1. $KERX patiently waiting for the glory

  2. $KERX Need back to back 2% days to get this trend reversal started. Then on the 3rd day look for volume uptick. Push to low 14 s

  3. $KERX Anybody here think we ll see any more pull backs?

  4. Doji Stocks http://www.dailystockplays.com/Doji-Stocks-2015-03-27.html $PBR $EPI $GLD $LLY $SBUX $NPBC $PLD $AGNC $VNQ $CVC $JCI $BIIB $FTI $LYG $OHI $AFL $CHRW $MPW $KERX

  5. $KERX on daily

  6. $KERX jeaz,, failed b/o this trendline, will headling down below 11

  7. $KERX Script numbers are very good. Pill taken at home. My wife is a model.

  8. $KERX Script numbers are not good. Zero in Davita centers. My wife is an Rx Manager

  9. $KERX After script numbers. TR x: 169 and NR x: 142 prev #s 151 and 134

  10. $KERX down 15% in 4 days. Wow. Throw this dog a bone.

  11. $KERX what a pos this turned out to be.

  12. $KERX Acceleration of script # s likley coming. Mild surprise. Repeat of last Friday action.

  13. $KERX negative postings lately but believe the benefit of their drug supports a better price

  14. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 2.0% in $KERX in his Explore Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  15. $KERX see if it crosses down, set a stop.

  16. $KERX man why is biotech getting rammed the past couple of days???

  17. $KERX not a bad day all things considered

  18. $KERX $IBB $XBI the thump on the head of all those go go biotechs. #mostly

  19. $KERX buy order 12.82

  20. $KERX Lots of red in the markets today. Some solid oil stocks up, but for me pretty much everything else is down.

  21. $CTSO Stop hunters just grabbed a ton of shares, gonna grind green again. Animals! $CTSO $MDT $JUNO $TSLA $KERX $ACAD

  22. $CTSO DUDE! More articles and posters http://www.cytosorbents.com/pdf/CytoSorbent_Critical_Care_Publications_-_January_2015.pdf The pace of this getting insane. WOW! $JUNO $KERX $PFE $IBB $ISRG CarT use?

  23. $KERX See new comments of the newly-posted article Kerx is a short in multitude way . Nice shot to attack points of the short

  24. $CTSO not sure what feels better, making loot or saving many lives, doing both with $CTSO ! $AEZS $KERX $IBB $JNJ $MDT founders fund? $TSLA

  25. $KERX Self serving article and being pushed on S/T. Writer is short on KERX. Fails to say not on all Ins. lists yet. OR compare early sales