1. Best stocks under $10 (Oct. 20): $IRR, $MTU, $MCR, $JOEZ, $TLOG, $AGRO http://www.stock1010.com/quote.php?symbol=IRR

  2. $JOEZ More then one criteria to being delisted. Brief overview. http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/09/stock-delist.asp

  3. $JOEZ wahoooooooooooooo

  4. @carlweathers So if $JOEZ stays less than a dollar for a month, it could be a buying opportunity, say 70 cents...

  5. @carlweathers If $JOEZ stays less than a dollar for more than a month, company receives a letter, but company asks extension I think 6 mo.

  6. $JOEZ that works for me.

  7. @turbotim2010 If $COOL hasn t been delisted, why would $JOEZ?

  8. $JOEZ Not bad

  9. @Easymoney $JOEZ, you can thank me later :)

  10. $JOEZ I wish it drops to 0.70s, probably next month, when delisting letter arrives.

  11. $JOEZ AH climb to .91 .

  12. $JOEZ @parkerwilder1 .70 or 2.00? you are silly!

  13. @parkerwilder1: $JOEZ 70 cent price target

  14. @parkerwilder1: $JOEZ at some point the synergies and #s of Hudson Jeans will be noticed, and this stock will move to 2

  15. $JOEZ 70 cent price target

  16. $JOEZ looks good at this price again adding at .89

  17. @Partridge Debating whether to sell my $JOEZ. I don t want to...they had a good holiday season last year...

  18. $ARO $JOEZ takes long time for these to die.. but who is in the rush … play around with stinkers

  19. $JOEZ staying up.

  20. $JOEZ : )

  21. Bearish ADX Crossovers 2/4 $ENLK $ETP $GILD $GNC $ICLR $IGT $ITUB $JAH $JOEZ $LBTYA $LEN $LOCK $LYV $MAS $MCO http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/10/bearish-adx-crossovers-aapl-abbv-aol.html

  22. $JOEZ Lot of movement on L2, getting ready to break. BB s are super tight on daily chart.

  23. $JOEZ

  24. $JOEZ not bad. I will add on this one.

  25. $JOEZ i mean sales # s looked really good...is this only the EPS doing this? I mean wasn t really a shocker. I thought it would jump 5%