1. $KERX Boy Oh Boy..the shorts working hard to defeat the long holdings..sorry I know what i m in it for..FDA approval in June! Cha-Ching!

  2. Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: Is The High Valuation Justified? - Seeking Alpha http://y.ahoo.it/E6cEDevD$KERX #biotech #short #nasdaq #ibb

  3. Most bearish stocks on Twitter: $bbby $ccl $cog $fdo $gm $gmcr $gs $hlf $ibb $isrg $kerx $m $nadq $xone $yy http://y.ahoo.it/EREDMCGo

  4. $KERX SA article seems like a desperate move to bring the price down with all the old (way old) news.

  5. $KERX take profits and buy $ONCY . 6 SIX randomized cancer trials reporting next few months. Oncy is best bio bargain. Reolysin

  6. $INO Awww ya china GDP BEAT $kerx $arna $dvax $GALE

  7. $KERX What a roller coaster ride. If you just see the end result at the end of the day you missed all the excitement.

  8. @wdntTRDmyLife  * What does $KERX have to do with Japan Tobacco INT. What does a tobacco company have to do with $KERX biopharmaceuticals.

  9. $KERX broke 13 look out below!!!!!!!!

  10. $INO The grim reality setting in that we might be facing an 08 crash again $kerx :/ selling at 2.19 if it hits then done for the year

  11. $KERX Going to 8

  12. $KERX I agree Scott this thing is broken beyond repair. After 12.5 I ll come back and reshort after approval

  13. $KERX chart now broken, under $13 she goes, next stop $12.50 #trading #stocks #short #nasdaq #biotech #ibb #dow #nyse $SPY

  14. $KERX $STML I used to think biotechs were a suckers game, now I know. These markets are just complicated ponzi schemes.

  15. $KERX sub 13 coming fellas

  16. Concerns at Biotech Stocks- $RNN, $KERX, $NVAX http://y.ahoo.it/ZkPlRsOb

  17. $KERX the lower the stock goes the more attractice take over candidate that KERX becomes. Good point by the poster below!

  18. $INO Now time to buy bios will watch tomorrow $ino $gale $kerx $mnkd $DVAX

  19. Lots of biotechs at support .. like barely hanging on.. $anac $bcrx $celg $kerx $insy $lgnd $srpt $anik

  20. $INO Sucks markets not giving any breaks to stocks and now Russia ugh $KERX

  21. $INO Don t look timber $KERX

  22. $KERX 10.00 coming

  23. $INO I asked the goverment what they wanted from me, I said is 10k enough? They said more 15k? They said more lol $kerx

  24. $INO $kerx something my family agreed on why do the rich and hard workers got to pay for the poor and bums

  25. @Tradesmart123  * $KERX Their just doing a bunch of Tai Chi exercises. Boycott Russian caviar and they ll back down.