1. sold 2/3rds of my Sept 17 $KERX puts for a ~30% gain in 1 day, but interesting to see jump like that. Keeping last 3rd for pdufa surprise?

  2. $KERX Keryx Biopharma has overhead space with shares priced $16.09, or 34.8% below the average consensus analyst price target $24.67. COMTEX

  3. $KERX Buy now re-start. 16.17

  4. $KERX Going to buy 500 at 15.80 sell at 17.00

  5. $KERX Buy at 15.80

  6. Market stats updated:http://y.ahoo.it/MfJ3N3m0 $YNDX, $AR, $DSW, $KERX, $VZ, $HSP, $TJX, $HD, $DKS, $BHP, $KERX, $TSLA

  7. $KERX Rally started too early buy at 15.50

  8. $KERX It need fail that 15.20 support

  9. $KERX You guys do realize I m kidding it s only down .22 cents from last week lol

  10. $KERX Gl this may be my last day in this company stock wise as I need to hold the options

  11. $KERX Down 5% in Germany oh it s going be another amazing day

  12. $KERX Perhaps this will inspire yall http://y.ahoo.it/6vD4L5sD

  13. $KERX Ugh.. Tradesmart and Bella just sell now. You shouldnt be in a stock you clearly know knowing about..

  14. $KERX On phase 2 aproval it went from 2.50-10$, we should be able yo get 70% upside on FDA no?

  15. $KERX $30 price target looks good, but will only reach $21 on approval. $30 comes after launch and 1st quarter + earnings. $21 fine 2 me!

  16. $KERX @jpm2083 Mizuho has it at $30.00.

  17. $KERX who sees 30$ on approval??

  18. @rtaker $GILD $CBI $KERX My largest holding kerx really got growth ahead pending sept 7 approval

  19. $KERX Need to buy more while in this dip

  20. $KERX Management is confident about getting approval and making plans to launch. I think BO happens before launch.

  21. $KERX Bought more on dip

  22. $KERX Im bullish, but still worried because everyone is so sure about approval and potential PT

  23. $KERX its impossible to sell knowing approval is september 7th. PT 24.

  24. $KERX Buy buy buy... I think we have some covering going on. We r almost at daily avg.

  25. $KERX Company blows