1. $KERX Guess no ER today

  2. $KERX Woah what a drop what the

  3. $KERX Seeking Alpha: Kerx should go up substantially in the next two months http://y.ahoo.it/SqtZqART

  4. $KERX Gl all

  5. $KERX Hmm...no webcast scheduled today? Can we get in on the CC? Any assistance appreciated! Thx.

  6. $KERX $aapl mm shake games going happen at 12 again then 1-4 run

  7. Gl all today very bullish on $kerx $aapl today. Kerx after ER should make the 52 week on guidence.

  8. $KERX We can close here that be

  9. $KERX Target before ER 15.75

  10. $KERX Twitter beat and soar is great news for stocks. The bubble stocks arnt so bubbly

  11. $KERX Wow that sucks

  12. $KERX .10 more sexy cents

  13. $KERX 15.50 anything lower I ll be pissed

  14. $KERX the numbers are not importing - listen to the wording...

  15. $KERX After ER looks like we will be near the 52 week. Maybe 20+ pre data

  16. $KERX What are you guys expecting from ER tomorrow?

  17. $INO Sell buy $kerx

  18. $KERX ER expecting big things? Huge run here as we re breaking out the cup and handle

  19. $KERX 15.50-16. Running into ER tomorrow

  20. Last 4 qrtrs of $KERX s price movement on the earnings announcement. Reporting tomorrow. http://y.ahoo.it/YZkBu2Oh

  21. $KERX Making that cup n handle break out

  22. $AAPL $kerx $ino $mnkd yup here the market tanks before yellen talks her non sense

  23. $KERX Looks to be finishing out the cup n handle

  24. $KERX Need .13 cents a day get to 19 before Pdufa lol

  25. $KERX August 16 calls up 7.05 25.00 pps hmmm