1. $KNDI ignore the noise, it will be increasingly difficult to fight the pull to fundamental value...

  2. $KNDI shareholder since 2013. Sold last week due to market conditions and Chinese holiday. Back in this morning at $6.18 for rally next week

  3. $KNDI this has 4 written all over it.

  4. $KNDI last day to buy sub $7. Tuesday brings a Bull market ralley. I m loaded here.. grear week for buying lows. Have a good weekend all!

  5. $KNDI Like KNDI in China? Try China s biggest internet car buying sight - $BITA. . .GLTY.

  6. $KNDI Good Buying Opp.

  7. $KNDI WAW @kerklip, that s a big statement from a KIDDO!!

  8. $KNDI @ramzin, run along sonny. Leave this to the grown ups.

  9. $KNDI any january car sales numbers for china already out?

  10. $KNDI I hope it s not going to end up a DUOLOGUE between CORSTRAT and BILLXWATTS!!

  11. $KNDI About 1,000 less cars on storage lots at Shanghai factory 9/2/15to1/24/16.Demand>Production in that timeframe.They had to go somewhere

  12. $KNDI OI for maturity 02/19/2016. 15.00 Highest put. 15.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=KNDI&urk=KNDI https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/698129536471343104/photo/1

  13. $KNDI billxwatts, with ALL the good news STILL NO BUYERS with anemic volume

  14. $KNDI Jan 12 PR - CEO: We are very confident in maintaining our leadership position in 2016. That indicates >2x growth again this year.

  15. $KNDI Fearful have a 5 min time horizon. Fact-based investors have a 1-5 year time horizon. Conservative value = $58. Sector growth 2.8x YoY

  16. $KNDI Institutional short is smarter than many investors. Knows how to manipulate them so that they sell the PPS down and he covers.

  17. $KNDI Short interest 5.5M, lowest in nearly 2 years! Short is backing out thedoor while gullible fearful investors tosstheir shares to him

  18. $KNDI corstrat, same question for you as billxwatts??

  19. Due to sloppy Mkt, Should be $KNDI breakout year for Funds & Analysts. Excerpt from my Artic https://www.hvst.com/posts/57524-fundamentally-kandi-technology-sizzles-while-tesla-disappoints

  20. $KNDI billxwatts, we know your views about KNDI, why do you have to do it every single day? There must be a reason!

  21. $KNDI is $TSLA I m still waiting for the breaking news... Watch out! https://www.hvst.com/posts/57546-kndi-is-tsla-s-hail-mary #EV #JointVenture

  22. $KNDI First bought Kndi in December 2009. It was trading @ around ... 6. Talking about a profitable investment.

  23. $KNDI Vicious cycle. Shorts drive prices down...Longs buy in...Price goes up....Shorts drive price down again... =(

  24. $KNDI LOL! Short sellers can t stomach the fact that they are screwed. Get a clue you imbeciles, it s not about todays pps you morons. LOL

  25. $KNDI Don t worry about the share prices . It is an adding opportunity . Is that right Art ? Oh forget to put JMHO .