1. $KNDI

  2. $KNDI Traded it once, long. Made 40$... Rather trade $AAPL or $SPY options.

  3. Share an idea on $KNDI trending lol

  4. $KNDI I think we will start to be a 180 in this stock. Looking for $10 PT in the next few months

  5. $KNDI https://finance.yahoo.com/news/kandi-technologies-participate-clsa-autos-133200616.html

  6. $KNDI it s garbage like this fool that seriously should make everyone think 2 what extent these manipulators will go to screw the market!

  7. $KNDI is into a very bearish phase.

  8. @ Short_that_stock - You re not fooling anyone. Where do these clowns come from? Hahaha. $KNDI hit bottom and is going to take off!

  9. $KNDI Max Pain is 6.50 for maturity 09/04/2015. Price = 6.30. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=KNDI&urk=KNDI

  10. $KNDI Corstrat you re rambling on about pennies. Oh wait I forgot KNDI uses a firm tied to penny stocks. My bad. Longs should demand better!

  11. Gotta luv it. $KNDI trades ^6.40 right after open.PRs meeting with CH based Funds shrt hit hard on100k sells.Clo abv VWAP on only 300k vol

  12. $KNDI - shorts will try their best to keep the price down between now and 9/6 (institutional meeting). Buying opp between now and then.

  13. $KNDI OI for maturity 09/04/2015. 6.00 Highest put. 7.50 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=KNDI&urk=KNDI

  14. $KNDI Facing the one on one meeting with institutions shorts try to put pps down as much as they can to cover. After it it s too late.

  15. $KNDI oil down 1.5% and kndi down 1.2% it s tied to oil. But soon it would be no matter!

  16. $KNDI the posters posting here constantly telling you to not buy... wow they really are people who care about my money.thanks. rotflmao

  17. $KNDI not sure why any retail would continue to hold this long while the company looks for cash infusion. Buy at the discount price later.

  18. $KNDI Selling a couple of cars a month. STAY AWAY

  19. $KNDI This is a $2 stock currently trading at $6, great short opportunity

  20. $KNDI if institutions wanted they would have already bought. Wonder what the offer will be at? $5.00 share for 10M shares?

  21. $KNDI Pretty obvious that KNDI is meeting with institutions seeking a cash infusion and not trying to persuade them to buy outstanding share

  22. $KNDI if it gains .30 cent 1 day it give it back double the next. I m long but it s a POS. watched it go 14 to 6. but I m in

  23. $KNDI What company is China s EV sales leader for last 18 months AND has (by far) the highest EV production capacity??

  24. $KNDI PR today about future pvt meetings, but still no PR about supposed July payment to listed KNDI from JV. Maybe cause it didn t happen

  25. $KNDI another great day of institutional accumulation this am!