1. $KNDI There has been 1,404 shares exchanged in the after hours, folks. Do you know that but wish to cause unwarranted concern in Kandi land?

  2. $KNDI Bull trap?...maybe

  3. $KNDI down in ah.

  4. $KNDI Nice, was away all day. Glad to see a green day on decent volume. Looks like a lot of small cap names took a nice jump today!

  5. $KNDI Max Pain = 15.00. Maturity = 09/26/2014. Previous close = 14.26. http://y.ahoo.it/DcFnlnyf

  6. $KNDI Gap up tomorrow? Geeze, I hope not. I d be happy with a slow, steady climb back. Done with peaks, valleys, & precipices here... :-)

  7. $PLUG like I said this morning. Watch $PLUG and $KNDI for a bottom signal. Look at the daily and weekly candle in $KNDI. Both r set to move.

  8. $KNDI hello, i don t know stocks and markets... Can somebady explain me. Kndi JV is 50/50 Geleey/Kandi. Why only ~5% institu. shareholders??

  9. Stocks I m in tomorrow: $HIMX $EXAS $RARE $FEYE. Stocks I m watching $KNDI $NMBL $BABA. IPO S: $CYBR

  10. $KNDI Been holding for months through all of this sell off. Idiotically got stopped out at 13.05. Devastated.

  11. $KNDI is very very vulnerable right now. You can t go long when you see a lower low each week. Sidelines. Well back up the truck soon.

  12. @AlfredT Bad for AAPL or F, but for $KNDI good. Gives them capital to grow.

  13. $KNDI can someone explain me why the secondary offering triggers the sell off, i.e. is it goo news or bad news?

  14. @midwest_momo Agreed. Charts are great for long established companies, but things like $KNDI have little back data to chart

  15. If you signed up inJuly we had $KNDI $TSL $CMGE $GRPO $JRJC, $TSLA $CSIQ $TMKR these winners,now we have to wait right time and right price.

  16. If you signed up inJuly we had $KNDI $TSL $CMGE $GRPO $JRJC, $TSLA $CSIQ $TMKR these winners now,we have to wait right time and right price.

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  18. @midwest_momo hurry and sell. look at momo $kndi and $lnkd second offering is bad news 80% of time.

  19. $KNDI Charts are useful as tools but the multivariable nature of the market prevents consistent forecasting. It is too complex for that.

  20. $KNDI guess what, bought scty today and they announced an offering AH just now.....about to experience deja vu all over again.

  21. $KNDI Where s our chart guys?? This morning looked like double bottom to me.

  22. $KNDI Lets not get to excited its only one day of green that hasnt happened in a long time..good day though lets hope tmmrww it continues..

  23. $KNDI Congrats to folks that got in at $13. Sheez, what a gift. I missed out

  24. $KNDI Almost panic sold this morning. Glad I didn t

  25. $KNDI $IWM on RSI key support. hope it can bounce back with $KNDI tmrw