1. $KERX don t like those afternoon fades on this one. But hey, we close green

  2. $KERX All is quiet on the Keryx front!!

  3. Buying $JUNO holding $KERX $ICPT $LBIO $KITE

  4. Hedge Funds Get Boost From Healthcare In 2014 http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/12/small-healthcare-hedge-funds-outperform-in-2014/ $ACT $AGN $HLF $HCA $THC $KERX

  5. $KERX Seth has 19 pc for a reason. not to be a lemming, but lets get real....

  6. Amazing to see Green take over once again $MNKD $KERX $ALKS $WG $VTAE $CTIX $NBG http://stocktwits.com/message/30389701

  7. @Bostonstrong32163 True $KERX

  8. $KERX Listen up. I warned y all yesterday. Get on this. This sucker is gonna run and it s gonna be fun.

  9. $KERX- I was under the impression that KERX was initiating its commercial launch in december. You have an approved drug- start selling it!

  10. $ICPT $LBIO $KERX Strong buy into new year.

  11. $KERX not just another binder

  12. $KERX dont fret, embrace it. Cheap shares before Jan.24: Its the way the game is played.

  13. $KERX JESUS! Take the wheel!

  14. Positions in $CLVS $KITE $LBIO $KERX $ICPT. Anyone buying into $JUNO after IPO?

  15. $KERX- Kerx has been terribly quiet about details concerning the commercial launch. When does the drug hit the mrkt and we can see script #s

  16. This Stock Recieved its Third Buy in a Row $KERX http://www.analystratings.com/2014/12/16/this-stock-recieved-its-third-buy-in-a-row-22/

  17. $KERX Still time.....but not much.

  18. $KERX Wet gas moment coming for the shorts. Whispers are getting louder and they know it.

  19. $KERX If you are thinking about this one, now is the time. Last call

  20. $KERX 14.going.vertical-up

  21. $KERX just a question, why does every long think, this one bought out until EOY 2015? Any catalyst coming? I didnt find anything

  22. $KERX Last time this was under 14$ baupost bought more

  23. Insider Transaction: $KERX Sale at $15.69 per share of 25000 shares by Officer Oliviero James F Iii on 2014-12-10.

  24. $KERX probably people selling to lock in profits for the year as well.

  25. $KERX The CFO. always sells his options. Bad role model. Last time was to pay his taxes.