1. $JOEZ had an order in to buy long at 1.01 not filled

  2. @parkerwilder1 denim is not dead. five years ago you were at the wrong time in the wrong place. now $joez has things going for it

  3. $JOEZ Dont fool yourself. Denim is dead and investing in this junk is dead money. Ask anyone that s still holding it after 5 yrs

  4. $SSNLF This just in $JOEZ To offer giant pocket jeans to hold new phones and phablets

  5. And last is $JOEZ .. I like this one a lot.. MACD cross and 50 day MA not far from the 200-day MA.. http://y.ahoo.it/YKgHXtTR

  6. Just realized I called out the wrong stock this evening.. Should have been $JOEZ and not $JOES haha

  7. $JOEZ is a cheapie but I love their jeans and their fundamental picture. My technical sense says its ready for a breakout.

  8. @parkerwilder1 @BuyRedSellPop cross to 1.13-1.18 upcoming $JOEZ http://y.ahoo.it/oQ9cRvqO

  9. $JOEZ mill road capital has remained silent since its 5% stake in february. Thinking about starting a position in anticipation of a move.

  10. @4th_Seal cnbc did a piece today that denim is dead. Nothing new with $JOEZ this stock has always been dead

  11. $JOEZ this POS needs some serious fire,if the stock is stand still, god knows what the ppl who work there do all day !!

  12. $JOEZ looking good, just needs more volume

  13. $JOEZ anyone hoping in around 1.04-05 area?

  14. $DEJ.CA $dcth $mvis $gevo $nbg $lxrx $liqd $ARQL $joez http://y.ahoo.it/EISQr4a5

  15. $JOEZ Average volume, 385,699. Today s volume, 155,662. We could bust the rear end out of this stock if we wanted to.

  16. $JOEZ c mon sell some jeans... i need to get out

  17. @parkerwilder1 @BuyRedSellPop inclined to buy 1.06-.09 for a return mid-end month to 1.20ish $JOEZ http://y.ahoo.it/cVZmPRSW

  18. @parkerwilder1 @BuyRedSellPop sub $1.10 is here $JOEZ

  19. $MELA $JCP $CREG $FUEL $NOAH $AMDA $EXEL $JOEZ $CETV all look ready to go. Some going to hopefully heavily squeeze nicely tomorrow.

  20. $JOEZ Don t worry boys I just bought 2 T-shirts so we should go up 2 or 3 cents tomorrow

  21. Bullish MACD Crossover $JBLU $JOEZ $KS $LYG $MDVN $MGM $MTB $NOW $NR $RHT $SAN $SNSS $SWC $VLO $VRSN $WB $YY $Z $ZION http://y.ahoo.it/p3AHY3V6

  22. $JOEZ If overall market can stabilize watch 1.20 for breakout. 5 day line on 20 day chart curving up http://y.ahoo.it/tMT5cmpi

  23. $JOEZ heating into close....

  24. @AlejandroMasari: $JOEZ bought some jeans at 1.13

  25. $JOEZ Eyebrows are raised at action over last 15 minutes...