1. $KERX quiet mode. i like quiet mode. results in volcano mode.

  2. $KERX I for one will be surprised if it is not bought out. Just my IMO though.

  3. $KERX Earnings (none) should be around Nov 3. Will be interesting to see what Co. has to say regarding product launch and overall update!

  4. $KERX to the fool suggesting this ends up like AMRN, remember, theyve already secured their patent. Good-2-Go

  5. $KERX all protecting Zerenex , expiring in 2024. Dont buy into NCE mumbo

  6. $KERX U.S. Patents 7,767,851 and 8,093,423 are dissolution rate patents, and 8,299,298; 8,338,642; and 8,609,896 are surface area patents.

  7. $KERX Zerenex USPTO #8,609,896 expires in 2024, not really worried about the 5yrs an NCE would provide

  8. $KERX not granted yet, but doesnt mean it wont be. I personally believe the patent is more important anyway

  9. $KERX zzz zzz zzz

  10. $KERX looks like their keeping here between the 16.00 puts and 15.00 calls. 15.50 it is.

  11. $KERX I m not sure we are going to reach 1 million shares traded today at this rate. #novolume

  12. $KERX $ACHN $OMER $ANTH have patience and wait for the right time to strike. Rushing in during options volatility could land u in tight spot

  13. $KERX- so much for the Friday release of NCE status. Is there a date by which this must be released? No guesses please

  14. $KERX $ACHN let new options get picked up b4 making your buys... exp was friday, new directions being chosen

  15. $KERX OI for maturity 10/18/2014. 16.00 Highest put. 16.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/open-interest.aspx?s=KERX&e=10/18/2014

  16. $KERX know what you own...

  17. $KERX from the 11.00 graveyard.... back to 16+.... dont be fooled

  18. $KERX any Co can get NME or NCE by playing w/ existing formulas... Not every CO gets a patent. Remember the patent is what brought this back

  19. $KERX just remember the patent garuntees market control on Ferric Citrate for 20 years; why r u worried about the 5yrs NCE assures??

  20. $KERX could also end up w/ NME status which doesnt grant market exclusivity, but the patent will regardless, the rest is just fluff

  21. $KERX truth

  22. $KERX please inform true

  23. $KERX Great stock : ignorant investors... How did i end up here?

  24. $KERX just because theyre in the orange book, doesnt mean NCE got approved. Theres no TE CODE of NCE. Still has a patent though. Calm down

  25. $KERX AF doesn t care what direction these stocks go. He makes money playing on people s emotions. Pretty smart if you ask me.