1. $KNDI Correction - bought some at $16.26. Typo below. Thanks TusconCraig!

  2. $KNDI Eldoctoro Get some backbone

  3. @Ben1234 OK, qualify your remarks. This is all old history. If the SEC thought it was a criminal operation $KNDI wouldn t be listed.

  4. @degenerate U still don t get it buddy? Even $4 for an upside to 34 is a non-brainer. Look at the moves $KNDI has made this month.

  5. @BullzNBearz: $KNDI AND you guys were attacking me for warning you with FACTS Right here with you man. Just hope at least one person sold

  6. @Saeedabroad: $KNDI driven down by MM. Similar chart t yesterday. Will bottom nr 16.25 then grind up. Ignore, unless looking to add. Bingo

  7. $KNDI ...might as well take out as many Aug Call options as they can...no retail buying

  8. $KNDI @pingvin Steve, GONGA deal there! how can I get some at $26.26? LOL!

  9. $KNDI Ben Ten (Q) at work. Zap the aliens and shake the weaklings

  10. $KNDI Added some@ $16.28.

  11. $KNDI Bought some more at $26.26. Ok - it can go up now...

  12. $KNDI I m taking that 13k

  13. $KNDI AND you guys were attacking me for warning you with FACTS

  14. $KNDI I think we will see some recovery today.

  15. in $KNDI for day trade / bounce 1631

  16. @dlee73 ARE YOU CRAZY! testing friday s low! getting ready to rumble !!! $kndi

  17. @Ben1234 Talk about the issues about KNDI - what does a personal attack on Art have to do with the conversation of $KNDI stock?

  18. $KNDI Don t get why you re all trying to catch the falling knife no matter how confident you are long term.

  19. $KNDI getting a bit painful now.

  20. @h855m913 @ChartsMan LMAO! $KNDI dropped cause it went up 54% in 1 month. Are you new to trading?

  21. $KNDI Filled Buy xxxx KNDI Limit 16.30 -- --

  22. $KNDI Scooped a few up at 16.30, nice to have dry powder

  23. $KNDI my $19 strike straddle is profitable finally! neutral all the way until ER.

  24. $KNDI want it back 14.94 - rest point

  25. $KNDI bought back in at 16.30 from 17.08 picked up another 16 free shares... Still long term very