1. $KNDI It s all Chinese stocks. Not just KNDI. HK unrest knocking everything Chinese down.

  2. $KNDI But like I ve said b4. I ve got time. 6 months to a year you won t be crying & wish you would ve avg down at these prices.

  3. $KNDI I ve been in this for the long haul. Made the mistake of not selling when it went to $22. Can t believe it s here in $12 s again

  4. $KNDI Shorts are buying calls and selling puts. Reversal conversions everywhere.

  5. $KNDI Holding my last 100 shares by a thread..looking like it time to cut my losses..anyone else feel like me?..

  6. $KNDI No new major institutional buyers! What does that say? Morgan Stanley nearly sold out completely...

  7. $KNDI Watch 12.63-12.80. If that doesn t hold then watch 10.85-11.10. Kndi needs2find a base but she won t until she stops making lower lows

  8. $KNDI Even though I have been in and out 5or 6 times in the last year, this is quickly becoming a comedy.

  9. $KNDI was there news today? or this was just with the general market?

  10. $KNDI Sad to see some longs selling their position.

  11. $KNDI It looks like this thing is going bankrupt

  12. $KNDI taking a small loss tomorrow to make it back in $TKMR trend is your friend. i m not a kndi short so trend is not my friend right now

  13. $KNDI Will open below $11.00 ??

  14. @GaryA: $KNDI Anyone bull want to call a bottom? KNDI bottoms when Russell 2000 bottoms...just that simple!

  15. $KNDI looks like we move back to 11.50????? Im a buyer around that level till then im

  16. $KNDI @ClayTrader25 Can you a post a video on this today, please?

  17. $KNDI The funny thing about stocks is that people buy at the top and sell at the bottom. Do the opposite.

  18. @ProTrader70: $KNDI Ebola now in the U.S. !! Buy TKMR asap. IMO

  19. $KNDI I like all the people who say they sold in the 20s and went short , but you check their history and their is no post of when they sold

  20. $KNDI wow its really gone down in price from aug wonder when the bounce will come

  21. $KNDI Almost too good to be true but I hope its the last time we see these prices

  22. $KNDI http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=KNDI&p=W&b=5&g=0&id=p39379036664 $12 near term bottom. If not, look for Pivot at $10.31

  23. $KNDI Nov 22nd options as of today - 6265 call volume vs 1854 put volume. Hang in there longs!

  24. $KNDI $jmei was at 38 now it is 23 kndi 19 now 13

  25. $KNDI Ebola now in the U.S. !! Buy TKMR asap. IMO