building.

  24. $JOEZ pump is over... next juicy couture... bye bye

  25. $JOEZ And I didn t even sleep in a holiday inn express, but I did sell 1.75 here 2 yrs ago and then bot back at .11 last Friday.