1. $KNDI you would be crazy not to take profit and wait for fade.

  2. $KNDI we re going to see a lot of profit taking north of 20. still, looking good.

  3. $KNDI This needs a big pullback. I have been bullish made $$ but need fade to get back in again.

  4. $KNDI Was down more than 5% 3days in a row...it can go up 3% everyday till it hits ATH..Go Kandi!

  5. $KNDI I m bullish on this long term but no stock can gain over 3% a day everyday. Waiting for a pull back

  6. $KNDI took profits 20.50 on volume fade. Looking to renter

  7. $KNDI Jumped off the wagon at 20.5 from nice entry at 17.68 a few days ago. 22 is still possible though, for now I am happy!

  8. $KNDI Very neat!

  9. $KNDI broke through resistance, onwards and upwards

  10. $KNDI $DGLY $FOLD $HTZ $TGT $PETM - $LGIH nearing bottom channel - great entry point for a solid company

  11. @Sloop: $KNDI All charts must take a breather. I bet KNDI holds up well here but she needs a rest WHY?

  12. $KNDI Nice to see $20 s again

  13. $KNDI for all you KNDI lovers, check out $LGIH - huge potential with solid consistent earnings. Good entry point today

  14. $KNDI Dont play kndi short term. Play other predictable stocks like FEYE. Kndi will go nuts one day and will never come back. 50-60%.

  15. $KNDI new all time highs...bids for calls are going up also... :)

  16. $KNDI All charts must take a breather. I bet KNDI holds up well here but she needs a rest

  17. $KNDI http://y.ahoo.it/Yck1qUoJ

  18. $KNDI keeps wanting to test the $20.50 range. let s do this

  19. $KNDI where is asklou and timebended???lol

  20. $KNDI ah what the hell, Sept 20 calls from $2.05

  21. $KNDI Here s my theory; last 6 months, DT made money from morning pop, afternoon flop. For next 6 mths, they go long with profits and buy..

  22. $KNDI New HOD right around the corner

  23. $KNDI The 1.4m warrants exercised last week would ve kept the price coiled. Now that those are gone, PPs free to rise. chartists take note


  25. $KNDI What I love about this is the huge support line that keeps climbing day after day - it ll spike and return to it but constantly rise.