1. $JVA

  2. $JVA CCTRANSCRIPTS does NOT post correct information or is negligent in its research.

  3. $JVA Director PURCHASED 1000 shares @6.29

  4. Insider Transaction: $JVA Purchase at $6.29 per share of 1000 shares by Director Dwyer Daniel on 2014-07-18.

  5. Coffee Holding Co. director just disposed of 1,000 shares http://y.ahoo.it/RMqgzGsn $JVA

  6. $JO $jva chart looks good to me. Starting to perculate like coffee. Jmo

  7. $JVA Might be ready for another strong move to the upside. Min.target is 9.60 http://y.ahoo.it/HxjtoPH4

  8. @Mastertrader_Consultant $JVA

  9. $JVA Powerful move today in coffee $jva oversold here IMO.

  10. July 17 2014 Candlestick Continuation Patterns: Falling Three Methods http://y.ahoo.it/zul04o1R $UPL $TPH $WETF $VFC $CNQ $EAT $OEH $JVA $MXWL

  11. $JVA Coffee trade holding in a reeling market. Go long commodities IMO. $jva on sale after a panic sell due to Malaysian airline tragedy.

  12. Mid Week #Coffee Market Summary for Wednesday July 16th $JO $JVA > http://y.ahoo.it/emRhDsjJ

  13. Weekly Coffee and Sugar Market Recap with Mike Seery > http://y.ahoo.it/SmrLhHk3 $JO $JVA $SGG

  14. $JVA Green!!!

  15. $JVA $JO Nice reversal today,..

  16. $JVA B/D Bear Flag on Volume spike suggests lower prices in S/T, S at 6.87, PT 6.15-6.35 http://y.ahoo.it/JPg7jhne

  17. @runner417 $jva

  18. Mid Week #Coffee Market Report for Wednesday > http://y.ahoo.it/k4axBvM8 $JO $JVA $

  19. $JO $JVA

  20. Really a lot of bullish setups seeing today across entire market: $pgnx $ir $ann $hpq $jva $sppi $ebay $acas $PVA

  21. Checking out this week: $gmcr $ann $jva $gogo $hpq $dva $hnt $hbio $asbc $acas $dis $wfc $glw

  22. Coffee and Sugar Market Report for Week Ending Friday June 27th > http://y.ahoo.it/LSYsw6Ss $JO $JVA $SGG

  23. sold $JVA for a small profit, bought $FFIV at 108.92. I ve also started a swing $SPY short

  24. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. Downgraded $E6U.F $GMCR $JVA $MOKA $SBUX http://y.ahoo.it/lB76MIfX

  25. Someone must be trying for cheap shares of $JVA Triples profit from a year ago Q/Q and it doesn t move?? strange.