1. $JOEZ my investment on thus is turning out to be crap.... Oh well just flush

  2. $JOEZ r/g reversal

  3. $JOEZ this seems like halted

  4. $JOEZ up down up down rinse repeat

  5. $JOEZ theybe been cuttin retail jobs and employees are leaving as fast as possibl

  6. $JOEZ back to square one

  7. $JOEZ kind of fun on this

  8. $JOEZ funny trading since late Friday

  9. $JOEZ any news for drop today?

  10. $JOEZ How has this garbage not yet been delisted? Management failure, terrible company.

  11. $JOEZ I see a PE firm taking this thing out - complete mess but strong brand in Joes and Hudson

  12. @Quagdarr $JOEZ will be otc soon and management quit

  13. $JOEZ how is this pile not on otc or pinks??? All management should be imprisoned for stupidity

  14. $JOEZ interim ceo Furrow got his hands full finding proper suitors. Wouldnt think they will switch Ceos before buyout. Or BK.

  15. $JOEZ I smell buyout coming soon. At 0.16 it is well worth I buy buy buy.

  16. $JOEZ someone is trying to shake things here.

  17. $JOEZ come on board of directors get yer head out yer backside and close this deal

  18. $JOEZ buyout, buyout, buyout, buyout, buyout, buyout... Sorry just thinking out loud.

  19. Comp gave $JOEZ a STRONG SELL rating on 1/31/15 and it fell 52.03%. Ask this trader what they think now: https://closingbell.co/posts/2820

  20. $JOEZ if you have it, hold. If you don t, don t buy. We can ride this one out together.

  21. Joe s Jeans: Item 1.01 Entry Into A Material Definitive Agreement http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=1646729 $JOEZ

  22. $JOEZ so when will they announce new CEO? This is primed for a buyout... Or BK!

  23. $JOEZ nice to see $JOEZ doing well on a red day

  24. $JOEZ I have had this stock for a weeks now and it really hasn t gone anywhere. Sell to invest elsewhere or stay in?

  25. $AXPW this last pump can do the same like $JOEZ from 0.08 to 0.30