1. $KERX Crash hard tomorrow on bearish ah

  2. $GALE $aapl today s winners $kerx loser

  3. $KERX 12.69 close be very

  4. $KERX 11

  5. $AVNR How about you check what happened with $KERX. They shorted and then bought shares from secondary to cover. Wall street makes me sick.

  6. $KERX 10 coming

  7. $KERX Will this stock continue to be out of favor until next earnings report? Their drug has significant patient benefit

  8. $KERX Hey Oppenheimer. I m really glad my stock is outperforming here.

  9. $KERX the continued decline in SP. I told them that investors like me needed a lifeline....quickly.

  10. $KERX in my behind caused by the decline in their SP since FDA approval. Also inquired if they had anything in the works that might slow

  11. $KERX Don t really expect a reply, but I just fired an email to IR asking if they can send me a large bandage to cover this gaping hole

  12. $KERX hope there is a buyout soon

  13. @Saeedabroad $KERX looks attractive here, so I bought some. $JCP I expect to get 10% with Xmas coming, so I bought some.Kandi? IDK

  14. $KERX only thing that saves this from 11.50 is a partnership, and i think i recall the CEO aaying he wants to go it a lone

  15. $KERX huge stock price manipulation is going on it seems..

  16. @Investor_Wand: Bullish on $KERX? Oppenheimer & Co. thinks it s worth $22:http://y.ahoo.it/eYPPivOl

  17. Bullish on $KERX? Oppenheimer & Co. thinks it s worth $22:http://y.ahoo.it/CIYZjUOn

  18. @Bostonstrong32163 @TMak Ditto. Figured it might take a week for analysts 2sort through the smoke & mirrors re the label, but c mon! $KERX

  19. $KERX Time out. Keryx s drug was approved right? WTF?

  20. $KERX analyst gave $22 potential yesterday, today this one manipulates it down. Do ALL analysts evaluate a stock JUST for their own profit?

  21. $KERX

  22. $KERX 12.78 Frankfurt will be 12 eod

  23. $KERX Tombs

  24. $KERX

  25. @Tradesmart123: $KERX $INO $RXII death cross $ino is not a death cross, take a charting class or at least google it, smh