1. $KNDI This morning s presentation at the B of A Merril Lynch auto summit http://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FileName=0001062993-15-001717%2Etxt&FilePath=%5C2015%5C04%5C01%5C&CoName=KANDI+TECHNOLOGIES+GROUP%2C+INC%2E&FormType=8-K&RcvdDate=4%2F1%2F2015&pdf=

  2. 27 Companies at BAML meeting today. Only 2 had MC belo $2bil, 1 belo $1Bil $KNDI That has to be good for exposure https://corp.bankofamerica.com/business/gems/events-detail/-/gems/OFhhZUNHTjc2eGM9fdb/PARTICIPATING_COMPANY#

  3. Remember I warned this morning that short was going put pressure to head fake $KNDI holders into thinking that the meeting was bad.

  4. $KNDI

  5. $KNDI only missed lightest volume day in 20 months by about 5000 shares today. Only takes 1 or 2 of the funds who visited to turn this fast.

  6. $KNDI I wonder how many short biased hedge funds KNDI attracted today at the auto presentation

  7. $KNDI guys what s going on tomorrow?

  8. $KNDI Hmm what does Thursday at 9:00AM have in store for us?

  9. $KNDI OK then..So Mr Hu, as brilliant as he is, will unleash the PR that is supposed to crush the shorts and get this thing going. Waiting..

  10. $KNDI is dead money. BYD is eating its lunch. Mr Hu continues to disappoint.

  11. $KNDI im more amazed how many people get upset, or happy on absolutely no volume.moves wont matter at all if their is no volume to back them

  12. $KNDI lmao

  13. $KNDI i think 12 is bottom and 14 is med term top, until biz fundamentals come to light - more transparency and guidance

  14. @TradeTopper: $KNDI going 11.00 soon u r a joke of a man..amazing

  15. $KNDI see you all @ $40 ++++++

  16. $KNDI going 11.00 soon

  17. $KNDI you all need to stop talking about institutional funds. It s getting beyond pathetic. Shut up and trade the stock.

  18. $KNDI shorts might be shitting in their pants with a such a low volume. LOL.

  19. $KNDI @Trader444 maximum_pain Max Pain is 13.00 for maturity 04/02/2015. Price = 12.48. maximum-pain.com/max-pain.a...

  20. $KNDI @Trader444 maximum_pain OI for maturity 04/02/2015. 12.50 Highest put. 20.00 Highest call. maximum-pain.com/open-inter

  21. $KNDI funds going to swoop. people who understand china mkt know. others looking for regular disclosure and uniform sales in diff mkt.

  22. $KNDI OI for maturity 04/02/2015. 12.50 Highest put. 20.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/open-interest.aspx?s=KNDI&e=04/02/2015

  23. $KNDI is green but volumn is really low. Is this good or bad?

  24. $KNDI I would like to see this thing close above 12.80. Then gap and go. April Fool s resolution?

  25. $KNDI Max Pain is 13.00 for maturity 04/02/2015. Price = 12.48. http://maximum-pain.com/max-pain.aspx?s=KNDI&e=04/02/2015