1. $KNDI Stock is up 30% since 12/15. Current strong uptrend. Upperhalf of BB s. SEC cleared. 2015 Bullish SPX. Short fuel to fire. New IR team

  2. $KNDI When Kndi throws you lemons...what do u do....ya make lemonade!

  3. $KNDI Betting against EV s in China is essentially betting against the Chinese Government & their motivation to solve environmental issues..

  4. $KNDI $EYES $MNKD geniuses long story stocks & speculative garbage at the top of 6yr bull mkt deserve to lose their http://stocktwits.com/message/33461036 $$

  5. $JRJC $MOBI $AAPL $DANG $KNDI China Finance heating up >7% today

  6. China may even surpass the U.S. in electric-car sales this year, if early sales figures prove accurate. $KNDI http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1097058_chinese-car-buyers-may-be-more-open-to-electric-cars-than-americans-study

  7. $KNDI @corstrat @BosBlake BosBlake why we do not have an update coverage on SEC Concludes Probe into Kandi ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Gk7LfzobwQ

  8. $KNDI Ppl jus steal your mesos if you sell.

  9. $KNDI Call the IT Dept...kndi turned green...must be a hardware issue with my mac. lol

  10. $KNDI I have no idea how this turned green haha. crazy

  11. $KNDI At the annual sessions of the National People’s Congress in less than a week’s time, pollution is expected to be a prominent subject.

  12. $KNDI http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/02/china-environmental-policy-documentary-under-the-dome-chai-jing-video

  13. $KNDI markets selling and this holding/trending up today so far. That is a positive.

  14. $KNDI just placed another order. No doubts here! Elevator left the ground floor :p volatility is diminishing and higher low established.

  15. $KNDI Market very strong February, now risk off. We re holding nicely, testing sup/res levels ----> in the apex. Looks good.

  16. $kndi green within hours/days

  17. $KNDI OT OREX is getting the largest short squeeze I have seen in a long time. 41.80% of the float shorted and low volume. Coming soon here

  18. $KNDI I will never understand this stock haha =]

  19. $KNDI If they want to short squeeze why they not PR something great during trading session ?

  20. Good buy opportunity today $ACHN $CPRX $MNGA $MNKD $Z $AZN $KNDI $PLUG & $GPRO

  21. $KNDI @The_Truth_Teller 1 bearish article from SA that tells the truth?

  22. $KNDI Overall markets are down, but this action is all too familiar.

  23. $KNDI @bearish traders follow $KNDI in the coming weeks and learn!

  24. $KNDI We can not only blame short and bearish article for low performing stock, KNDI is not able to compensate negative by + newsflow.

  25. $KNDI y all need to be buying here. Hold it until day b4 ER and dump her like your first gf