1. $KNDI Some food for thought...

  2. $KNDI 10.80 now resistance?

  3. $KNDI Max Pain is 10.00 for maturity 05/22/2015. Price = 9.96. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=KNDI&urk=KNDI

  4. @Wisdumbtree $GEVO this will go up 900% Monday.. I bet 120% and $eyes $RENN $kndi

  5. $KNDI - Main supports and resistances (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/05/kndi-main-supports-and-resistances_22.html

  6. $KNDI Delux said few weeks ago - despite constant short blather, he remains long/strong. I m in that camp as well. Kndi shorts no facts/DD.

  7. $KNDI Looks like buying at 9 was a good idea after all.

  8. $KNDI This stock is a great example of why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

  9. $KNDI This is a beautiful way to end the week.

  10. $KNDI And, tell me more about how you made $$ shorting a co that offers a solution to a major health crisis in China.

  11. $KNDI Anyone know what these are?

  12. $KNDI..over 947 paid...also , many said they did well trading the 8MA = in 933 out 978 in 978 , out 988 in 979, out 995

  13. $KNDI Once some Chinese stocks go into a hole, rarely ever come back to 52 week high again. $SOL $HPJ $DANG $JRJC $NQ

  14. $KNDI Will be $10.xx+ on tuesday

  15. $KNDI Confirmed breakout

  16. $KNDI so who sold in low 8 s last week? LOL. This is Kndi. You need to Sparta HOLD!

  17. $KNDI lets hope some shorts got smoked today

  18. $KNDI It s about time kndi s new IR unleashed an onslaught of PR s unexpectedly. Unleash the Krakken!

  19. $KNDI is anyone else s nasdaq page acting up?

  20. $KNDI not a bad close. ANyway the OPTION MAKER will not close this at or above $10

  21. $KNDI looks like last minutes of trade was 100K total shares in the green.

  22. $KNDI that was impressive at the end. bkg blocks on both sides.

  23. $KNDI held gains and then some....looking forward to Tues....great holiday weekend all....

  24. $KNDI sellers dumping too. 27K on ask side 9.95? oh well.

  25. $KNDI Great day today, 7.5% and 1.3 million shares traded!