1. $JOEZ has anyone seen the YouTube advertisements

  2. $JOEZ the new website looks really good

  3. $JOEZ if Q4 numbers were good......why would they kick them out? Any thoughts on Q4?

  4. $JOEZ Looks a lot like Executive severence to me. Resign and still work for a year, with cobra reimbursment etc, lol Not quite. He was FIRED

  5. $JOEZ ceo gets 36k a month to resign.....wow.....new guy gets 20k a month...

  6. $JOEZ Joe s Jeans Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/JOEZ/communique/845905

  7. $JOEZ: New SEC Filing for JOEZ: Form 8-K, No. 0001104659-15-004179 http://stocknewsflow.com/844143_000110465915004179_0001104659-15-004179

  8. $JOEZ Crossman resigned, but still a consultant probably not good,,,

  9. @mephrules @Ragingbull87 Anything to do with this company is terrible news $JOEZ

  10. $JOEZ this new person is too old to be the new ceo....at least not permanently I wonder who it willB?

  11. $JOEZ Wow crossman out. Prepping for sale?

  12. $JOEZ Marc Crossman Resigns as CEO of Joe s Jeans Inc.; Jay Furrow Named Interim CEO http://www.finances.com/company-news/57084-marc-crossman-resigns-as-ceo-of-joes-jeans-inc-jay-furrow-named-interim-ceo.htm

  13. $gluu Look at this poor SOG s pick @cipi5 $DLIA $JAKK $JOEZ $GTAT $MATR This guy is down damn near 80% on these picks! Oh man I feel bad

  14. $JOEZ 40 unreturned phone call from IR.....sad

  15. $JOEZ I feel they stopped payments to get better leverage for lower payments

  16. $JOEZ I think should have solid holiday sales

  17. $JOEZ picked up a couple K shares. Usually runs beginning of year and then fades. ER should be OK

  18. $JOEZ Still has Earning Reports In Feburary and April before possibly delisting in May.

  19. $JOEZ buy alert!!

  20. $JOEZ is set up nice for a PE firm, Once debt is assumed 200 Mil could generate 15-20 Million a year in profits. will be sold soon.. IMO

  21. $JOEZ I will buy JOEZ @ .05 and sell @ .08 for a 60% profit, just like wetseal until BK

  22. $GEVO $NBG $JOEZ oy boy, lets take those tax losses today. Thanks for a s#*t year boys.

  23. $JOEZ added for bounce back to .40-50s

  24. @Johnpr555: I bought $JOEZ at .5 should I hold or sell?

  25. I bought $JOEZ at .5 should I hold or sell?