1. Told you so. $VRX down, $CELG and $GILD up. Avoid $ARNA but watch $KERX, $KIN as.... http://seekingalpha.com/article/3538646-take-profits-in-valeant-and-buy-celgene-gilead-sciences#comment-61400386

  2. $KERX bought me some today :)

  3. oversold stocks $FOLD,$UNG,$RBY,$UGAZ,$KERX,$DISCA,$ILMN,$DNKN,$IDRA,$SIEN http://www.stock-screener.org/stochastic-oversold.aspx

  4. $ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals Announces Retirement of President and CEO Jack Lief $MNKD $OREX $ATRS $KERX which loser is next??

  5. $KERX Same pattern as the last two weeks. Starts high, ends low and drops 10% the next day. Thankfully there isn t much lower to go.

  6. $KERX Institutional ownership up 1.37% Q/Q, with 991,248 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/KERX

  7. $KERX talk about a false alarm.. eeeeouch.

  8. $KERX Added today!

  9. Biotech Stocks Need to Consider: $SRPT $KERX $AET http://www.senecaglobe.com/biotech-stocks-need-to-consider-sarepta-therapeutics-inc-nasdaqsrpt-keryx-biopharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqkerx-aetna-inc-nyseaet/37303/

  10. Gainers: $CTRV +100%. $ONCE +45%. $WG +42%. $YECO 22% $FOLD +16%. $ANIP +10%. $DBVT +9%. $BLUE +7%. $KERX +6%. $SPRT +6%.

  11. $KERX Thinking about adding. This is way oversold. Scripts starting to rise and they have a freaking approved product!

  12. @JorelLaraKalel: Pre-Market Gainers: $CTRV +66% $ONCE +40% $WG +20% $FOLD +16% $ANIP +10% $DBVT +9% $BLUE +7% $KERX +6% $SPRT +6% $FRO +6%


  14. Pre-Market Gainers: $CTRV +66% $ONCE +40% $WG +20% $FOLD +16% $ANIP +10% $DBVT +9% $BLUE +7% $KERX +6% $SPRT +6% $FRO +6%

  15. Premarket Top % Gainers: $CTRV 70% 142K, $ONCE 43% 648K, $WG 19%, $CVM 16%, $GER 16%, $FOLD $DRD $MHR $ANIP $RGNX $QURE $INDL $BLUE $KERX

  16. Premarket: Gainers: $CTRV +66% $ONCE +40% $WG +20% $FOLD +16% $ANIP +10% $DBVT +9% $BLUE +7% $KERX +6% $SPRT +6% $FRO +6% Losers: $SIEN -24%

  17. Stocks To Have On Your Daily Watch-List: $WG $ANY $PACB $FRO $RXII $SD $KERX $RITT

  18. Pre Market Movers: $BCEI 12c $CLF 7c $DRD 19c $EXEL 8c $FOLD 96c $FRO 21c $GERN 6c $KERX 18c $MHR 6c $OGXI 7c $PBR 7c $RITT 10c $WG 18c

  19. Today s +4% premarket gainers: $ONCE $ASTI $FOLD $DRD $WG $FRO $SD $BLUE $NBG $HMY $MT $POT $KERX #nicetrades #premarket #gainers

  20. $KERX heh, MS UG to EW bc reached $3 PT it set when initiated covg at UW two mnths ago. Weak valuation UG . Still, might cause a little run

  21. @CrunchTime: $KERX: Morgan Stanley Upgrades Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: http://stockratingreport.com/morgan-stanley-upgrades-kerx-10-5-2015 #Keryx #BioTech #Stock #KERX

  22. $KERX: Morgan Stanley Upgrades Keryx Biopharmaceuticals: http://stockratingreport.com/morgan-stanley-upgrades-kerx-10-5-2015

  23. $KERX @Think4self has been calling this crap for awhile. Honestly may be worst stock Klarman has ever bought. Margin of safety? Please

  24. $KERX @fm23: $KERX Ugly chart of the day https://twitter.com/fm23/status/650016945748602880/photo/1 shorting pays!!

  25. $KERX flat day is better than a red day