1. $KING End of Day Scan: Bullish Pullback

  2. Scan results - 1,2,3 Pullback Bullish today: $AGRO $GE $KING $HMSY $ABCO $GAS $RATE $MDAS $NTGR $MDRX ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/35/equities?selected_date=2015-11-20

  3. $MTCH is this like match.com? really? future $znga $king $turdsandwhich

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  5. 9 IPOs That Fell Flat On Wall Street $EPE $FB $FSAM $KING $VG $GRPN $ZNGA $OMER http://www.benzinga.com/general/education/15/11/5991125/9-ipos-that-fell-flat-on-wall-street

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  7. 474 million MAUs from $KING will help $ATVI break into mobile gaming - getting initial users is the hardest part. Content + users = $

  8. Algo trading: OPEN signals Nov/17 BUY: $LMCK $KING $GLW $TTMI $DWA $AEL $DY $NSC $GWR $PDLI $PTC $CSL $IACI $CSOD $FOLD $OMER

  9. a few tech companies would love to see go out of business $yelp $ANGI $KING $twtr $MEET #worthless

  10. $KING +22.16%, trend detected a month ago at $14.62 and peaked 18 days later at $17.86.

  11. $GLUU strategy worked out in spite of $KING $ATVI distraction. Ditto for $GPRO. How, and what s next: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3679586-glu-mobile-turn-disappointment-into-opportunity#comment-63828806

  12. Highest call to put ratio $STNG $IEF $HBI $KING $DSCO $EWG $TTPH $BURL $AUY $LEA $AU $TERP $ARO $JO $ARG $PLNT

  13. $TAPM http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/prnewswire/enUK201511125756.htm Earnings Out! $GLUU $ZNGA $TTWO $EA $KING

  14. #IBD Top Fundamentals $KING $IPHI $GILD $ANET $OLED $WETF $XRS $PAYC $FB $LGIH

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  16. 6 Worst Analyst Rated Stocks in Last 7 Days: $TRIP $TDC $AWAY $WFM $KING $NVDA View all ratings here: https://www.flashratings.com/stocks/worst_rated?t=7

  17. $ATVI $KING Buy May Add $8-$10 to Share Price http://www.barrons.com/articles/activisions-king-buy-may-add-8-10-to-share-price-1447157304

  18. $SFTBY is paid 1/2 for SuperCell what $ATVI paid for $KING

  19. $ATVI giving back all of its $KING gains

  20. $ATVI $KING R&D spending is just 10% of sales, versus 50% at $ZNGA. Why $ATVI went with $KING.

  21. $ATVI it was overbought, and the $KING deal may have been a rip off.

  22. $KING ,Morgan Stanley Downgrades King Digital Enter to Equal-weight

  23. $yelp $GRPN $ANGI $KING some post recession techies popping before the big guys finally do

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