1. $JOEZ joe no!!

  2. $JOEZ - Down 18% and a new LOD... wish I could short this loser.

  3. $JOEZ What are you willing to risk on a coin flip...?

  4. $JOEZ Reading that 8-K you can t help but think if you play this correctly you could make Big Money. The problem is...its a coin flip.

  5. $JOEZ: New SEC Filing for JOEZ: Form 8-K, No. 0001157523-15-000654 http://stocknewsflow.com/844143_000115752315000654_0001157523-15-000654

  6. $JOEZ Joe s Jeans Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/JOEZ/communique/864889

  7. Current report, item 5.02 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=1479886 $JOEZ

  8. $JOEZ shorts covering a bit or what?

  9. $JOEZ Nice, nice, baby!

  10. $JOEZ Did you guys not learn from $DLIA $WTSL ?

  11. $JOEZ out at .21 . c ya at 0

  12. $JOEZ I m thinking if Teens are not buying $20 jeans so they can buy a iphone their probably not buying $22 jeans form JOEZ = Bankruptcy

  13. $JOEZ Good luck to the investors, think about it would you even but jeans called Joes Jeans?

  14. @goodolpc: $JOEZ In at .20 in case there is a bounce back to .30 but what if it drops to .10?

  15. $JOEZ Wow it is a strong stock, it did not go to 5 cents yet

  16. $JOEZ at .209

  17. $JOEZ In at .20 in case there is a bounce back to .30

  18. 4 Stocks Getting Crushed: http://www.marketsemerging.com/4-stocks-getting-crushed-celsus-therapeutics-plc-adr-nasdaqcltx-joes-jeans-inc-nasdaqjoez-real-goods-solar-inc-nasdaqrgse-helix-energy-solutions-group-nysehlx/1719147/ $CLTX $JOEZ $RGSE $HLX

  19. $JOEZ Crashes in Pre-Market for no known reason

  20. $JOEZ I am reiterating my comment more than a month ago

  21. @z06forum $JOEZ, looks like it s done

  22. $JOEZ Wow those numbers are awful, I never liked the debt-laden Hudson deal. Anyone see any hope at this point?

  23. $JOEZ if they get refinancing itll go to 1+ but why did macys cancel else deal out of nowhere? must be reasons?

  24. $JOEZ guess we ll see some big volume Tuesday. Too bad if you have to spend a long weekend owning this. Had similar in past. My sympathies

  25. $JOEZ bailed for a small loss. Dodged that bullet. May be a new trend for me. Ideally shouldn t have been in it, can t help it I love dogs.